System Center SDN 技術System Center Technologies for SDN

適用於:Windows Server(以每年次管道)、Windows Server 2016Applies To: Windows Server (Semi-Annual Channel), Windows Server 2016

System Center 包含下列技術使用的軟體定義網路 (SDN):System Center includes the following technologies for use with Software Defined Networking (SDN):

System Center Operations ManagerSystem Center Operations Manager

System Center 2016 Operations Manager 提供監視的基礎結構彈性且具成本效益,可協助確保可用的重要的應用程式,與可預測的效能與提供完整監視 datacenter 和雲端公用和私人。System Center 2016 Operations Manager provides infrastructure monitoring that is flexible and cost-effective, helps ensure the predictable performance and availability of vital applications, and offers comprehensive monitoring for your datacenter and cloud, both private and public.

如需詳細資訊,請查看Operations ManagerFor more information, see Operations Manager.

System Center 一樣管理員System Center Virtual Machine Manager

使用系統中心 2016年一樣 Manager (VMM),您可以:With System Center 2016 Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), you can:

  • 提供與管理 virtual 網路,縮放比例。Provision and manage virtual networks at scale.
  • 部署及管理 SDN 基礎結構,包括網路控制器、 軟體負載平衡器、 和閘道。Deploy and manage the SDN infrastructure, including network controllers, software load balancers, and gateways.
  • 定義集中控制 virtual 的網路原則並將它們連結到您的應用程式或工作負載。Define and control virtual network policies centrally and link them to your applications or workloads.

    當您的工作負載部署或移動時,網路設定本身自動調整。When your workload is deployed or moved, the network configuration adjusts itself automatically. 因為它不需要手動儲存您的寶貴資源更高版本-影響工作時降低操作複雜的網路硬體重新設定,這很重要。This is important because it removes the need for manual reconfiguration of network hardware, thereby reducing operational complexity while saving your valuable resources for higher-impact work.

  • 可協助您控制流量之間 virtual 網路,包括定義保證的頻寬重要的應用程式和工作負載的能力。Helps you to control traffic flow between virtual networks, including the ability to define guaranteed bandwidth for your critical applications and workloads.

如需詳細資訊,請查看設定中 VMM fabric 軟體定義網路 (SDN) 基礎架構For more information, see Set up a Software Defined Network (SDN) infrastructure in the VMM fabric.