在 Windows Server 資料中心 SDN 簡介Introduction to SDN in Windows Server Datacenter

適用於:Windows Server(以每年次管道)、Windows Server 2016Applies To: Windows Server (Semi-Annual Channel), Windows Server 2016

本主題提供 Microsoft 軟體定義網路 (SDN) 方案的 high\ 層級概觀。This topic provides a high-level overview of Microsoft's Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution. 如果您是新手 SDN,或只尋找清除位置,以了解我們方案開始,您可以在正確的位置。If you're new to SDN, or just looking for a clear place to start in understanding our solution, you're in the right place.

Microsoft SDN 基礎結構的深入概觀,略過此主題以及主題中的 [開始]軟體定義網路 (SDN)For a deeper overview of Microsoft SDN infrastructure, skip this topic and start with the topic Software Defined Networking (SDN).

有哪些可以 Microsoft SDN 提供您的企業?What can Microsoft SDN provide for your business?

增加的靈敏度Increased agility 美化的網路安全性Enhanced network security 最佳的效率Optimal efficiency
與 #10003;加快您 DevOps 循環✓ Accelerate your DevOps cycle
與 #10003;管理複雜的原則上-dmand✓ Manage complex policies on-dmand
與 #10003;上架大型工作負載快速✓ Onboard large workloads quickly
與 #10003;您的私人 datacenter 之間公用雲端順暢✓ Work seamlessly between your private datacenter and the public cloud
與 #10003;較保護和威脅隔離 Layerd 架構✓ Layerd architecture for stronger protection and threat isolation
與 #10003;完整的網路威脅的攻擊立即反應控制項✓ Full network control for instant reaction to threats
與 #10003;細微防火牆原則✓ Granular firewall policies
與 #10003;最小化的作業,並基礎結構費用✓ Minimized operation and infrastructure costs
與 #10003;可用性自我修復架構✓ Highly available, self-healing architecture
與 #10003;管理智慧和彈性資源✓ Smart and flexible resource management

Microsoft SDN 機制影片Microsoft SDN Mechanics Video

在這個影片中 Microsoft 機制,Windows Server SDN 工程師 Greg Cusanza 加入 Matt McSpirit 示範 Windows Server 2016 中的新軟體定義網路功能。In this Microsoft Mechanics Video, Windows Server SDN engineer Greg Cusanza joins Matt McSpirit to demonstrate the new Software Defined Networking capabilities in Windows Server 2016. 觀賞 Cusanza 解釋 SDN 技術 underpinnings,並告訴您如何使用 SDN,執行下列動作。Watch as Cusanza explains the SDN technology underpinnings and shows you how you can use SDN to do the following.

  • 動態建立、 保護及連接您的網路符合您的應用程式的進化需求Dynamically create, secure, and connect your network to meet the evolving needs of your apps
  • 加速您的工作負載的部署Speed up the deployment of your workloads
  • 包含安全性弱點,您網路上擴散Contain security vulnerabilities from spreading across your network

SDN 可讓您完成所有的同時也降低您的基礎結構整體成本。SDN allows you to accomplish all of this while also reducing your overall infrastructure costs.

若要觀賞的 YouTube 影片時,按下面的影像。To watch the video on YouTube, click the image below.

![SDN 概觀視訊]DN Overview Video](./../media/Sdn-intro/sdn_video_thumbnail.png)

SDN 服務SDN Services

中央設定和管理實體和 virtual 網路裝置 Centrally configure and manage physical and virtual network devices
執行網路原則,縮放,在您的環境順暢地進行Implement network policies at scale, seamlessly across your environments
使用層網路架構適用於更高的安全性、 保護及隔離Leverage layered network architecture for increased security, protection and isolation
管理您的網路根據細微應用程式和安全性的需求Manage your network based on granular app and security needs
定義路由控制流量tenants 之間 virtual 和實體網路Define routes to control traffic flow between tenants and the virtual and physical networks
使用連接埠以鏡像適用於執行原則,偵測到安全性威脅的攻擊,監視器相容性和追蹤流量模式Use port mirroring for to enforce policies, detect security threats, monitor compliance and track traffic patterns
享受最佳的網路效能Enjoy optimal network performance
使用 SDN 閘道,擴充 virtual 網路基礎結構跨多個環境,順暢利用混合跨-雲端彈性Using SDN gateways, extend your virtual network infrastructure across multiple environments, to seamlessly leverage hybrid and cross-cloud flexibility
體驗為 SDN 會聚合成所有我們最創新儲存和運算 datacenter 方案,Windows Server 2016 所提供的電源Experience the power offered by Windows Server 2016 as SDN converges with all of our most innovative storage and compute datacenter solutions

關鍵元件皆 SDN 架構Key Components of SDN Architecture

下列清單中 SDN 技術提供連結到各技術文件。The following list of SDN technologies provides links to documentation for each technology. 簡短的技術概觀,會看到一節Windows 伺服器技術網路軟體定義的主題中的軟體定義網路 (SDN)For brief technology overviews, see the section Windows Server Technologies for Software Defined Networking in the topic Software Defined Networking (SDN).

SDN 學習資源SDN Learning Resources

連結上述會導致 SDN 和 SDN 架構的關鍵元件官方文件。The links above lead to the official documentation on SDN and the key components of SDN architecture. 除了此核心文件,我們也有發行幾個影片、 部落格文章及其他項目上 SDN。In addition to this core documentation, we have also published several videos, blog posts and other items on SDN. 參考下列連結以了解 SDN,以及您如何使用它來提升您組織的網路基礎結構額外的資源:Refer to the links below as additional resources for understanding SDN, and how you might use it to boost your organization's network infrastructure:

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