Windows Server 2016 中 HYPER-V 網路模擬中的新功能What's New in Hyper-V Network Virtualization in Windows Server 2016

適用於:Windows Server(以每年次管道)、Windows Server 2016Applies To: Windows Server (Semi-Annual Channel), Windows Server 2016

本主題描述 HYPER-V 網路模擬 (HNV) 新增或變更 Windows Server 2016 中的功能。This topic describes the Hyper-V Network Virtualization (HNV) functionality that is new or changed in Windows Server 2016.

HNV 更新Updates in HNV

HNV 提供美化的支援下列幾個方面:HNV offers enhanced support in the following areas:

功能日功能Feature/Functionality 新的或改進New or improved 描述Description
可程式 HYPER-V 開關切換至Programmable Hyper-V switch New HNV 原則是透過 Microsoft Network Controller 可程式。HNV policy is programmable through the Microsoft Network Controller.
VXLAN 封裝支援VXLAN encapsulation support New HNV 現在支援 VXLAN 封裝。HNV now supports VXLAN encapsulation.
軟體負載平衡器 (SLB) 交互操作Software Load Balancer (SLB) interoperability New Microsoft 軟體負載平衡器完全整合 HNV。HNV is fully integrated with the Microsoft Software Load Balancer.
相容 IEEE 乙太網路標頭Compliant IEEE Ethernet headers 已改進Improved 相容的標準 IEEE 乙太網路Compliant with IEEE Ethernet standards

可程式 HYPER-V 開關切換至Programmable Hyper-V switch

HNV 是 Microsoft 的更新的軟體定義網路 (SDN) 方案的基礎建置組塊,完整地整合 SDN 堆疊。HNV is a fundamental building block of Microsoft's updated Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution, and is fully integrated into the SDN stack.

Microsoft 的新 Network Controller 推入 HNV 原則下每一部主機做為 SouthBound 介面 (SBI) 使用開放 vSwitch 資料庫管理通訊協定 (OVSDB) 上執行主機代理程式。Microsoft's new Network Controller pushes HNV policies down to a Host Agent running on each host using Open vSwitch Database Management Protocol (OVSDB) as the SouthBound Interface (SBI). 主機代理儲存這項原則使用自訂的VTEP 架構和程式複雜流程規則 HYPER-V 切換中無法運作的可能性流程引擎。The Host Agent stores this policy using a customization of the VTEP schema and programs complex flow rules into a performant flow engine in the Hyper-V switch.

Flow 中的引擎 HYPER-V 開關切換至是使用 Microsoft Azure 相同引擎™,它已在超縮放公用雲端 Microsoft Azure 證明。The flow engine inside the Hyper-V switch is the same engine used in Microsoft Azure™, which has been proven at hyper-scale in the Microsoft Azure public cloud. 此外,在整個 SDN 堆疊上透過網路控制器,請及網路資源提供者 (即將推出的詳細資料) 是使用 Microsoft Azure,因此我們企業版和裝載服務提供者針對提供的公用 Microsoft Azure 雲端力量一致的。Additionally, the entire SDN stack up through the Network Controller, and Network Resource Provider (details coming soon) is consistent with Microsoft Azure, thus bringing the power of the Microsoft Azure public cloud to our enterprise and hosting service provider customers.


如需 OVSDB 的詳細資訊,請查看RFC 7047For more information about OVSDB, see RFC 7047.

HYPER-V 開關切換至支援根據簡單 '符合動作' 中 Microsoft flow 引擎兩個無和狀態流程規則。The Hyper-V switch supports both stateless and stateful flow rules based on simple 'match action' within Microsoft's flow engine.

Windows Server 2016 HYPER-V 開關切換至

VXLAN 封裝支援VXLAN encapsulation support

虛擬延伸區域網路 (VXLAN- RFC 7348) 通訊協定已被普遍在市場,並可支援從等 Cisco、 錦緞、 Dell、 HP 和其他廠商取得。The Virtual eXtensible Local Area Network (VXLAN - RFC 7348) protocol has been widely adopted in the market place, with support from vendors like Cisco, Brocade, Dell, HP and others. HNV 現在也支援這種封裝配置使用 MAC distribution 模式,透過 Microsoft 網路控制器程式對應為承租人覆疊網路的 IP 位址 (客戶地址或 CA) 底圖實體網路的 IP 位址 (提供者地址或 PA)。HNV also now supports this encapsulation scheme using MAC distribution mode through the Microsoft Network Controller to program mappings for tenant overlay network IP addresses (Customer Address, or CA) to the physical underlay network IP addresses (Provider Address, or PA). 改善效能透過協力廠商驅動程式支援 NVGRE 和 VXLAN 工作卸載。Both NVGRE and VXLAN Task Offloads are supported for improved performance through third-party drivers.

軟體負載平衡器 (SLB) 交互操作Software Load Balancer (SLB) interoperability

Windows Server 2016 包含軟體負載平衡器 (SLB) virtual 網路流量和順暢互動 HNV 完整支援。Windows Server 2016 includes a software load balancer (SLB) with full support for virtual network traffic and seamless interaction with HNV. 透過資料平面 v 式開關切換至中無法運作的可能性流程引擎實作和受 Network Controller 的 Virtual IP (VIP) / 動態 SLB IP (DIP) 對應。The SLB is implemented through the performant flow engine in the data plane v-Switch and controlled by the Network Controller for Virtual IP (VIP) / Dynamic IP (DIP) mappings.

相容 IEEE 乙太網路標頭Compliant IEEE Ethernet headers

HNV 實作正確 L2 乙太網路標頭,以確保交互操作而定業界標準通訊協定第三方 virtual 和實體裝置使用。HNV implements correct L2 Ethernet headers to ensure interoperability with third-party virtual and physical appliances that depend on industry-standard protocols. Microsoft 可確保所有傳送封包為了確保此交互操作所有欄位中有相容的值。Microsoft ensures that all transmitted packets have compliant values in all fields to ensure this interoperability. 此外,支援的 L2 實體網路的巨大畫面 (MTU > 1780年),則必須的負荷同時確保來賓連接至 HNV Virtual 網路引進了封裝通訊協定 (NVGRE、 VXLAN) 封包維護 1514 MTU。In addition, support for Jumbo Frames (MTU > 1780) in the physical L2 network will be required to account for packet overhead introduced by encapsulation protocols (NVGRE, VXLAN) while ensuring guest Virtual Machines attached to an HNV Virtual Network maintain a 1514 MTU.

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