Delete DNS 資源記錄Delete DNS Resource Records

適用於:Windows Server(以每年次管道)、Windows Server 2016Applies To: Windows Server (Semi-Annual Channel), Windows Server 2016

您可以使用本主題以 delete 一或多個 DNS 資源記錄使用 IPAM client 主機。You can use this topic to delete one or more DNS resource records by using the IPAM client console.

資格在系統管理員,或相當於,才能執行此程序最小值。Membership in Administrators, or equivalent, is the minimum required to perform this procedure.

若要移除 DNS 資源記錄To delete DNS resource records

  1. 在伺服器管理員中,按一下IPAMIn Server Manager, click IPAM. 顯示 IPAM client 主機。The IPAM client console appears.

  2. 在瀏覽窗格中,在監視和管理,按一下 [ DNS 區域In the navigation pane, in MONITOR AND MANAGE, click DNS Zones. 瀏覽窗格中分為左上角的瀏覽窗格中,較低的瀏覽窗格。The navigation pane divides into an upper navigation pane and a lower navigation pane.

  3. 按一下以展開向前查詢,以及您想要 delete 區域和資源記錄位於何處網域。Click to expand Forward Lookup and the domain where the zone and resource records that you want to delete are located. 按一下的區域,然後在 [顯示] 窗格中,按一下目前檢視]Click on the zone, and in the display pane, click Current view. 按一下資源記錄Click Resource Records.

  4. 在 [顯示] 窗格中,尋找並選取您想要 delete 資源記錄。In the display pane, locate and select the resource records that you want to delete.

    選取要 delete 資源記錄

  5. 選取的記錄,以滑鼠右鍵按一下,然後按一下Delete DNS 資源記錄Right-click the selected records, and then click Delete DNS resource record.

    Delete 記錄

  6. Delete DNS 資源記錄對話方塊。The Delete DNS Resource Record dialog box opens. 確認已選取正確的 DNS 伺服器。Verify that the correct DNS server is selected. 如果不是,按一下的 DNS 伺服器,然後選取您要移除的資源記錄的伺服器。If it is not, click DNS server and select the server from which you want to delete the resource records. 按一下[確定]Click OK. IPAM 將的資源記錄移除 DNS 伺服器。IPAM deletes the resource records from the DNS server.

    確認已選取正確的 DNS 伺服器,並移除記錄

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