NIC 小組中虛擬電腦 (Vm)NIC Teaming in Virtual Machines (VMs)

適用於:Windows Server(以每年次管道)、Windows Server 2016Applies To: Windows Server (Semi-Annual Channel), Windows Server 2016

本主題提供使用 NIC 小組 HYPER-V Vm 中相關資訊,包含下列各節。This topic provides information about using NIC Teaming within Hyper-V VMs, and contains the following sections.

NIC 的聯合設定需求NIC Teaming Configuration Requirements

如果您想要使用的聯合 NIC VM 中,您必須將 virtual 網路介面卡,在 VM 中的連接到外部 HYPER-V Virtual 參數將無法它們是一個團隊,在 vm 中失敗網路時連接開關切換至 virtual 網路介面卡是連接到內部或私人 HYPER-V Virtual 切換。If you want to use NIC Teaming in a VM, you must connect the virtual network adapters in the VM to external Hyper-V Virtual Switches only; virtual network adapters that are connected to internal or private Hyper-V Virtual Switches are not able to connect to the switch when they are in a team, and networking fails for the VM.

Windows Server 2016 NIC 小組方案支援小組的成員兩個 Vm 中。The Windows Server 2016 NIC Teaming solution supports teams with two members in VMs. 您可以建立大團隊,但不是支援此類團隊。Larger teams can be created but such teams are not supported. 每個小組成員必須連接至不同外部 HYPER-V Virtual 切換,並 VM 的網路介面必須允許的聯合設定。Every team member must be connected to a different external Hyper-V Virtual Switch, and the VM's networking interfaces must be configured to allow teaming. 如需詳細資訊,請查看在 VM 中建立新的 NIC 團隊For more information, see Create a New NIC Team in a VM.

NIC 團隊,在 VM 中必須有設定為 [切換獨立他們 Teaming 模式。NIC Teams within a VM must have their Teaming mode configured as Switch Independent. 此外,必須設定負載平衡模式 NIC 團隊,在 VM 中的位址 Hash distribution 模式。In addition, Load Balancing mode for the NIC Team in a VM must be configured with the Address Hash distribution mode.

設定 NIC 小組中的兩個 virtual 網路介面卡是連接至不同外部 HYPER-V Virtual 的參數 VM 可 VM 維持即使是在情況網路連接時實體網路介面卡的其中一個連接至一個 virtual 切換失敗或取得中斷連接。Configuring NIC Teaming in a VM with two virtual network adapters that are connected to different external Hyper-V Virtual Switches allows the VM to sustain network connectivity even in the circumstance when one of the physical network adapters connected to one virtual switch fails or gets disconnected.

NIC SR IOV-能力網路介面卡的小組NIC Teaming with SR-IOV-Capable Network Adapters

這個錯誤後移轉保護務必單一根 I/O 模擬 (SR IOV) 使用時,因為 SR-IOV 流量未經過 HYPER-V Virtual 開關切換至並不受 NIC 團隊,或在 HYPER-V 主機。This failover protection is particularly important when working with Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV), because SR-IOV traffic doesn't go through the Hyper-V Virtual Switch and cannot be protected by a NIC team in or under the Hyper-V host. VM NIC 小組選項時,您可以設定兩個外部 HYPER-V Virtual 的參數,每連接到它自己 SR IOV-能力 NICWith the VM NIC Teaming option, you can configure two external Hyper-V Virtual Switches, each connected to its own SR-IOV-capable NIC.

NIC SR IOV-能力網路介面卡的小組

每個 VM 可以讓 virtual 函式 (VF) 的一個或兩個 SR-IOV Nic 和萬一 NIC 中斷連接容錯主要 Holden 移轉到備份介面卡 (VF)。Each VM can have a virtual function (VF) from one or both SR-IOV NICs and, in the event of a NIC disconnect, failover from the primary VF to the back-up adapter (VF). 或者,VM 可能會有 Holden 從網路介面卡、非 Holden vmNIC 連接到另一個 virtual 切換。Alternately, the VM may have a VF from one NIC and a non-VF vmNIC connected to another virtual switch. 如果取得中斷連接而相關聯的 Holden,資料傳輸可以容錯移轉到其他切換,而不會失去連接。If the NIC associated with the VF gets disconnected, the traffic can failover to the other switch without loss of connectivity.

容錯移轉之間 Nic,在 VM 中可能會導致流量傳送其他 vmNIC 的 MAC 地址,因為相關 VM NIC 小組所使用的每個 HYPER-V Virtual 切換連接埠必須允許的聯合設定。Because failover between NICs in a VM might result in traffic being sent with the MAC address of the other vmNIC, each Hyper-V Virtual Switch port associated with a VM that is using NIC Teaming must be set to allow teaming. 若要瞭解如何讓 NIC 小組,在 VM 中,查看在 VM 中建立新的 NIC 團隊To discover how to enable NIC Teaming in the VM, see Create a New NIC Team in a VM.

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