工作資料夾概觀Work Folders overview

適用於:Windows Server (半年度管道)、Windows Server 2016、Windows Server 2012 R2、Windows 10、Windows 8.1、Windows 7Applies to: Windows Server (Semi-Annual Channel), Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

此主題所討論的是工作資料夾,這是一種執行 Windows Server 的檔案伺服器角色服務,它可讓使用者更為一致地存取電腦和裝置中的工作檔案。This topic discusses Work Folders, a role service for file servers running Windows Server that provides a consistent way for users to access their work files from their PCs and devices.

若您要在 Windows Server 2012 R2、Windows 10 或 Windows 7 中下載或使用工作資料夾,請參閱下列主題:If you're looking to download or use Work Folders on Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 10, or Windows 7, see the following:

角色說明 Role description

利用工作資料夾,除了公司電腦,使用者可以在個人電腦和裝置 (通常稱為「帶您自己的裝置 (BYOD)」) 上儲存和存取工作檔案。With Work Folders users can store and access work files on personal computers and devices, often referred to as bring-your-own device (BYOD), in addition to corporate PCs. 使用者獲得方便儲存工作檔案的位置,而他們能夠從任何地方存取這類檔案。Users gain a convenient location to store work files, and they can access them from anywhere. 組織將檔案儲存在集中管理的檔案伺服器上,並選擇性地指定使用者裝置原則 (例如加密和鎖定畫面密碼),藉此維持對公司資料的控制權。Organizations maintain control over corporate data by storing the files on centrally managed file servers, and optionally specifying user device policies such as encryption and lock-screen passwords.

工作資料夾可利用資料夾重新導向、離線檔案和主資料夾的現有部署進行部署。Work Folders can be deployed with existing deployments of Folder Redirection, Offline Files, and home folders. 工作資料夾會將使用者檔案儲存在伺服器上稱為 sync share 的資料夾中。Work Folders stores user files in a folder on the server called a sync share. 您可以指定已包含使用者資料的資料夾,使您可以採用工作資料夾而不需要移轉伺服器和資料,或立即分階段廢除現有的解決方案。You can specify a folder that already contains user data, which enables you to adopt Work Folders without migrating servers and data or immediately phasing out your existing solution.

實際應用 Practical applications

系統管理員可使用工作資料夾提供使用者其工作檔案的存取權,同時保持集中式的存放裝置以及對於組織資料的控制。Administrators can use Work Folders to provide users with access to their work files while keeping centralized storage and control over the organization's data. 工作資料夾的一些特定應用包括︰Some specific applications for Work Folders include:

  • 提供單一存取點,讓使用者可從其工作及個人電腦和裝置存取工作檔案Provide a single point of access to work files from a user's work and personal computers and devices

  • 在離線時存取工作檔案,然後在電腦或裝置可連線網際網路或內部網路時與中央檔案伺服器進行同步Access work files while offline, and then sync with the central file server when the PC or device next has Internet or intranet connectivity

  • 利用資料夾重新導向、離線檔案和主資料夾的現有部署進行部署Deploy with existing deployments of Folder Redirection, Offline Files, and home folders

  • 使用現有的檔案伺服器管理技術 (例如檔案分類和資料夾配額) 來管理使用者資料Use existing file server management technologies, such as file classification and folder quotas, to manage user data

  • 指定安全性原則,以指示使用者的電腦和裝置加密工作資料夾,並使用鎖定畫面密碼Specify security policies to instruct user's PCs and devices to encrypt Work Folders and use a lock screen password

  • 使用容錯移轉叢集搭配工作資料夾以提供高可用性的解決方案Use Failover Clustering with Work Folders to provide a high-availability solution

重要功能 Important functionality

工作資料夾包含下列功能。Work Folders includes the following functionality.

功能Functionality 可用性Availability 描述Description
伺服器管理員中的工作資料夾角色服務Work Folders role service in Server Manager Windows Server 2012 R2 或 Windows Server 2016Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016 檔案和存放服務可提供設定同步共用 (儲存使用者工作檔案的資料夾)、監視工作資料夾和管理同步共用與使用者存取的方法File and Storage Services provides a way to set up sync shares (folders that store user's work files), monitors Work Folders, and manages sync shares and user access
工作資料夾 CmdletWork Folders cmdlets Windows Server 2012 R2 或 Windows Server 2016Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016 Windows PowerShell 模組包含可用來管理工作資料夾伺服器的完整 CmdletA Windows PowerShell module that contains comprehensive cmdlets for managing Work Folders servers
工作資料夾與 Windows 的整合Work Folders integration with Windows Windows 10Windows 10

Windows 8.1Windows 8.1

Windows RT 8.1Windows RT 8.1

Windows 7(需要下載)Windows 7 (download required)
工作資料夾可在 Windows 電腦中提供下列功能:Work Folders provides the following functionality in Windows computers:

- 可設定及監視工作資料夾的控制台項目- A Control Panel item that sets up and monitors Work Folders
- 可輕鬆存取工作資料夾檔案的檔案總管整合- File Explorer integration that enables easy access to files in Work Folders
- 同步引擎可將檔案傳入及傳出中央檔案伺服器,同時將電池壽命和系統效能最大化- A sync engine that transfers files to and from a central file server while maximizing battery life and system performance
適用於裝置的工作資料夾 AppWork Folders app for devices AndroidAndroid

Apple iPhone 和 iPad®Apple iPhone and iPad®
可讓常見的裝置存取工作資料夾檔案的 AppAn app that allows popular devices to access files in Work Folders

新功能和變更的功能 New and changed functionality

下表描述工作資料夾的一些重大變更。The following table describes some of the major changes in Work Folders.

特色/功能Feature/functionality 新功能或更新功能?New or updated? 描述Description
Azure AD 應用程式 Proxy 支援Azure AD Application Proxy support 已新增至 Windows 10 版本 1703、Android、iOSAdded to Windows 10 version 1703, Android, iOS 遠端使用者可以使用 Azure AD 應用程式 Proxy,安全地存取他們在工作資料夾伺服器上的檔案。Remote users can securely access their files on the Work Folders server using Azure AD Application Proxy.
更快速地變更複寫Faster change replication Windows10 和 WindowsServer 2016 中的更新Updated in Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 在 Windows Server 2012 R2 中,將檔案變更同步處理到工作資料夾伺服器時,用戶端不會收到變更的通知,而且最多等待 10 分鐘就會收到更新。For Windows Server 2012 R2, when file changes are synced to the Work Folders server, clients are not notified of the change and wait up to 10 minutes to get the update. 使用 Windows Sever 2016 時,工作資料夾伺服器會立即通知 Windows 10 用戶端,並立即同步處理檔案變更。When using Windows Sever 2016, the Work Folders server immediately notifies Windows 10 clients and the file changes are synced immediately. 這是 Windows Server 2016 的新功能,且需要 Windows 10 用戶端。This capability is new in Windows Server 2016 and requires a Windows 10 client. 如果您使用的是舊版用戶端,或工作資料夾伺服器是 Windows Server 2012 R2,則用戶端會每隔 10 分鐘繼續輪詢變更。If you're using an older client or the Work Folders server is Windows Server 2012 R2, the client will continue to poll every 10 minutes for changes.
已和 Windows 資訊保護 (WIP) 整合Integrated with Windows Information Protection (WIP) 已新增至 Windows 10 版本 1607Added to Windows 10 version 1607 如果系統管理員已部署 WIP,工作資料夾可在電腦上加密資料以強制執行資料保護。If an administrator deploys WIP, Work Folders can enforce data protection by encrypting the data on the PC. 此加密方式使用與企業 ID 相關聯的金鑰,可使用如 Microsoft Intune 等支援的行動裝置管理套件以遠端方式加以清除。The encryption is using a key associated with the Enterprise ID, which can be remotely wiped by using a supported mobile device management package such as Microsoft Intune.
Microsoft Office 整合Microsoft Office integration 已新增至 Windows 10 版本 1511Added to Windows 10 version 1511 在 Windows 8.1 中,您可以按一下或點選此電腦,並瀏覽到電腦上的工作資料夾位置以瀏覽 Office App 中的工作資料夾。In Windows 8.1 you can navigate to Work Folders inside Office apps by clicking or tapping This PC and then navigating to the Work Folders location on your PC. 在 Windows 10 中,瀏覽工作資料夾會變得更為容易,因為您可以將其新增至 Office 在儲存或開啟檔案時顯示的位置清單中。In Windows 10 you can make it even easier to get to Work Folders by adding it to the list of locations that Office shows when saving or opening files. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Windows 10 中的工作資料夾使用工作資料夾作為 Microsoft Office 中的位置進行疑難排解For more info, see Work Folders in Windows 10 and Troubleshooting using Work Folders as a Place in Microsoft Office.

軟體需求 Software requirements

工作資料夾對檔案伺服器和網路基礎結構具有下列軟體需求:Work Folders has the following software requirements for file servers and your network infrastructure:

  • 執行 Windows Server 2012 R2 或 Windows Server 2016 的伺服器,用於裝載與使用者檔案的同步共用A server running Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016 for hosting sync shares with user files

  • 以 NTFS 檔案系統格式化的磁碟區,用來存放使用者檔案A volume formatted with the NTFS file system for storing user files

  • 若要在 Windows 7 電腦上強制執行密碼原則,您必須使用群組原則密碼原則。To enforce password policies on Windows 7 PCs, you must use Group Policy password policies. 您也必須將 Windows 7 電腦從「工作資料夾」密碼原則排除 (若有使用的話)。You also have to exclude the Windows 7 PCs from Work Folders password policies (if you use them).

  • 每個裝載工作資料夾之檔案伺服器的伺服器憑證。A server certificate for each file server that will host Work Folders. 這些憑證必須來自使用者信任的憑證授權單位 (CA),最好是公開憑證授權單位。These certificates should be from a certification authority (CA) that is trusted by your users—ideally a public CA.

  • (選用) Windows Server 2012 R2 中 Active Directory Domain Services 樹系具有架構延伸,在使用多部檔案伺服器時,支援自動將電腦和裝置參照到正確的檔案伺服器。(Optional) An Active Directory Domain Services forest with schema extensions in Windows Server 2012 R2 to support automatically referring PCs and devices to the correct file server when using multiple file servers.

若要讓使用者透過網際網路同步,還有下列其他需求:To enable users to sync across the Internet, there are additional requirements:

  • 能夠從網際網路存取伺服器,方法是在組織的反向 Proxy 或網路閘道中建立發佈規則The ability to make a server accessible from the Internet by creating publishing rules in your organization's reverse proxy or network gateway

  • (選用) 公開登錄的網址名稱以及能夠建立網域的其他公用 DNS 記錄(Optional) A publicly registered domain name and the ability to create additional public DNS records for the domain

  • (選用) 使用 Active Directory 同盟服務 (AD FS) 驗證時的 AD FS 基礎結構(Optional) Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) infrastructure when using AD FS authentication

工作資料夾對用戶端電腦具有下列軟體需求:Work Folders has the following software requirements for client computers:

  • 電腦和伺服器必須執行下列其中一種作業系統:PCs and devices must be running one of the following operating systems:

    • Windows 10Windows 10

    • Windows 8.1Windows 8.1

    • Windows RT 8.1Windows RT 8.1

    • Windows 7Windows 7

    • Android 4.4 KitKat 和更新版本Android 4.4 KitKat and later

    • iOS 10.2 和更新版本iOS 10.2 and later

  • Windows 7 電腦必須執行下列其中一個 Windows 版本:Windows 7 PCs must be running one of the following editions of Windows:

    • Windows 7 專業版Windows 7 Professional

    • Windows7 旗艦版Windows 7 Ultimate

    • Windows 7 企業版Windows 7 Enterprise

  • Windows 7 電腦必須加入您組織的網域 (它們無法加入工作群組)。Windows 7 PCs must be joined to your organization's domain (they can't be joined to a workgroup).

  • 本機 NTFS 格式的磁碟機上具有足夠可用空間,可用來在工作資料夾中存放所有使用者的檔案,如果工作資料夾位於系統磁碟機,還需要額外 6 GB 的可用空間,如預設的指定。Enough free space on a local, NTFS-formatted drive to store all the user's files in Work Folders, plus an additional 6 GB of free space if Work Folders is located on the system drive, as it is by default. 工作資料夾預設會使用下列位置︰%USERPROFILE%\Work FoldersWork Folders uses the following location by default: %USERPROFILE%\Work Folders

    不過,使用者在設定期間可以變更位置 (支援的位置包括 microSD 記憶卡和使用 NTFS 檔案系統格式化的 USB 磁碟機,如果磁碟機被移除,則會停止同步)。However, users can change the location during setup (microSD cards and USB drives formatted with the NTFS file system are supported locations, though sync will stop if the drives are removed).

    個別檔案的預設大小上限為 10 GB。The maximum size for individual files is 10 GB by default. 每個使用者的儲存空間沒有限制,但是系統管理員可以使用檔案伺服器資源管理員的配額功能來實作配額。There is no per-user storage limit, although administrators can use the quotas functionality of File Server Resource Manager to implement quotas.

  • 工作資料夾不支援復原用戶端虛擬機器的虛擬機器狀態。Work Folders doesn't support rolling back the virtual machine state of client virtual machines. 請改為使用系統映像備份或其他備份應用程式,從用戶端虛擬機器內部執行備份和還原作業。Instead perform backup and restore operations from inside the client virtual machine by using System Image Backup or another backup app.

工作資料夾與其他同步技術進行比較 Work Folders compared to other sync technologies

下表討論各種 Microsoft 同步技術如何定位以及何時使用。The following table discusses how various Microsoft sync technologies are positioned and when to use each.

工作資料夾Work Folders 離線檔案Offline Files 商務用 OneDriveOneDrive for Business OneDriveOneDrive
技術摘要Technology summary 同步處理儲存在檔案伺服器與電腦和裝置上的檔案Syncs files that are stored on a file server with PCs and devices 同步處理儲存在可存取企業網路的檔案伺服器與電腦上的檔案 (可由工作資料夾取代)Syncs files that are stored on a file server with PCs that have access to the corporate network (can be replaced by Work Folders) 同步處理儲存在 Office 365 或 SharePoint 與電腦和裝置 (位於企業網路內部或外部) 中的檔案,並提供文件共同作業功能Syncs files that are stored in Office 365 or in SharePoint with PCs and devices inside or outside a corporate network, and provides document collaboration functionality 同步處理儲存在 OneDrive 與 PC、Mac 電腦和裝置上的個人檔案Syncs personal files that are stored in OneDrive with PCs, Mac computers, and devices
其目的在於提供使用者工作檔案的存取權Intended to provide user access to work files Yes Yes Yes No
雲端服務Cloud service None None Office 365Office 365 Microsoft OneDriveMicrosoft OneDrive
內部網路伺服器Internal network servers 執行 Windows Server 2012 R2 或 Windows Server 2016 的檔案伺服器File servers running Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016 檔案伺服器File servers SharePoint 伺服器 (選擇性)SharePoint server (optional) None
支援的用戶端Supported clients PC、iOS、AndroidPCs, iOS, Android 位於企業網路內,或透過 DirectAccess、VPN 或其他遠端存取技術連接的電腦PCs in a corporate network or connected through DirectAccess, VPNs, or other remote access technologies PC、iOS、Android、Windows PhonePCs, iOS, Android, Windows Phone PC、Mac 電腦、Windows Phone、iOS、AndroidPCs, Mac computers, Windows Phone, iOS, Android


除了列於上表中的同步技術以外,Microsoft 還提供其他的複寫技術,包括針對伺服器對伺服器複寫所設計的 DFS 複寫,以及設計為分公司 WAN 加速技術的 BranchCache。In addition to the sync technologies listed in the previous table, Microsoft offers other replication technologies, including DFS Replication, which is designed for server-to-server replication, and BranchCache, which is designed as a branch office WAN acceleration technology. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 DFS 命名空間和 DFS 複寫BranchCache 概觀For more information, see DFS Namespaces and DFS Replication and BranchCache Overview

伺服器管理員資訊 Server Manager information

工作資料夾為檔案和存放服務角色的一部分。Work Folders is part of the File and Storage Services role. 您可以使用 [新增角色及功能精靈] 或 Install-WindowsFeature Cmdlet 來安裝工作資料夾。You can install Work Folders by using the Add Roles and Features Wizard or the Install-WindowsFeature cmdlet. 這兩種方法都可執行下列動作︰Both methods accomplish the following:

  • [工作資料夾] 頁面新增至伺服器管理員中的 [檔案和存放服務]Adds the Work Folders page to File and Storage Services in Server Manager

  • 安裝 Windows 同步共用服務,可供 Windows Server 主控同步共用Installs the Windows Sync Shares service, which is used by Windows Server to host sync shares

  • 安裝 SyncShare Windows PowerShell 模組以管理伺服器上的工作資料夾Installs the SyncShare Windows PowerShell module to manage Work Folders on the server

與 Windows Azure 虛擬機器的互通性 Interoperability with Windows Azure virtual machines

您可以在 Windows Azure 的虛擬機器上執行此 Windows Server 角色服務。You can run this Windows Server role service on a virtual machine in Windows Azure. 此案例已透過 Windows Server 2012 R2 和 Windows Server 2016 進行測試。This scenario has been tested with Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016.

若要深入瞭解如何開始使用 Windows Azure 虛擬機器,請造訪 Windows Azure 網站To learn about how to get started with Windows Azure virtual machines, visit the Windows Azure web site.

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