按鈕可讓您的使用者在混合現實體驗中觸發立即動作。A button lets your users trigger immediate actions in a mixed reality experience. 在 HoloLens 2 中,按鈕具有視覺提示和 affordances,可協助提高對使用者的互動。In HoloLens 2, buttons have visual cues and affordances that help increase interaction confidence with users.

顯示相近光線效果的按鈕Button with proximity light effect shown
近亮光Proximity light

顯示焦點醒目提示效果的選取按鈕Button selected with focus highlight effect shown
焦點醒目提示Focus highlight

顯示具有壓縮箱效果的按鈕Button being pressed with compression cage effect shown
壓縮框架Compressing cage

顯示觸發程式脈衝效果的按鍵Button being pressed with trigger pulse effect shown
觸發程式上的脈衝Pulse on trigger

MRTK 中的按鈕 (混合現實工具組) for UnityButton in MRTK(Mixed Reality Toolkit) for Unity

MRTK 提供各種類型的按鈕 prefabs,包括 HoloLens 2 的 shell 樣式按鈕,以及 HoloLens (第1代) 。MRTK provides various types of button prefabs, including shell-style buttons for HoloLens 2 and HoloLens (1st gen). HoloLens 2 按鈕預製專案包含數個詳細 affordances,可協助提升使用者的信心:The HoloLens 2 button prefab contains several detailed affordances that help improve user confidence:

  • 鄰近性醒目提示Proximity-based highlight

  • 壓縮 front 籠Compressing front cage

  • 對觸發程式的脈衝效果。Pulse effect on trigger.

  • 如需詳細指示和自訂的範例,請參閱 MRTK 按鈕Check out the MRTK - Button for more instructions and customized examples.

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