歡迎使用 Mixed Reality 功能工具Welcome to the Mixed Reality Feature Tool



Mixed Reality 功能工具目前僅適用于 Unity。The Mixed Reality Feature Tool is only available for Unity at the moment. 如果您是在 Unreal 中進行開發,請參閱 工具安裝 檔。If you're developing in Unreal, refer to the tools installation documentation.

「混合現實」功能工具是一種新方法,可讓開發人員探索、更新和新增混合現實功能套件至 Unity 專案。The Mixed Reality Feature Tool is a new way for developers to discover, update, and add Mixed Reality feature packages into Unity projects. 您可以依名稱或類別搜尋套件、查看其相依性,甚至在匯入之前查看專案資訊清單檔的建議變更。You can search packages by name or category, see their dependencies, and even view proposed changes to your projects manifest file before importing. 如果您之前從未使用過資訊清單檔,這是包含所有專案套件的 JSON 檔案。If you've never worked with a manifest file before, it's a JSON file containing all your projects packages. 驗證您想要的套件之後,混合實境功能工具會將這些套件下載到您選擇的專案。Once you've validated the packages you want, the Mixed Reality Feature tool will download them into the project of your choice.

系統需求System requirements

在您可以執行混合現實功能工具之前,您需要:Before you can run the Mixed Reality Feature Tool, you'll need:


Mixed Reality 功能工具目前僅在 Windows 上執行,但 MacOS 支援即將推出!The Mixed Reality Feature Tool currently only runs on Windows, but MacOS support is coming soon!


設定好環境之後:Once you have your environment set up:


如果您不熟悉使用 Unity 封裝管理員,請遵循我們的 UPM 指示If you're new to using the Unity Package Manager, follow our UPM instructions.

此版本中的變更Changes in this release

版本 1.0.2103 Beta 包含下列修正:Version 1.0.2103 Beta includes the following fixes:

  • 下載錯誤偵測的改進。Improvements to download error detection.
  • 更新資訊清單如何寫入,以避免無法正確更新。Updates on how manifests are written to avoid failure to update correctly.
  • Escpaing 已從專案資訊清單中的檔案路徑移除。Escpaing has been removed from file paths in the project manifest.

此版本已新增下列功能:The following features have been added in this release:

  • 現在會快取功能目錄。The feature catalog is now cached. 若要檢查是否有新功能和更新,請使用探索中的 [重新整理] 按鈕。To check for new features and updates, please use the refresh button in Discovery.
  • 將專案選取從匯入步驟移至探索之前。Move project selection from the Import step to before Discovery.
  • 可用的套件會依專案的指定 Unity 版本進行篩選。Available packages are filtered by the project's specified Unity version.
  • 探索視圖現在會顯示目前已安裝的套件。The discovery view now displays currently installed packages.

1.開始使用1. Getting started

從可執行檔啟動「混合現實」功能工具,其會在第一次啟動時顯示起始頁:Launch the Mixed Reality Feature Tool from the executable file, which displays the start page on first launch:


從 [開始] 頁面,您可以:From the start page, you can:

  • 使用 齒輪圖示 按鈕 設定工具設定Configure tool settings using the gear icon button
  • 使用 問號 按鈕來啟動預設的網頁瀏覽器,並顯示我們的檔Use the question mark button to launch the default web browser and display our documentation
  • 選取 [ 開始 ] 以開始探索功能套件Select Start to begin discovering feature packages

2. 選取您的 Unity 專案2. Selecting your Unity project

為了確保您專案的 Unity 版本支援所有探索到的功能,第一個步驟是使用 [專案路徑] 欄位) 右邊的 省略號 按鈕 (,將 [Mixed Reality] 功能工具指向您的專案。To ensure that all discovered features are supported on your project's version of Unity, the fist step is to point the Mixed Reality Feature Tool to your project using the ellipsis button (to the right of the project path field).

選取 Unity 專案


流覽 Unity 專案資料夾時顯示的對話方塊會包含 ' _ ' 作為檔案名。The dialog that's displayed when browsing for the Unity project folder contains '_' as the file name. 檔案名必須有一個值,才能選取該資料夾。There must be a value for the file name to enable the folder to be selected.

當您找到專案的資料夾時,請按一下 [開啟] 按鈕以返回 [混合現實] 功能工具。When you have located your project's folder, click the Open button to return to the Mixed Reality Feature Tool.


「混合現實」功能工具會執行驗證,以確保它已導向至 Unity 專案資料夾。The Mixed Reality Feature Tool performs validation to ensure that it has been directed to a Unity project folder. 資料夾必須包含 Assets PackagesProject Settings 資料夾。The folder must contain Assets, Packages and Project Settings folders.

3. 探索和取得功能套件3. Discovering and acquiring feature packages


版本 1.0.2103 Beta 現在會在每次存取伺服器時,快取功能目錄內容。Version 1.0.2103 Beta now caches the feature catalog contents whenever the server is accessed. 這項變更可讓您快速存取可用的功能,代價是顯示絕對最新的資料。This change enables fast access to available features, at the expense of displaying the absolute latest data. 若要更新目錄,請 使用 [重新 整理] 按鈕。To update the catalog, please use the Refresh button.

功能會依類別目錄分組,讓您更容易找到專案。Features are grouped by category to make things easier to find. 例如, Mixed Reality 工具 組類別有數個功能可供您選擇:For example, the Mixed Reality Toolkit category has several features for you to choose from:


當「混合現實」功能工具辨識先前匯入的功能 (s) 時,它會顯示通知訊息。When the Mixed Reality Feature Tool recognizes previously imported feature(s), it displays a notification message by each.


完成選擇之後,請選取 [ 取得功能 ],從目錄中提取所有必要的套件。Once you've made your choices, select Get features to fetch all the required packages from the catalog. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 探索和取得功能For more information, please see discovering and acquiring features.

4. 匯入功能套件4. Importing feature packages

取得後,會顯示一組完整的封裝,以及必要的相依性清單。Following acquisition, the complete set of packages is presented, along with a list of required dependencies. 如果您需要變更任何功能或封裝選項,這是時間:If you need to change any feature or package selections, this is the time:


強烈建議使用 [ 驗證 ] 按鈕,以確保 Unity 專案可以成功匯入選取的功能。We highly recommend using the Validate button to ensure the Unity project can successfully import the selected features. 驗證之後,您會看到一個快顯對話方塊,其中包含成功訊息或已識別問題的清單。After validation, you'll see a pop-up dialog with a success message or a list of identified issues.

選取 [匯 ] 以繼續。Select Import to continue.


按一下 [匯 ] 按鈕之後,如果有任何問題,則會顯示簡單的訊息。After clicking the Import button, if any issues remain a simple message will be displayed. 建議您按一下 [否],並使用 [ 驗證 ] 按鈕來查看和解決問題。The recommendation is to click No and to use the Validate button to view and resolve the issues.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱匯 入功能For more information, please see importing features.

5. 審核和核准專案變更5. Reviewing and approving project changes

最後一個步驟是檢查並核准資訊清單和專案檔案的建議變更:The final step is reviewing and approving the proposed changes to the manifest and project files:

  • 建議的資訊清單變更會顯示在左側The proposed changes to the manifest are displayed on the left
  • 要加入至專案的檔案會列在右邊The files to be added to the project are listed to the right
  • [ 比較 ] 按鈕允許並排查看目前的資訊清單和建議的變更The Compare button allows for side by side viewing of the current manifest and the proposed changes


如需詳細資訊,請參閱 審核和核准專案修改For more information, see reviewing and approving project modifications.

6. 更新專案6. Project updated

當建議的變更經過核准後,您的目標 Unity 專案就會更新,以參考選取的混合現實功能。When the proposed changes are approved, your target Unity project is updated to reference the selected Mixed Reality features.


Unity 專案的 [ 套件 ] 資料夾現在有一個 MixedReality 子資料夾,其中包含功能套件檔案 (s) ,資訊清單會包含適當的參考 (s) 。The Unity project's Packages folder now has a MixedReality subfolder with the feature package file(s) and the manifest will contain the appropriate reference(s).

返回 Unity、等候新選取的功能載入,然後開始建立!Return to Unity, wait for the new selected features to load, and start building!

另請參閱See also