CVPR 2018 的 HoloLens 研究模式教學課程HoloLens Research Mode tutorial at CVPR 2018

1: 30pm-2:50pm。1:30pm - 2:50pm. 2018年6月19日June 19th, 2018

CVPR 2018 會議CVPR 2018 Conference


  • Marc PollefeysMarc Pollefeys
  • Pawel OlsztaPawel Olszta


Microsoft HoloLens 是世界上第一部獨立的全像電腦,但也是強大電腦視覺研究裝置。Microsoft HoloLens is the world’s first self-contained, holographic computer, but it’s also a potent computer vision research device. 應用程式程式碼可以存取音訊和影片串流和表面網格,全都在以 HoloLens 高度精確的標頭追蹤所維護的全局座標空間中。Application code can access audio and video streams and surface meshes, all in a world coordinate space maintained by HoloLens’ highly accurate head-tracking. 這個簡短的教學課程將深入探討 hololens) Windows 10 2018 年4月更新 提供的新「研究模式」功能 (。This short tutorial will dive into the new “Research Mode” capability of HoloLens (available with the Windows 10 April 2018 Update for HoloLens).

我們將為您示範如何存取原始的標頭追蹤和深度感應器資料流程,以及如何使用每個資料流程的內建函式和 extrinsics。We will show you how to access the raw head-tracking and depth sensor data streams, and make use of the intrinsics and extrinsics of each stream. 我們也將示範飛行深度感知技術最近的進展。We will also be demonstrating recent advances in time of flight depth-sensing technologies.

用來查看研究模式感應器串流的範例應用程式 ,此應用程式會即時顯示六個研究模式串流中的任何一種。Sample application for viewing Research Mode sensor streams A sample HoloLens application that displays any of the six Research Mode streams in real time.


請注意,本教學課程會在與口頭和聚光燈的論文課程相同的下午,因此我們會將它保持簡短。Note that this tutorial occurs on the same afternoon as Oral and Spotlight paper sessions, and for that reason we are keeping it short. 這將會在論文課程于下午2:50 開始之前完成。It will be done before the papers sessions begin at 2:50 PM.

  • 1: 30pm HoloLens 簡介1:30pm Introduction to HoloLens
  • 1:下午5:45 執行研究模式:取得感應器串流的手1:45pm Research Mode: getting your hands on the sensor streams
  • 2:下午5:15 研究模式使用中-示範和影片2:15pm Research Mode in use – demos and videos
  • 2:下午5:45 執行搶先查看最近一次的航班深度感知進展2:45pm Sneak peek at recent advances in time-of-flight depth sensing

本教學課程的出席者將會離開 HoloLens 如何用於一系列的電腦視覺研究工作,以及使用裝置快速開始使用的教材。Attendees to this tutorial will leave with a good sense of how HoloLens can be used for a range of Computer Vision research tasks, and materials to quickly get them started using the device.