混合實境開發日Mixed Reality Dev Days


我們期待讓您加入我們,讓您在開發人員的生活中加入我們!We look forward to having you join us at Mixed Reality Dev Days! 利用 AltspaceVR 為2D 和3D 中的數位體驗量身打造新的事件格式,讓他們有機會聆聽 Microsoft 領導人、向專家學習,以及與 mixed reality 開發人員群體交流。Get ready for a new event format, tailored to a digital experience in 2D and 3D with AltspaceVR, with opportunities to hear from Microsoft leaders, learn from experts, and connect with the mixed reality developer community. 立即報名數位體驗,無須付費!Register for the digital experience today, at no cost to you!

重要詳細資料Important Details

日期-5 月21日和22日Date - May 21 and 22

位置-AltspaceVRLocation - AltspaceVR

免註冊Registration - FREE


立即報名Register Now

我們很高興能開啟適用于混合現實開發日的註冊,這是 AltspaceVR 中所持有的活動。We're excited to open up registration for Mixed Reality Dev Days, which is an event being held in AltspaceVR. 不過,我們仍然要求出席者註冊,以便在事件更接近時傳送電子郵件更新,並確定員工人數有足夠的員工。However, we're still requesting that attendees register so we can send email updates as the event gets closer, and to make sure there's enough staff for the number of attendees.

關於 AltspaceAbout Altspace

AltspaceVR 是出席現場觀賞、聚會、酷炫類別以及更多來自世界各地的易記人士的頂級場所。AltspaceVR is the premier place to attend live shows, meetups, cool classes, and more with friendly people from around the world. 由於虛擬實境的神奇,All thanks to the magic of Virtual Reality. Altspace 成為 Microsoft 系列2017的一部分,我們很高興地展示如何執行虛擬空間中的事件。Altspace became part of the Microsoft family in 2017 and we're excited to showcase how events in virtual space can be run.

Altspace 支援下列平臺:Altspace supports the following platforms:

  • HTC ViveHTC Vive
  • Oculus Rift、Go 和追求Oculus Rift, Go, and Quest
  • Samsung GearVRSamsung GearVR
  • Windows Mixed RealityWindows Mixed Reality
  • 電腦上的2D 模式。2D Mode on PC.

Mac 使用者必須使用平行或 Bootcamp,才能使用 Windows 來存取 AltspaceVR。Mac users will need to use Parallels or Bootcamp to use Windows to access AltspaceVR.

建立帳戶Creating an account

有兩種方式可以建立帳戶:There are two ways to create an account:

  • 最有效率的方法是為您的安裝程式下載 AltspaceVR 用戶端,並完成安裝,然後啟動用戶端。The most efficient way is to download the AltspaceVR client of choice for your setup, complete the install, and then launch the client. 一旦您進入程式之後,就可以選擇建立帳戶。Once you're in the program, there will be an option to create an account. 您可以在 這裡找到最小的系統規格。Minimum system specifications can be found here.

  • 另一個選項是造訪線上帳戶簽署] (https://account.altvr.com/users/sign_up) 。The other option is to visit up the Online account sign](https://account.altvr.com/users/sign_up).


如果您遇到 Altspace 的任何問題,請檢查 [疑難排解] 頁面If you run into any issues with Altspace, check the troubleshooting page. 如果無法解決您遇到的問題,請 提出支援要求If that doesn't solve the issue you're experiencing, file a support request.

額外秘訣Extra tips

  • 如果這是您第一次使用 AltspaceVR,請在第一個活動前提供您的時間,以進行本教學課程。If this is your first time using AltspaceVR, please give yourself time before the first event to go through the tutorial.
  • (選擇性) 我們建議您參與其中一個 AltspaceVR 101 事件,以取得更多秘訣和訣竅。(Optionally) we recommend attending one of the AltspaceVR 101 events for more tips and tricks.
  • 我的最愛/報名在活動之前的興趣,以便稍後在用戶端中輕鬆找到。Favorite/Register Interest before the event to easily find it later in the client.
  • 與其他虛擬會議不同的是,AltspaceVR 是一種沉浸式環境,因此您可以封鎖其他出席者的觀點。Unlike other virtual meetings, AltspaceVR is an immersive environment and as such, you can block other attendees view. 尊重其他出席者的空間和觀點,以確保每個人都有良好的體驗。Respect other attendees space and view to ensure everyone has a good experience.
  • 所有您想要在此活動中談到的朋友。Friend everyone you want to talk to at the event. 如果您想要的話,您可以將朋友邀請回 AltspaceVR 首頁,以私下進行聊天。You can invite friends back to your AltspaceVR home to chat privately if you wish.
  • 如果您是在麥克風附近,您的聲音將會在活動中廣播給所有人。If you stand near a microphone, your voice will be broadcast to everyone at the event! 所以請務必小心。So take care when you're talking.

排程-可能變更Schedule - Subject to change

所有時間都是太平洋日光節約時間All times are Pacific Daylight Time

網路空間Networking space

我們的網路空間將在第一天的專題演講之後開啟,在第二天 Fireside 聊天之後,將保持開啟狀態,直到每天4pm 太平洋時間為止。We have a networking space that will be opening after the Keynote on day one, after the Fireside chat on day two, and will remain open until 4pm Pacific time every day. 如果您想要這個空間的「RSVP」,可以在 這裡進行。If you would like the "RSVP" for this space, you can do so here. 網路空間的概念類似于實體會議中的「走廊 track」。The idea of the networking space is similar to the "hallway track" at a physical conference. 與開發人員、設計人員、愛好者、甚至是 Microsoft 員工見面的地方。A place to meet up with fellow developers, designers, enthusiasts, and even Microsoft staff.

5 月 21 日May 21

TimeTime 會話標題Session Title 主講人Speaker 描述Description 事件頁面的連結Link to Event Page
9: 30am-10:30am9:30am - 10:30am 開啟演講Opening Keynote Alex KipmanAlex Kipman 歡迎參加我們的 Alex Kipman,開始我們的第一次的虛擬混合現實開發日活動。Come join us as Alex Kipman starts our first ever virtual Mixed Reality Dev Days event. 如果您使用的是 VR 耳機,建議您加入我們的 AltspaceVR。If you're using a VR headset, we encourage you to join us in AltspaceVR. 如果您是從電腦進行聯結,請查看我們的即時資料流,網址為 https://aka.ms/MRDDKeynoteIf you're joining from a computer, check out our livestream at https://aka.ms/MRDDKeynote RSVP 頁面RSVP Page
10: 30am-11:上午10:0010:30am - 11:00am 打破Break
11:上午 10:00-12:0011:00am - 12:00pm Azure Mixed Reality 服務簡介: Azure 遠端轉譯Intro to Azure Mixed Reality Services: Azure Remote Rendering Jonathan Lyons、Christopher Manthei 和 Marc AppelsmeierJonathan Lyons, Christopher Manthei, and Marc Appelsmeier Azure 遠端轉譯剛剛進入公開預覽。Azure Remote Rendering just entered public preview. 瞭解如何使用 ARR 轉譯具有數十萬個多邊形的互動式3D 模型,並將它們串流至 HoloLens 2 的裝置,例如即時的裝置。Learn how you can use ARR to render interactive 3D models with hundreds of millions of polygons and stream them to devices like HoloLens 2 in real time. RSVP 頁面RSVP Page
11:上午 10:00-12:0011:00am - 12:00pm 適用于 HoloLens 2 的 Unreal + MRTK 簡介Intro to Unreal + MRTK for HoloLens 2 夏天 Wu & Luis ValverdeSummer Wu & Luis Valverde Unreal Engine 對 HoloLens 2 的支援已達到生產環境就緒狀態,並在5月發行 UE 4.25!Unreal Engine support for HoloLens 2 reached production-ready status with the release of UE 4.25 in May! 和 UE 4.25 一樣,為了回應我們從開發人員收到的 Unreal HoloLens 支援首次推出預覽版本,我們的團隊發行了 Unreal: UX 工具0.8 的混合現實工具組的第一個元件。Alongside UE 4.25, in response to the top ask we've been hearing from developers since Unreal's HoloLens support first shipped in preview, our team released the first component of the Mixed Reality Toolkit for Unreal: UX Tools 0.8. 在這段演講中,我們將概述 Unreal Engine 4 和 MRTK for Unreal 中提供的功能,並說明如何使用它們來建立 HoloLens 2 的豐富體驗。In this talk, we'll provide an overview of the features provided in Unreal Engine 4 and MRTK for Unreal, and how to use them to build epic experiences for HoloLens 2. RSVP 頁面RSVP Page
11:上午 10:00-12:0011:00am - 12:00pm 開始使用 HoloLens 2 和 UnityGetting started with the HoloLens 2 and Unity Dan 莎莎-UnityDan Miller - Unity 瞭解設定 Unity 和建立 HoloLens 2 的基本概念。Learn the basics of setting up Unity and building for the HoloLens 2. 這份簡報涵蓋了最佳作法、HoloLens 2 的基本功能,以及如何使用原生 Unity Api 快速新增手追蹤支援和互動This presentation will cover best practices, basic features of the HoloLens 2 and how to quickly add hand tracking support and interactivity with native Unity APIs RSVP 頁面RSVP Page
12: 00-1:0012:00pm - 1:00pm 午餐Lunch
1: 00-2:001:00pm - 2:00pm Azure Mixed Reality 服務簡介: Azure 空間錨點Intro to Azure Mixed Reality Services: Azure Spatial Anchors Archana Iyer & Vicente RiveraArchana Iyer & Vicente Rivera 概述 Azure 空間錨點 (ASA) 和相關案例。An overview of Azure Spatial Anchors (ASA) and relevant scenarios. 這段演講將探討過去一年所開發的新功能,以及如何使用這些功能的程式碼範例。This talk will go over new capabilities developed in the past year, with code samples on how to use them. 我們將探討使用 ASA 建立的最佳作法,以及如何開始將它整合到您的產品中。We'll go over best practices while building with ASA and how you can start integrating it into your products. RSVP 頁面RSVP Page
1: 00-2:001:00pm - 2:00pm MRTK-Unity 簡介Intro to MRTK-Unity Catherine DiazCatherine Diaz MRTK 課程簡介將是如何從開始到完成建立 MRTK 應用程式的教學課程。The Introduction to MRTK session will be a tutorial on how to create an MRTK app from start to finish. 這段演講會探討互動概念,並顯示 MRTK 的多平臺功能。This talk will go over interaction concepts and show MRTK’s multi-platform capabilities. RSVP 頁面RSVP Page
1: 00-2:001:00pm - 2:00pm 從 MR 表面應用程式學習Learnings from the MR Surfaces App Lars SimkinsLars Simkins 將 MRDL surface 應用程式背後的工程師加入 HoloLens 2,因為它們會討論應用程式的設計案例和技術重點。Join the engineers behind the MRDL Surfaces app for HoloLens 2 as they talk about the app’s design story and technical highlights. RSVP 頁面RSVP Page
2: 00-2:30pm2:00pm - 2:30pm 打破Break
2: 30pm-3:30pm2:30pm - 3:30pm Azure Kinect 主體追蹤 Unity 整合Azure Kinect Body Tracking Unity Integration Angus AntleyAngus Antley 瞭解如何使用 Azure Kinect 內文追蹤 SDK 來驅動 Unity 中的字元。Learn how to drive characters in Unity using the Azure Kinect Body Tracking SDK. RSVP 頁面RSVP Page
2: 30pm-3:30pm2:30pm - 3:30pm MRTK 的 UX 組建區塊MRTK’s UX Building Blocks Yoon 公園Yoon Park 深入探討 MRTK 的 UX 元件,可協助您打造美觀的混合現實體驗。Deep dive on the MRTK’s UX components that help you build beautiful mixed reality experiences. RSVP 頁面RSVP Page
2: 30pm-3:30pm2:30pm - 3:30pm MRTK 效能工具MRTK Performance Tools Kurtis Eveleigh & David KlineKurtis Eveleigh & David Kline MRTK 和外部的效能工具簡介,以及 MRTK 標準著色器的總覽。An introduction to performance tools, both in MRTK and external, and an overview of the MRTK Standard Shader. RSVP 頁面RSVP Page
3: 30pm-4:003:30pm - 4:00pm 打破Break
4: 00-5:004:00pm - 5:00pm 混合現實的狀態--公司發現成功The State of Mixed Reality--Where Companies are finding Success Ori Amiga & Matt FleckensteinOri Amiga & Matt Fleckenstein Ultra 低延遲邊緣運算(結合 AI 和混合式事實)是新一代體驗的基礎。Ultra-low latency edge computing, coupled with AI and mixed reality, is the foundation for the next generation of experiences. 藉由將數位和實體世界與無所不在的運算體驗相結合,混合的現實就能讓我們只超乎先前的可能性。By blending the digital and the physical worlds into ubiquitous computing experiences, mixed reality is enabling possibilities we could have only dreamed of previously. 在此課程中,Ori 和 Matt 將提供現今和未來的混合現實市場商機的獨特見解。In this session, Ori and Matt will provide unique insight into the mixed reality market opportunity today and in the future. 他們將會醒目提示 Microsoft 如何協助推動製造業、醫療保健和零售業的企業,進而推動業務效率並轉換客戶和員工體驗。They'll highlight how Microsoft is helping leading enterprises in manufacturing, health care, and retail harness the power of mixed reality to drive business efficiency and transform customer and employee experiences. RSVP 頁面RSVP Page

5 月 22 日May 22

TimeTime 會話標題Session Title 主講人Speaker 描述Description 事件頁面的連結Link to Event Page
9: 30am-10:30am9:30am - 10:30am Fireside 聊天Fireside Chat Alex Kipman & René SchulteAlex Kipman & René Schulte 開啟第二天,我們已邀請 Microsoft MVP、區域主管和團體成員人員 René Schulte,以與此社區所感興趣的主題保持相關。Opening up day two we have invited Microsoft MVP, Regional Director, and community member extraordinaire René Schulte to stand around a fire and chat about the topics the community is interested in. René已從社區收集大約一周的問題,我們預期它將會是很棒的交談。René has been gathering questions from the community for about a week, and we expect it's going to be a great conversation. RSVP 頁面RSVP Page
10: 30am-11:上午10:0010:30am - 11:00am 打破Break
11:上午 10:00-12:0011:00am - 12:00pm 使用 Microsoft Maquette 設計 AR/VR 體驗Designing AR/VR experiences using Microsoft Maquette Ricardo AcostaRicardo Acosta 設計 phone 應用程式或網站具有妥善定義的工作流程。Designing a phone app or a website has a well-defined workflow. 可惜的是,如果您使用相同的2D 工作流程或工具組,其新奇設計空間現實體驗可能會很困難。Unfortunately, because of its novelty designing spatial reality experiences can be tricky if you use the same 2D workflow or toolset. 幸運的是,新的 Microsoft Maquette 應用程式著重于協助 UX 設計人員的設計。Luckily, the new Microsoft Maquette app focuses on helping UX designers to design. RSVP 頁面RSVP Page
11:上午 10:00-12:0011:00am - 12:00pm MRTK Unity v2 & 超越-社區回饋如何協助我們改善 MRTKMRTK Unity v2 & beyond - How community feedback helped us improve MRTK Bernadette ThalhammerBernadette Thalhammer 討論我們如何藉由聆聽來自社區的意見反應,以及開發人員如何運用這些改良功能,來改善去年的開發人員體驗。A talk about how we've improved the developer experience over the last year by listening to feedback from the community and how developers can apply these improvements. 我們將深入探討檔和單元測試,這是新的物件操作工具元件,使用遷移視窗,並且將探索一些有關開發人員最常問的開發人員問題的程式碼片段。We'll dive into the documentation and unit testing, the new object manipulator component, using the migration window and will explore some code snippets around our most frequently asked questions from the dev community. RSVP 頁面RSVP Page
11:上午 10:00-12:0011:00am - 12:00pm Azure Kinect DK 的深色斜率 Unreal 引擎外掛程式Dark Slope's Unreal Engine plugin for the Azure Kinect DK Ben Unsworth-深色斜率Ben Unsworth - Dark Slope 瞭解深色斜率如何使用 Azure Kinect DK 及其 Sdk,在 Unreal 引擎中建立即時互動互動。Learn how Dark Slope is using the Azure Kinect DK and its SDKs to build real-time interactive engagements in Unreal Engine. RSVP 頁面RSVP Page
12: 00-1:0012:00pm - 1:00pm 午餐Lunch
1: 00-2:001:00pm - 2:00pm StereoKit 簡介-MR 簡化了!Introducing StereoKit - MR Made Easy! Nick KlingensmithNick Klingensmith StereoKit 是容易使用的開放原始碼混合現實程式庫,可讓您使用 c # 和 OpenXR 建立 HoloLens 和 VR 應用程式!StereoKit is an easy-to-use open-source mixed reality library for building HoloLens and VR applications with C# and OpenXR! StereoKit 會將混合現實應用程式開發的優先順序排定在所有其他專案之上,因此可以使用第一類的混合現實輸入系統、預設的快速效能、甚至是在行動裝置上、快速的反復專案時間,以及可讓使用者和開發人員從檔案系統載入真實資產的執行時間資產管線。StereoKit prioritizes mixed reality application development above all else, allowing for features such as a first-class mixed reality input system, fast performance by default even on mobile devices, quick iteration time on-device, and a runtime asset pipeline that lets users and developers load real assets from the file-system. 所有這項功能和更多套件都封裝在簡易 API,該 API 已記載完整、易於學習且容易撰寫!All of this and more are packaged in a terse API that’s well documented, easy to learn, and easy to write! RSVP 頁面RSVP Page
1: 00-2:001:00pm - 2:00pm 使用 Babylon.js 和 WebXR 打造沉浸式 MR 體驗Building Immersive MR Experiences with Babylon.js and WebXR Jason Carter & Raanan WeberJason Carter & Raanan Weber 探索直接在網路上開發 MR 體驗有多麼簡單又強大。Discover how easy and powerful it can be to develop MR experiences directly on the web. Babylon.js 致力於全球最強大、美觀、簡單且開放的 web 轉譯平臺之一,讓您輕鬆地在各平臺、裝置和生態系統上解除鎖定所有的 MR 功能。Babylon.js strives to be one of the most powerful, beautiful, simple, and open web rendering platforms in the world, making it easy to unlock full MR capabilities across platforms, devices, and ecosystems. 請查看 Babylon.js 的最新發展,以及其對 WebXR 的支援。Come check out the latest developments of Babylon.js and its support of WebXR. RSVP 頁面RSVP Page
1: 00-2:001:00pm - 2:00pm 搭配使用聲場專案與 HoloLens 2Using Project Acoustics with HoloLens 2 Mike ChemistruckMike Chemistruck 瞭解聲場專案(先前僅適用于 VR 和主控台標題)可套用至混合的現實!See how Project Acoustics, previously only available for VR and Console titles, can be applied to Mixed Reality! 瞭解系統如何重新建立實際效果,例如 diffracted 遮蔽和重新導向實體門口和角落的音效,以及使用多個連接空間在複雜幾何中殘響,全都在 HoloLens 2 的計算預算內。Learn how the system recreates real-world effects such as diffracted occlusion and redirection of sounds around physical doorways and corners, and reverberation in complex geometries with multiple connected spaces, all within the compute budget of a HoloLens 2. RSVP 頁面RSVP Page
2: 00-2:30pm2:00pm - 2:30pm 打破Break
2: 30pm-3:30pm2:30pm - 3:30pm 全像遠端-快速反覆運算 & 在 HoloLens 上增強圖形Holographic Remoting - Rapid iteration & supercharged graphics on HoloLens Brent JacksonBrent Jackson HoloLens 提供革命性的行動運算平臺,而不是其他的平臺,但只限于行動裝置的處理能力。HoloLens delivers a revolutionary mobile computing platform like no other, but it’s limited to the processing power of a mobile device. 全像遠端功能可將支援 VR 電腦的原始功能帶到 HoloLens,並使用 Unity 的編輯器遠端功能,您不再需要建立及部署應用程式,就能在裝置上進行測試。Holographic remoting brings the raw power of a VR capable computer to HoloLens, and with Unity in-editor remoting you no longer have to build and deploy your apps to test them on a device. 瞭解全像攝影的遠端處理如何提升應用程式的效能,以及開發人員。Learn how Holographic remoting can increase the performance of your applications, and your developers. RSVP 頁面RSVP Page
2: 30pm-3:30pm2:30pm - 3:30pm OpenXR on HoloLens 2:跨平臺原生混合現實OpenXR on HoloLens 2: Cross-platform native mixed reality Alex TurnerAlex Turner OpenXR 1.0 在此!OpenXR 1.0 is here! 您是否要從頭開始為自己的引擎或原生應用程式建立混合現實支援?Are you building mixed reality support into your own engine or native app from the ground up? 如果是,請瞭解 OpenXR 原生 API 介面的重要詳細資料,這是將完整功能 HoloLens 2 集至生命的延伸模組,以及從 Firefox 現實到 StereoKit 的合作夥伴已在 OpenXR 上交付的應用程式和架構。If so, learn about the key details of the OpenXR native API surface, the extensions that bring the full feature set of HoloLens 2 to life, and the partners from Firefox Reality to StereoKit already shipping apps and frameworks built on OpenXR! 透過 OpenXR,您可以建立跨廠商混合現實引擎和原生應用程式,以跨越業界的各種裝置!With OpenXR, you can build cross-vendor mixed reality engines and native apps that span the breadth of devices in the industry! RSVP 頁面RSVP Page
2: 30pm-3:30pm2:30pm - 3:30pm HoloLens 2 開發年度的秘訣Tips from a Year of HoloLens 2 Development Peter 銷售額Peter Vale HoloLens 的商業化小組將分享去年與我們的合作夥伴合作的秘訣和經驗。The HoloLens commercialization team will share tips and lessons learned from the past year working with our partners. 深入瞭解最常見的問題,以及可用來讓您的 HoloLens 2 應用程式準備好與客戶共用的最佳作法和技術。Gain insight into the most common issues along with best practices and techniques that you can use to get your HoloLens 2 application ready to share with your customers. RSVP 頁面RSVP Page

管理辦法和 Microsoft 標準活動指導方針Code of Conduct and Microsoft Standard Event Guidelines

管理辦法Code of Conduct

*Microsoft 的任務是讓地球上的每個人和每個組織都能達到更多目標。這包括所有的 Microsoft 活動和聚會,包括在數位平臺上,我們會在此為所有參與者創造尊重、易記、有趣和內含的體驗。 _*Microsoft's mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. This includes all Microsoft events and gatherings, including on digital platforms, where we seek to create a respectful, friendly, fun, and inclusive experience for all participants. _

*我們預期所有數位事件參與者都能遵守此管理辦法的準則,其中涵蓋了主要的數位事件和所有相關活動。無論地點是什麼,我們都不容許任何人都能以任何形式,在程式的任何方面,都能容忍干擾或失禮行為、訊息、影像或互動,包括商務和社交活動。Microsoft 不會根據年齡、上階、色彩、性別身分識別或運算式、國家/地區來源、實體或精神殘障、宗教、色情方向,或任何其他受適用當地法律、法規和法令保護的特性,來容忍騷擾或辨識。*We expect all digital event participants to uphold the principles of this Code of Conduct, which covers the main digital event and all related activities. We do not tolerate disruptive or disrespectful behavior, messages, images, or interactions by any party participant, in any form, at any aspect of the program including business and social activities, regardless of location. Microsoft will not tolerate harassment or discrimination based on age, ancestry, color, gender identity or expression, national origin, physical or mental disability, religion, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by applicable local laws, regulations, and ordinances.

*禁止攝影、影片或以社交管道共用之任何格式的簡報來錄製影片內容或簡報。我們鼓勵所有人都能協助建立歡迎且安全的環境。請回報任何疑慮、harassing 行為、可疑或干擾性活動,以對企業營運熱線 (1-877-320-MSFT 或 buscond@microsoft.com) 。Microsoft 保留隨時拒絕進場,或從混合現實開發天中移除任何人的權利。*Photography, video, or recording of session content or presentations in any format shared in social channels is prohibited. We encourage everyone to assist in creating a welcoming and safe environment. Please report any concerns, harassing behavior, suspicious, or disruptive activity to Business Conduct Hotline (1-877-320-MSFT or buscond@microsoft.com). Microsoft reserves the right to refuse admittance to or remove any person from Mixed Reality Dev Days at any time at its sole discretion.

*我們鼓勵所有人在 AltspaceVR 的沉浸式環境內進行負責任的行為,就像在任何 person 活動一樣。參與活動時,請尊重其他使用者空間,而不會封鎖該階段的其他出席者觀點。 請注意,就像任何親自活動一樣,其他使用者可能會在活動時聽到您所說的任何專案,如果您需要私用對話,建議您將其帶到 AltspaceVR 內的另一個空間,例如 AltspaceVR 首頁*We encourage everyone to behave responsibly within the AltspaceVR immersive environment as you would at any in-person event. Please respect other users space and do not block other attendees view of the stage when attending the event. Be aware that like any in-person event, anything you say may be heard by other users at the event, if you require to have a private conversation then we recommend you take that to another space within AltspaceVR such as your AltspaceVR home

常見問題集Frequently Asked Questions

當我們從您取得更多問題時,將會經常更新此區段!This section will be updated frequently as we get more questions from you!

問: 我可以不使用 VR 耳機來參與嗎? :絕對一樣。雖然我們覺得這項活動在使用 VR 耳機時最有經驗,但我們想要包含無法以該格式加入我們的人員。 Altspace 具有可用於加入事件的電腦用戶端。*Altspace 目前沒有可在 mac 平臺上運作的用戶端 (建議您使用 [平行] 或 [Bootcamp] 建立 Windows 安裝,以在 mac 上使用 AltspaceVRQ* - Can I participate without a VR Headset? A - Absolutely. While we feel the event will be best experienced with a VR Headset, we want to be inclusive of people who can't join us in that format. Altspace has a PC client that can be used to join the event. *Altspace does not currently have a client that works on the Mac platform (we recommend using Parallels or Bootcamp to create a Windows install to use AltspaceVR on a MAC.

_ *Q**-如何? 加入2d 體驗?_ Q* - How do I join the 2D experience?
:您可以選擇從電腦 下載 Altspace 用戶端 ,方法是透過 Windows Store 或串流。A - From a PC you have the option to download the Altspace Client via the Windows Store or Steam. 下載用戶端之後,您將需要建立帳戶並登入。After downloading the client, you will need to create an account, and log in. 您可以在 這裡找到如何在2d 體驗內流覽的資訊。Info on how to navigate within the 2D experience can be found here.

問: 誰應該參加混合現實開發日Q - Who should attend Mixed Reality Dev Days
:此活動包含在混合現實空間中運作或扮演的每個人。A - This event is inclusive of everyone who works or plays in the Mixed Reality space. 雖然大部分的內容都是以開發人員為焦點的,但我們也知道在開發人員以外的各種角色上都有有趣的內容。While most of the content is going to be developer-focused, we also know that there is interesting content for a wide variety of roles beyond developers. 請記得檢查更新的排程,以查看我們將提供的內容類型。Please remember to check the schedule for updates to see the kind of content we will be providing.

:我在 AltspaceVR 中找不到事件Q - I cannot find the event in AltspaceVR
:我們建議您遵循電腦瀏覽器的連結,登入 AltspaceVR 網站,然後按一下 [有興趣] 事件。A - We recommend following the link on your PC browser, logging in to the AltspaceVR website and clicking "Interested" on the event. 這會讓事件顯示在 AltspaceVR 用戶端事件查看的 [感興趣] 索引標籤中。This will make the event show up in your "Interested" tab in the Events view of the AltspaceVR client. 您也應該會在 [精選] 清單中找到此事件。You should also find the event in the "Featured" list.

問: 我已加入活動,但有許多教學課程訊息封鎖了我的視圖Q - I joined the event but have lots of tutorial messages blocking my view
:如果您未先完成第一次的教學課程就加入活動,您必須完成此步驟,才能將您的視圖解除封鎖。A - If you have joined the event without first going through the first-time tutorial, you will need to complete this to unblock your view. 這就是為什麼我們建議您先登入 AltspaceVR 才能完成本教學課程,以瞭解使用這個沉浸式環境的基本概念。This is why we recommend logging on to AltspaceVR before the event to complete the tutorial to learn the basics to use this immersive environment.