Mixed Reality Dev Days JapanMixed Reality Dev Days Japan


我們期待讓您參與我們的混合現實開發日!We look forward to having you join us at Mixed Reality Dev Day! 準備好聆聽 Microsoft 領導人、向專家學習,並與混合現實開發人員群體交流。Get ready to hear from Microsoft leaders, learn from experts, and connect with the mixed reality developer community. 立即報名數位體驗,無須付費!Register for the digital experience today, at no cost to you!

重要詳細資料Important Details

日期-2020 年12月16日Date - December 16, 2020

位置-Microsoft 小組實況活動Location - Microsoft Teams Live Events

免註冊Registration - FREE

主要語言-日文Primary Language - Japanese

會話記錄Session Recordings

觀看所有影片-YouTube 播放清單Watch all videos - YouTube playlist

感謝您加入 Mixed Reality Dev Days 日本。Thank you for joining Mixed Reality Dev Days Japan. 所有影片都會封存在 YouTube 頻道上。All videos are archived on our YouTube Channel. 期待您再次看看!Looking forward to seeing you again!

排程-可能變更Schedule - Subject to change

所有時間都是日本標準時間 (UTC + 9)All times are Japan Standard Time (UTC+9)

12 月 16 日December 16

我們已延遲一小時的原始排程。We've been delayed an hour from our original schedule.

TimeTime 會話標題Session Title 主講人Speaker LanguageLanguage LevelLevel
11:上午 10:00-11:50am11:00am - 11:50am 使用 Alex Kipman 的特殊歡迎畫面來開啟專題演講Opening Keynote with special welcome from Alex Kipman Madoka Chiyoda、Jesse McCulloch、Kaoru Nakamura、Tetsu MuranakaMadoka Chiyoda, Jesse McCulloch, Kaoru Nakamura, Tetsu Muranaka JA-JPJA/EN N/AN/A
11: 50am-12:0011:50am - 12:00pm 中斷 (10 分鐘)Break (10 min)
12: 00-12:25pm12:00pm - 12:25pm 會話 1 混合現實簡介Session 1 Intro to Mixed Reality : Atsushi SuzukiAtsushi Suzuki JAJA 100100
12: 30pm-12:55pm12:30pm - 12:55pm Session 2 Mixed Reality 商務動力Session 2 Mixed Reality business momentum Tetsu MuranakaTetsu Muranaka JAJA 200200
1: 00-1:50pm1:00pm - 1:50pm 午餐研討會 面板:互動式免費討論、問與答、MRTK + Oculus 的執行 2 * 稍後更新Lunch Session Panel: Interactive free discussion, Q and A, MRTK + Oculus Quest 2 *update later Madoka Chiyoda + Microsoft MvpMadoka Chiyoda + Microsoft MVPs JAJA 200200
1: 50pm-2:001:50pm - 2:00pm 中斷 (10 分鐘)Break (10 min)
2: 00-2:25pm2:00pm - 2:25pm HoloLens 2 開發的課程 3 總覽Session 3 Overview of HoloLens 2 development Madoka ChiyodaMadoka Chiyoda JAJA 200200
2: 30pm-2:55pm2:30pm - 2:55pm Session 4 MRTK UX 元件 v 2.5.0Session 4 MRTK UX components v2.5.0 Yoon 公園Yoon Park JAJA 300300
3: 00-3:25pm3:00pm - 3:25pm 第5階段 :開始使用 HoloLens 2 和 UNREAL 引擎 (MRTK-Unreal)Session 5 Getting started with the HoloLens 2 and Unreal Engine (MRTK-Unreal) Cameron MickaCameron Micka ENEN 300300
3: 30pm-3:55pm3:30pm - 3:55pm 會話 6 製作全像影像Session 6 Making Designing Holograms Daniel EscuderoDaniel Escudero ENEN 300300
3: 55pm-4:下午5:153:55pm - 4:15pm 中斷 (20 分鐘)Break (20 min)
4:下午 5:15-4:40pm4:15pm - 4:40pm 會話 7 Azure 物件錨點Session 7 Azure Object Anchors Jesse McCullochJesse McCulloch ENEN 300300
4:下午5:45 執行-5:下午10點4:45pm - 5:10pm 會話 8 Azure 遠端轉譯Session 8 Azure Remote Rendering : Atsushi SuzukiAtsushi Suzuki JAJA 300300
5:下午 5:15-5:40pm5:15pm - 5:40pm 會話 9 透過 Azure 空間錨點對齊全像影像和真實世界Session 9 Aligning Hologram and Real World through Azure Spatial Anchors Yingguang MeiYingguang Mei ENEN 300300
5:下午5:45 執行-6:下午10點5:45pm - 6:10pm 會話 10 Unity + PiXYZSession 10 Unity + PiXYZ Shinobu Takahashi (Unity 技術日本) Shinobu Takahashi (Unity Technologies Japan) JAJA 200200
6:下午 5:15-6:40pm6:15pm - 6:40pm Session 11 Azure Kinect DK 深入探討,個案研究Session 11 Azure Kinect DK Deep Dive, Case Study Shinji ChibaShinji Chiba JAJA 400400
6:下午5:45 執行-7:006:45pm - 7:00pm 關閉Closing Madoka ChiyodaMadoka Chiyoda JAJA N/AN/A

() 的技術審核者參與者Contributors (Technical reviewers for the subtitles)

Futo Horio (@Futo_Horio) 、Takahiro Miyaura (@takabrz1) 、Akihiro Ueyama (@akihiro01051) 、Kaoru Nakamura (@kaorun55) 、Shinya Tachihara (@deco_c_) Futo Horio (@Futo_Horio), Takahiro Miyaura (@takabrz1), Akihiro Ueyama (@akihiro01051), Kaoru Nakamura (@kaorun55), Shinya Tachihara (@deco_c_)

常見問題集Frequently Asked Questions

當我們從您取得更多問題時,將會經常更新此區段!This section will be updated frequently as we get more questions from you!

問: 誰應該參與混合現實開發日Q - Who should attend Mixed Reality Dev Day

:此活動包含在混合現實空間中運作或扮演的每個人。A - This event is inclusive of everyone who works or plays in the Mixed Reality space. 雖然大部分的內容都是以開發人員為焦點,但我們也知道有許多不同角色的內容有興趣。While most of the content being presented is developer-focused, we also know that there's interesting content for a wide variety of roles. 請記得檢查更新的排程,以查看我們將提供的內容類型。Remember to check the schedule for updates to see the kind of content we'll be providing.

:我在團隊實況活動中找不到活動Q - I can't find the event in Teams Live Events

:若要參與,請選取您註冊活動之後收到的電子郵件中的連結。A - To participate, select the link in the email you'll receive after registering for the event. 我們建議您在「小組電腦」應用程式上觀賞,也可以參與小組行動應用程式或桌面瀏覽器。We recommend watching on the Teams PC app, and you can also participate in the Teams mobile app or in your desktop browser.

如果您因為某些原因而無法登入小組,請檢查 YouTube 頻道,此活動將會同時廣播。If for some reason you're unable to log in to Teams, check the YouTube channel where the event will be broadcast simultaneously. 不過,您無法與喇叭參與 QA。However, you can't participate in QA with the speakers.

:在活動之後,簡報教材和研討會影片是否可供使用?Q - Will the presentation materials and session videos be available after the event?

:我們會釋出每個影片課程,但由於相關時間的考慮,如果您可以,請考慮將我們上線。A - We'll be releasing each video session, but because of the time involved, consider joining us live if you can!

管理辦法和 Microsoft 標準活動指導方針Code of Conduct and Microsoft Standard Event Guidelines

管理辦法Code of Conduct

Microsoft 的任務在讓世界上的所有人和組織都能成就更多志業。Microsoft's mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. 這包括所有的 Microsoft 活動和聚會,包括在數位平臺上,我們會在此為所有參與者創造尊重、易記、有趣和內含的體驗。This includes all Microsoft events and gatherings, including on digital platforms, where we seek to create a respectful, friendly, fun, and inclusive experience for all participants.

我們預期所有數位事件參與者都能遵守此管理辦法的準則,其中涵蓋了主要的數位事件和所有相關活動。We expect all digital event participants to uphold the principles of this Code of Conduct, which covers the main digital event and all related activities. 我們不容許任何形式的任何合作物件參與者(不論地點為何)的干擾性或失禮行為、訊息、影像或互動。We don't tolerate disruptive or disrespectful behavior, messages, images, or interactions by any party participant, in any form, at any aspect of the program including business and social activities, regardless of location. Microsoft 不會根據年齡、上階、色彩、性別身分識別或運算式、國家來源、實體或精神殘障、宗教、色情方向,或任何其他受適用當地法律、法規和法令保護的特性,來容忍騷擾或辨識。Microsoft won't tolerate harassment or discrimination based on age, ancestry, color, gender identity or expression, national origin, physical or mental disability, religion, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by applicable local laws, regulations, and ordinances.

禁止攝影、影片或以社交管道共用之任何格式的簡報來錄製影片內容或簡報。Photography, video, or recording of session content or presentations in any format shared in social channels is prohibited. 我們鼓勵所有人都能協助建立歡迎且安全的環境。We encourage everyone to assist in creating a welcoming and safe environment. 請回報任何疑慮、harassing 行為、可疑或干擾性活動,以對企業營運熱線 (1-877-320-MSFT 或 buscond@microsoft.com) 。Please report any concerns, harassing behavior, suspicious, or disruptive activity to Business Conduct Hotline (1-877-320-MSFT or buscond@microsoft.com). Microsoft 保留隨時拒絕進場,或從混合現實開發天中移除任何人的權利。Microsoft reserves the right to refuse admittance to or remove any person from Mixed Reality Dev Days at any time at its sole discretion.