MSIX 容器MSIX Container

使用 MSIX 封裝的應用程式會在輕量應用程式容器中執行。Apps that are packaged using MSIX run in a lightweight app container. MSIX 應用程式進程及其子進程會在容器內執行,並使用檔案系統和登錄虛擬化進行隔離。The MSIX app process and its child processes run inside the container and are isolated using file system and registry virtualization. 所有 MSIX 應用程式都可以讀取全域登錄。All MSIX apps can read the global registry. MSIX 應用程式會寫入自己的虛擬登錄和應用程式資料檔案夾,並在卸載或重設應用程式時刪除此資料。An MSIX app writes to its own virtual registry and application data folder, and this data will be deleted when the app is uninstalled or reset. 其他應用程式無法存取 MSIX 應用程式的虛擬登錄或虛擬檔案系統。Other apps do not have access to the virtual registry or virtual file system of an MSIX app.

如需詳細資訊,請造訪瞭解 MSIX 封裝在 Windows 上的執行方式For more information, visit Understanding how MSIX packages run on Windows.