MSIX Core 將 MSIX 支援引進早于 Windows 10 1709 版的 Windows 版本。MSIX Core brings MSIX support to versions of Windows earlier than Windows 10, version 1709. MSIX Core 是 GitHub 上的 開放原始碼專案 ,可讓這些舊版 WINDOWS 安裝 MSIX 套件。MSIX Core is an open source project on GitHub that enables these earlier Windows versions to install MSIX packages. 您可以從下載 最新版本預覽組建開始。You can start by downloading the latest release or the preview builds.

有了 MSIX Core,需要支援這些舊版 Windows 使用者的開發人員和 IT 專業人員現在可以採用並利用 MSIX 的優點。With MSIX Core, developers and IT pros who need to support users on these earlier Windows versions can now adopt and take advantage of the benefits of MSIX.

什麼是 MSIX Core?What is MSIX Core?

MSIX Core 可讓您在舊版 Windows 上安裝 MSIX 應用程式,前提是這些應用程式已經內建在這些版本的 Windows 上運作。MSIX Core enables the installation of MSIX apps on previous versions of Windows, provided that the apps are already built to work on those versions of Windows. MSIX Core 是針對下列目前無法原生支援 MSIX 的 Windows 版本所建立:MSIX Core is built for the following Windows versions that don't currently natively support MSIX:

  • Windows 7 SP1Windows 7 SP1
  • Windows 8.1Windows 8.1
  • 目前支援的 Windows Server (具有桌面體驗) Currently supported Windows Server (with Desktop Experience)
  • 1709之前的版本 Windows 10Windows 10 versions prior to 1709

MSIX Core 是針對開發人員和 IT 專業人員所設計。MSIX Core is designed for both developers and IT pros. 開發人員可以使用 MSIX 核心程式庫,讓現有的安裝程式在舊版的 Windows 上安裝其 MSIX 封裝的應用程式,使其只會產生一個 MSIX 套件以將所有 Windows 使用者設為目標。Developers can use the MSIX Core Library to enable their existing installers to install their MSIX packaged apps on previous Windows versions, so they can produce just one MSIX package to target all Windows users. IT 專業人員可以下載 MSIX Core 安裝程式。IT pros can download the MSIX Core Installer. MSIX Core installer 會啟用 MSIX 的命令列安裝,以及使用者只要按兩下即可安裝 MSIX 套件的功能。MSIX Core installer enables command line installation of MSIX along with the ability for users to install MSIX packages simply by double clicking them.

MSIX Core 的考慮Considerations of MSIX Core

MSIX Core 的目標是要啟用 MSIX 封裝應用程式 (的安裝、查詢和移除作業,而這些應用程式已在) 的 Windows 版本上運作,並盡可能地清除卸載。The goal of MSIX Core is to enable the install, query, and removal of MSIX packaged apps (that already work on those Windows versions), and provide as clean of an uninstall as possible. MSIX Core 提供原生 MSIX 功能的子集,其運作與現有的 Win32 安裝程式類型類似。MSIX Core provides a subset of features of native MSIX, functioning similar to existing Win32 installer types.

  • MSIX Core 不提供原生 MSIX 的容器優點,也無法讓使用 Windows 10 特定功能的應用程式在舊版 Windows 上運作。MSIX Core does not provide the container benefits of native MSIX, nor enable an app that uses Windows 10 specific features to work on previous Windows versions.
  • 在舊版作業系統上使用 MSIX Core 時, 應用程式執行別名 只會從 Win + R 運作,而不是從命令提示字元或 PowerShell。When using MSIX Core on a down-level OS, app execution aliases will only work from Win+R and not from Command Prompt or PowerShell.
  • MSIX Core 不支援 Microsoft Store 整合。MSIX Core does not support Microsoft Store integration. 想要將應用程式發佈至存放區的開發人員,可以遵循 此處的檔。Developers who want to publish their applications to the Store can follow the documentation here.

開始使用Get started

若要使用 MSIX Core 部署 MSIX 封裝,您必須先 更新現有的 MSIX 資訊清單To deploy your MSIX package with MSIX Core, you must first update your existing MSIX manifest. 然後,您可以 使用 MSIX Core (部署您的 MSIX 套件 。如果您只有套件) 或您可以 從原始程式碼建立具有 MSIX Core 的 MSIX 套件 (如果您有) 的原始程式碼。Then, you can deploy your MSIX package with MSIX Core (if you only have the package) or you can create an MSIX package with MSIX Core from source code (if you have the source code).