MSIX SDK 1.6 版更新MSIX SDK 1.6 update

SDK 版本 (1.6) 中,我們會聽取來自合作夥伴的意見反應,並新增更多 Api 為開發人員提供更多的選項和彈性地處理 MSIX 封裝。With the SDK release (1.6), we heard the feedback from our partners and added more APIs to provide developers with more options and flexibility in handling MSIX packages.

UTF8 API 變化UTF8 API Variants

在此 SDK 版本中,我們會新增約 14 的新 UTF8 API 變化,針對現有的 API 呼叫。In this SDK release, we add about 14 new UTF8 API variants for existing API calls. 藉由加入這些新的 Api,開發人員可以選擇要用於字串操作,根據其環境/平台的 Utf8 variant。With the inclusion of these new APIs, developers can choose to use the Utf8 variant for string manipulation according to their environment/platform. 如同 Microsoft-windows-appxpackaging Api 呼叫端負責解除配置的記憶體供 LPSTR * out 參數。As with AppxPackaging APIs, the caller is responsible for deallocating the memory used by LPSTR* out parameters.

以下是新的 UTF8 介面:The following are the new UTF8 interfaces:

  • IAppxBlockMapFileUtf8IAppxBlockMapFileUtf8
  • IAppxBlockMapReaderUtf8IAppxBlockMapReaderUtf8
  • IAppxBundleManifestPackageInfoUtf8IAppxBundleManifestPackageInfoUtf8
  • IAppxBundleReaderUtf8IAppxBundleReaderUtf8
  • IAppxFactoryUtf8IAppxFactoryUtf8
  • IAppxFileUtf8IAppxFileUtf8
  • IAppxManifestApplicationUtf8IAppxManifestApplicationUtf8
  • IAppxManifestPackageDependencyUtf8IAppxManifestPackageDependencyUtf8
  • IAppxManifestPackageIdUtf8IAppxManifestPackageIdUtf8
  • IAppxManifestPropertiesUtf8IAppxManifestPropertiesUtf8
  • IAppxManifestQualifiedResourceUtf8IAppxManifestQualifiedResourceUtf8
  • IAppxManifestResourcesEnumeratorUtf8IAppxManifestResourcesEnumeratorUtf8
  • IAppxManifestTargetDeviceFamilyUtf8IAppxManifestTargetDeviceFamilyUtf8
  • IAppxPackageReaderUtf8IAppxPackageReaderUtf8

覆寫語言選擇Override Language Selection

根據預設,處理應用程式套件組合時,MSIX SDK 會傳回所選取的語言,也是在系統上的預設值是適用的語言套件。By default, when handling app bundles, MSIX SDK returns the language package that is applicable by selecting the language that is also default on the system. 此 API 可讓應用程式,以列舉的語言套件,可覆寫會傳回處理應用程式套件組合時的語言套件。This API allows the app to enumerate the language packages that are available and override the language package that will be returned while handling app bundles.

其他的更新和增強功能Other updates and improvements

在此更新中,In this update,

  • 更新 1.0.2q OpenSSL 程式庫相依性Update the OpenSSL lib dependency to 1.0.2q
  • 修正我們如何處理國際字元Fixed how we handle international characters

您可以在 GitHub 上取得最新的 SDK。You can get the latest SDK on GitHub.