MSIX 資源MSIX resources

本文提供 GitHub 存放庫、影片和其他資源的清單,可協助您建立 Windows 應用程式的 MSIX 套件。This article provides a list of GitHub repositories, videos, and other resources that will help you build MSIX packages for your Windows apps.

資源Resource 描述Description
MSIX 技術小組MSIX Tech Community 請造訪 MSIX 技術小組以取得討論和最新資訊。Visit the MSIX Tech Community for discussions and latest information. 在建立和執行 MSIX 套件時,您可以找到其他人已張貼的問題與解答。You can find questions and answers other people have posted about when it comes to creating and running an MSIX package.
MSIX 工具組MSIX Toolkit MSIX 工具組是工具和腳本的集合,可協助 IT 專業人員和開發人員建立及管理 MSIX 套件。The MSIX Toolkit is a collection of tools and scripts that help IT Pros and developers build and manage MSIX packages. 此工具組是 GitHub 上的開放原始碼專案,可讓客戶和愛好者直接參與,並提供有關可用內容的建議和意見反應。The toolkit is an open source project on GitHub to allow customers and enthusiasts to contribute directly and provide suggestions and feedback on the content that is available.
MSIX SDKMSIX SDK MSIX SDK 是一個開放原始碼專案,可讓開發人員在所有平臺上使用通用的 MSIX 套件格式。The MSIX SDK is an open source project that allows developers to use the MSIX package format universally on all platforms. 這可讓開發人員建立與所有平臺和散發方法上的使用者一致的體驗。This allows developers to build experiences which are consistent for users on all platforms and distribution methods. SDK 會提供指引,讓開發人員將其應用程式內容封裝,並建立應用程式套件資訊清單,使其以其選擇的平臺為目標。The SDK provides guidance for developers to package their app content and build an app package manifest in a way that it can target the platforms of their choice. 這可讓開發人員一次封裝其應用程式內容,而不需要針對每個平臺封裝。This enables developers to package their app content once instead of having to package for each platform.
MSIX 實驗室MSIX Labs MSIX Labs 專案是提供實際操作實驗室的工作,協助人們熟悉 MSIX 的不同領域。The MSIX Labs project is an effort to offer hands-on labs to help people become familiar with the different areas of MSIX. 您可以自訂在 MSIX Labs 內找到的內容,並成為內部訓練的基礎。The content found within the MSIX Labs can be customized and become the basis for internal training. 這是 GitHub 上的開放原始碼專案,可讓客戶和愛好者直接參與,並提供有關可用內容的建議和意見反應。This is an open source project on GitHub to allow customers and enthusiasts to contribute directly and provide suggestions and feedback on the content that is available.

MSIX 影片MSIX videos

MSIX 簡介Introduction to MSIX

這段簡短的影片介紹了 MSIX 套件可協助您簡化及改善應用程式安裝和部署工作流程的主要方式。This brief video introduces the key ways that MSIX packaging can help you streamline and improve your app installation and deployment workflows.

MSIX 逐步解說MSIX walkthrough

MSIX 在跨應用程式生命週期管理方面提供許多優點。MSIX provides lots of benefits across the app lifecycle management. 了解如何在企業中利用 MSIX,以及能為開發人員、IT 專業人員及終端使用者帶來哪些優點。Learn how to take advantage of MSIX in your enterprise and the benefits to developers, IT Pros and end users.

Windows 虛擬桌面中的 MSIX 應用程式附加MSIX App Attach in Windows Virtual Desktop

瞭解如何使用 MSIX,在虛擬環境 (例如 Windows 虛擬桌面) 中動態傳遞應用程式。Learn how you can use MSIX for dynamic delivery of applications in virtual environments such as Windows Virtual Desktop.

應用程式安全性和部署Application security and deployment

瞭解如何改善您的應用程式散發。Learn how to improve you app distribution. 我們將討論如何使用程式碼簽署來改善應用程式的真實性,以及我們所做的改進,以減少開發人員的摩擦。We will talk about using code signing to improve authenticity of your application and improvements we are doing to reduce developer friction. 我們也將深入探討如何使用 MSIX 來改善您的應用程式封裝和部署。We also dive into how to improve your app packaging and deployment with MSIX. 我們將涵蓋優點、功能,並將您現有的應用程式移至 MSIX。We will cover the benefits, features and moving your existing app to MSIX.

建立適用于 1000000000 Windows 10 桌上型電腦的應用程式,並擴充觸達/Windows 虛擬桌面Building apps for 1 billion Windows 10 Desktops and expanding reach w/ Windows Virtual Desktop

瞭解如何利用絕佳的 Windows 技術(例如 WinUI3 和 MSIX),以1億個以上的市場 Windows 10 裝置為目標,並透過 Windows 虛擬桌面觸及數十億部以上的裝置。Learn how to take advantage of incredible Windows technologies like WinUI3 and MSIX to target the 1 billion+ in-market Windows 10 devices, and to reach billions of other devices via Windows Virtual Desktop.

適用於開發人員的 MSIXMSIX for developers

深入了解開發人員如何利用 MSIX 的優點。Learn how developers can take advantage of the benefits of MSIX.

使用 MSIX 發展及增強傳統型應用程式Evolving and enhancing desktop apps with MSIX

使用 MSIX 發展及增強傳統型應用程式。Evolve and enhance your desktop apps with MSIX. 利用新的 API、新的控制項及其他功能。Leverage new APIs, new controls and other features.