應用程式說明的指導方針Guidelines for app help

應用程式可能十分複雜,並提供有效的說明,讓使用者可以大幅改善其體驗。Applications can be complex, and providing effective help for your users can greatly improve their experience. 並非所有應用程式都需要為其使用者提供說明,而且根據應用程式,應該提供哪一種說明的差異也很大。Not all applications need to provide help for their users, and what sort of help should be provided can vary greatly, depending on the application.

如果您決定提供說明,請在建立它時遵循這些指導方針。If you decide to provide help, follow these guidelines when creating it. 沒有什麼幫助的說明,比根本沒有說明還要糟。Help that isn't helpful can be worse than no help at all.

直覺式設計Intuitive Design

就算說明內容十分有用,您的應用程式也不能依賴它為使用者提供良好的體驗。As useful as help content can be, your app cannot rely on it to provide a good experience for the user. 如果使用者無法立即探索並使用您應用程式的重要功能,則使用者不會使用您的應用程式。If the user is unable to immediately discover and use the critical functions of your app, the user will not use your app. 沒有數量或品質說明會變更第一印象。No amount or quality help will change that first impression.

直覺且易於使用的設計是撰寫有用說明的第一個步驟。An intuitive and user-friendly design is the first step to writing useful help. 這不僅可讓使用者持續使用以接觸更進階的功能,還可以讓他們了解應用程式的核心功能,以做為基礎並繼續使用應用程式並學習。Not only does it keep the user engaged for long enough for them to use more advanced features, but it also provides them with knowledge of an app's core functions, which they can build upon as they continue to use the app and learn.

一般指示General instructions

除非使用者已經遇到問題,否則不會尋找說明內容,因此說明需要為該問題提供快速且有效的回答。A user will not look for help content unless they already have a problem, so help needs to provide a quick and effective answer to that problem. 如果說明不是立即有用,或者說明太過複雜,則使用者更有可能會忽略它。If help is not immediately useful, or if help is too complicated, then users are more likely to ignore it.

所有說明 (不管是哪一種) 都應該遵循下列原則︰All help, no matter what kind, should follow these principles:

  • 容易了解: 混淆使用者的說明比根本沒有說明還要糟。Easy to understand: Help that confuses the user is worse than no help at all.

  • 易懂: 尋找說明的使用者希望直接向他們呈現清楚的解答。Straightforward: Users looking for help want clear answers presented directly to them.

  • 相關: 使用者不希望必須搜尋他們的特定問題。Relevant: Users do not want to have to search for their specific issue. 他們希望向他們呈現的是最相關的說明 (這稱為「內容說明」),或是想要可輕鬆瀏覽的介面。They want the most relevant help presented straight to them (this is called "Contextual Help"), or they want an easily navigated interface.

  • 直接: 使用者尋求協助時,會想要查看說明。Direct: When a user looks for help, they want to see help. 如果您應用程式所含的頁面可報告錯誤、提供意見反應、檢視服務條款或類似的功能,則您的說明連結到那些頁面就已足夠。If your app includes pages for reporting bugs, giving feedback, viewing term of service, or similar functions, it is fine if your help links to those pages. 但是,它們應該包括為主要說明頁面上的事後想法,而不是包括為重要性相等或較大的項目。But they should be included as an afterthought on the main help page, and not as items of equal or greater importance.

  • 一致: 不管類型為何,說明仍然是您應用程式的一部分,應與 UI 的任何其他部分一視同仁。Consistent: No matter the type, help is still a part of your app, and should be treated as any other part of the UI. 針對應用程式其他部分的可用性、可存取性及樣式設計原則,也應該用在您提供的說明中。The same design principles of usability, accessibility, and style which are used throughout the rest of your app should also be present in the help you offer.

說明類型Types of help

說明內容有三個主要類別,各有不同的優勢且適合不同的用途。There are three primary categories of help content, each with varying strengths and suitable for different purposes. 請根據需求,在應用程式中任意搭配這三個類別的內容。Use any combination of them in your app, depending on your needs.

指示性 UIInstructional UI

通常,使用者應該能夠在不需任何指示的情況下使用您應用程式的所有核心功能。Normally, users should be able to use all the core functions of your app without instruction. 但是,您的應用程式有時取決於使用特定手勢,也可能是您應用程式不是立即可明瞭的次要功能。But sometimes, your app will depend on use of a specific gesture, or there may be secondary features of your app which are not immediately obvious. 在此情況下,應該使用指示性 UI,以利用如何執行特定工作的指示來教育使用者。In this case, instructional UI should be used to educate users with instructions on how to perform specific tasks.

請參閱指示性 UI 的指導方針See guidelines for instructional UI

應用程式內說明In-app help

呈現說明的標準方法是依使用者要求在應用程式內顯示。The standard method of presenting help is to display it within the application at the user's request. 有數種可實作的方式 (例如透過說明頁面或資訊描述)。There are several ways in which this can be implemented, such as in help pages or informative descriptions. 這種方法十分適用於一般用途的說明,這種說明可直接回答使用者不太複雜的問題。This method is ideal for general-purpose help, that directly answers a user's questions without complexity.

請參閱應用程式內說明的指導方針See guidelines for in-app help

外部說明External help

針對因太大而無法放入應用程式內的詳細教學課程、進階功能,或說明主題庫,便應該使用能連至外部網頁的連結。For detailed tutorials, advanced functions, or libraries of help topics too large to fit within your application, links to external web pages are ideal. 這些連結應該謹慎使用,因為它們會移除使用者的應用程式體驗。These links should be used sparingly if possible, as they remove the user from the application experience.

請參閱外部說明的指導方針See guidelines for external help