Windows 應用程式中的 Cortana 互動Cortana interactions in Windows apps

Cortana 提供了健全且全方位的可擴充架構,讓您能夠將您應用程式或服務的功能順暢地結合到 Cortana 體驗中。Cortana offers a robust and comprehensive extensibility framework that enables you to seamlessly incorporate functionality from your app or service into the Cortana experience.

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所有針對 Cortana 功能和服務的開發人員文件,現在都可以透過 Cortana 開發人員中心取得。All developer documentation for Cortana features and services is now available through the Cortana dev center.

若要開始,請參閱 Cortana 技能組概觀To get started, see the Cortana Skills Kit overview.

若要瞭解如何使用語音命令從 Windows 應用程式的功能延伸 Cortana,請參閱 cortana voice 命令To learn how to extend Cortana with functionality from a Windows app using voice commands, see Cortana voice commands.