3D 列印3D Printing

本節說明如何利用 Printing3D 命名空間 ,將3d 列印功能新增至您的通用 windows 應用程式。This section describes how to utilize the Windows.Graphics.Printing3D namespace to add 3D printing functionality to your Universal Windows app.

如需有關使用 Windows 10 的3D 列印的詳細資訊,包括硬體合作夥伴的資源、社區討論論壇,以及3D 列印功能的一般資訊,請參閱硬體開發人員中心上的 3d 列印與 Windows 10 網站。For more information on 3D printing with Windows 10, including resources for hardware partners, community discussion forums, and general information on 3D print capabilities, see the 3D printing with Windows 10 site on the Hardware Dev Center.

主題Topic 說明Description
從您的 App 進行 3D 列印3D print from your app 瞭解如何將3D 列印功能新增至 UWP 應用程式。Learn how to add 3D printing functionality to your UWP app. 本主題涵蓋如何在確保 3D 模型為可列印且為正確的格式之後,啟動 3D 列印對話方塊。This topic covers how to launch the 3D print dialog after ensuring your 3D model is printable and in the correct format.
產生 3MF 套件Generate a 3MF package 描述3D 製造格式檔案類型的結構,以及如何使用 Printing3D Api 來建立和操作它。Describes the structure of the 3D Manufacturing Format file type and how it can be created and manipulated with the Windows.Graphics.Printing3D APIs.