UWP 程式設計UWP programming

本節提供開發 UWP 遊戲的相關資訊。This section provides information about developing UWP games. 請注意,其中一些文章是在使用 DirectX 建立 UWP 遊戲的內容中撰寫。Note that some of these articles are written in the context of creating a UWP game with DirectX.

主題Topic 說明Description

遊戲的音訊Audio for games

描述如何使用 XAudio2 和 Microsoft 媒體基礎將音樂和音效加到 DirectX 遊戲。Describes the use of XAudio2 and Microsoft Media Foundation to add music and sound effects into a DirectX game.

遊戲的輸入Input for games

了解適用於 UWP 遊戲的不同輸入裝置類型,以及如何實作。Learn about the different kinds of input devices for UWP games and how to implement them.

Unity 和 UWP 中遺失 .NET APIMissing .NET APIs in Unity and UWP

深入了解在 Unity 中建置 UWP 遊戲時遺失 .NET API 的問題,以及常見問題的因應措施。Learn about the missing .NET APIs when building UWP games in Unity, and workarounds for common issues.

遊戲的網路功能Networking for games

說明如何在 DirectX 遊戲中開發與納入網路功能。Explains how to develop and incorporate networking features into a DirectX game.