營利、參與和 Microsoft Store 服務Monetization, engagement, and Store services

Windows SDK、Microsoft Advertising SDK、Microsoft Store Services SDK 及 Microsoft Store 提供許多的功能,可讓您透過與使用者互動,從您的應用程式賺更多的錢並獲得客戶。The Windows SDK, Microsoft Advertising SDK, Microsoft Store Services SDK, and the Microsoft Store provide features that enable you to make more money from your apps and gain customers by engaging with your users. 本節中的主題說明如何在您的應用程式中建置這些功能。The topics in this section show you how to build these features into your app.

如需深入了解 Microsoft Store 收取的費用,以及取得應用程式銷售款項的方法,請參閱獲得報酬For details about the fees charged by the Microsoft Store and how you get paid for the money your app makes, see Getting paid.

選擇計價模式Choose a pricing model


就您的應用程式收費Charge a price for your app

您可以就您的應用程式預先收費。You can charge a price for your app up front. 我們支援多樣化的價格區間,包括設定各個市場價格的選項。We support a comprehensive range of price tiers, including the option to set per-market prices. 您甚至可以排定促銷活動,限時降價銷售您的應用程式。You can even schedule a sale to reduce the price of your app for a limited period of time.

為應用程式定價Set app pricing


免費試用Free trials

您可以提供應用程式的免費試用版,讓更多客戶試用。You can offer a free trial version of your app to get more customers to try it. 為了吸引客戶購買完整版,您可以限制試用版的功能 (例如遊戲只能玩第一關)、顯示廣告,或是指定限時試用。To entice customers to buy the full version, you can limit the features in the trial version (for example, only including the first level of a game), show ads, or specify a time-limited trial.

提供試用優惠Offer a trial


在應用程式內購買In-app purchases

無論您是就應用程式收費或提供免費試用,您的應用程式都可利用 App 內購買的方式持續賺取營收。Whether you charge a price for your app or offer it for free, you can use in-app purchases in your app to provide an ongoing revenue stream. 透過 App 內購買讓客戶從免費版的應用程式升級至付費版本,或由您的應用程式內提供耐久性或消費性附加元件讓客戶加購。Use in-app purchases to let customers upgrade from a free to a paid version of your app, or offer durable or consumable add-ons for sale within your app.

使用應用程式內購買Use in-app purchases

利用廣告從您的應用程式獲利Monetize your app with ads


適合各種情境的廣告Ads for every context

我們支援各式各樣符合大多數人需求的廣告體驗,包括橫幅廣告、插播式廣告 (橫幅與影片)、線性影片廣告、播放式廣告以及原生廣告。We support a wide variety of ad experiences to suit most needs, including banner ads, interstitial ads (banner and video), linear video ads, playable ads, and native ads. 我們的平台符合 OpenRTB、VAST 2.x、MRAID 2 及 VPAID 3 等標準,而且與 MOAT 及 IAS 相容。Our platform is compliant with the OpenRTB, VAST 2.x, MRAID 2, and VPAID 3 standards and is compatible with MOAT and IAS.

探索廣告選項 安裝廣告 SDKExplore ad options Install ad SDK


廣告流量分配服務Ad mediation service

利用 Microsoft 廣告流量分配服務,提供取材自各大廣告網路的廣告,讓您從應用程式內的廣告獲得最大收益。Maximize ad revenue in your apps by using the microsoft ad mediation service to serve ads from multiple popular ad networks. 您可以由合作夥伴中心進行流量分配設定,而無須更動任何程式碼。You can configure your mediation settings in Partner Center without touching a line of code. 如果您交給我們代為設定流量分配,我們的機器學習演算法將能協助您從應用程式支援的所有市場獲取最高的廣告收益。If you let us configure mediation for you, our machine learning algorithms will help you maximize ad revenue across the markets your app supports.

使用廣告服務Use ad service



詳細分析報告讓您了解應用程式內廣告的績效,並提供最大化廣告收益的所需資訊。Detailed analytics reports let you see how your ads in apps are performing, giving you the information you need to maximize your ad revenue. 我們也提供一套 RESTful API,讓您能以程式設計方式取得這些資料。We also provide a RESTful API you can you use to get this data programmatically.

檢閱效能Review performance

其他獲利機會Other monetization opportunities


尋找其他能讓您提高獲利的方法嗎?Looking for other ways to increase your monetization? 請考慮採用下列選項。Consider these options.

主題Topic 描述Description
Microsoft 聯盟計畫Microsoft Affiliate Program 從您的應用程式、部落格、網頁或其他通訊設備連結至 Microsoft 產品以賺取佣金。Earn commissions by linking to Microsoft products from your app, blog, web page or other communications. 您可以連結至 Microsoft Store 中銷售的應用程式、遊戲、音樂、電影、硬體、配件及其他商品。You can link to apps, games, music, movies, hardware, accessories, and other goods sold in the Microsoft Store.
A/B 實驗A/B experimentation 在您為所有使用者啟用變更前,以部分客戶為對象,由應用程式中執行 A/B 測試來衡量功能變更的有效性。Run A/B tests in your apps to measure the effectiveness of feature changes on some customers before you enable the changes for everyone.
透過 Microsoft Store Services SDK 與客戶互動Engage customers with the Microsoft Store Services SDK Microsoft Store Services SDK 提供一些可讓您在應用程式中新增功能的程式庫和工具,以協助您吸引客戶。The Microsoft Store Services SDK provides libraries and tools that you can use to add features to your apps that help you engage with your customers. 這些功能包括目標式通知、A/B 測試,以及從您的應用程式啟動「意見反應中樞」。These features include targeted notifications, A/B tests, and launching Feedback Hub from your app.
從您的應用程式啟動意見反應中樞Launch Feedback Hub from your app 在您的 UWP 應用程式中新增程式碼來將您的 Windows 10 客戶引導至「意見反應中樞」,以便他們在其中提交問題、建議及附議。Add code to your UWP apps to direct your Windows 10 customers to Feedback Hub, where they can submit problems, suggestions, and upvotes. 然後,在「合作夥伴中心」的意見反應報告中管理此意見反應。Then, manage this feedback in the Feedback report in Partner Center. 這個功能需要 Microsoft Store Services SDK。This feature requires the Microsoft Store Services SDK.
設定您的應用程式以接收合作夥伴中心推播通知Configure your app to receive Partner Center push notifications 為您的 UWP 應用程式註冊通知通道,以便讓應用程式能夠接收合作夥伴中心推播通知,以及追蹤由推播通知產生的應用程式啟動率。Register a notification channel for your UWP app so it can receive Partner Center push notifications, and track the rate of app launches that resulted from the push notifications. 這個功能需要 Microsoft Store Services SDK。This feature requires the Microsoft Store Services SDK.
記錄合作夥伴中心的自訂事件Log custom events for Partner Center 記錄來自您 UWP 應用程式的自訂事件,然後在「合作夥伴中心」的使用報告中檢閱這些事件。Log custom events from your UWP app and review the events in the Usage report in Partner Center. 這個功能需要 Microsoft Store Services SDK。This feature requires the Microsoft Store Services SDK.
要求評分與評論Request ratings and reviews 歡迎您的客戶透過程式設計方式顯示評分和評論 UI 來對您的應用程式進行評分或評論。Encourage your customers to rate or review your app by programmatically showing a rating and review UI.
Microsoft Store 服務Microsoft Store services 了解如何使用 RESTful API 來自動化提交至 Microsoft Store,存取您的應用程式的分析資料以及自動化與 Microsoft Store 相關的其他工作。Learn how to use RESTful APIs to automate submissions to the Store, access analytics data for your apps, and automate other tasks related to the Store.
將零售示範 (RDX) 功能新增至您的應用程式Add retail demo (RDX) features to your app 在您的 Windows 應用程式中加入零售示範模式,讓在銷售場所試用電腦和裝置的客戶可以直接開始試用。Include a retail demo mode in your Windows app so customers who try out PCs and devices on the sales floor can jump right in.

創造營收分析Monetization analytics


利用下列報告,追蹤您的應用程式在 Microsoft Store 內的成效表現。Keep tabs on how your app is performing in the Store by using these reports.