Microsoft Store 服務Microsoft Store services

Microsoft Store 會公開數個服務,您可以透過以程式設計方式存取特定類型的已登錄到您自己或您組織的合作夥伴中心帳戶的應用程式資料的 REST Api 呼叫。The Microsoft Store exposes several services that you can call via REST APIs to programmatically access certain types of data for apps that are registered to your or your organization's Partner Center account.

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存取分析資料Access analytics data 使用Microsoft Store 分析 API以程式設計方式擷取您的應用程式的分析資料。Use the Microsoft Store analytics API to programmatically retrieve analytics data for your apps. 這個 API 可讓您擷取應用程式和附加元件 (也稱為應用程式內產品或 IAP) 下載數、應用程式失敗、應用程式評分與評論的資料,以及應用程式中廣告及促銷廣告行銷活動的績效資料。This API enables you to retrieve data for app and add-on (also known as in-app product or IAP) acquisitions, app failures, app ratings and reviews, and performance data for in-app ads and promotional ad campaigns.
回應評論Respond to reviews 使用 Microsoft Store 評論 API,以程式設計方式在 Microsoft Store 中回應您 app 的評論。Use the Microsoft Store reviews API to programmatically respond to reviews of your app in the Store. 針對開發人員想要大量回應許多檢閱而不使用合作夥伴中心,此 API 會特別有用。This API is especially useful for developers who want to bulk respond to many reviews without using Partner Center.
執行 ad 行銷活動Run ad campaigns 使用Microsoft Store 提升 API以程式設計方式管理您的應用程式的促銷廣告活動。Use the Microsoft Store promotions API to programmatically manage promotional ad campaigns for your apps. 這個 API 可讓您用來建立、更新及監視您的行銷活動,以及其他相關資產,例如目標和廣告素材。This API enables you to create, update and monitor your campaigns and other related assets such as targeting and creatives. 此 API 是特別適用於開發人員建立大量的活動,並想這樣做而不使用合作夥伴中心儀表板。This API is especially useful for developers who create large volumes of campaigns, and who want do so without using Partner Center dashboard.
建立和管理提交Create and manage submissions 使用Microsoft Store 提交 API來以程式設計方式查詢及建立應用程式、 附加元件和套件的航班,您或您組織的合作夥伴中心帳戶。Use the Microsoft Store submission API to programmatically query and create submissions for apps, add-ons and package flights for your or your organization's Partner Center account. 如果您的帳戶管理多個應用程式或附加元件,而且您想要自動化與最佳化這些資產的提交程序,這個 API 非常有用。This API is useful if your account manages many apps or add-ons, and you want to automate and optimize the submission process for these assets.
管理目標的供應項目 Manage targeted offers 使用為目標的 Microsoft Store 提供的 API來以程式設計的方式宣告目標的供應項目成功購買附加元件在您的應用程式相關聯。Use the Microsoft Store targeted offers API to programmatically claim a targeted offer that is associated with the successful purchase of an add-on in your app.
從服務管理產品的權利Manage product entitlements from a service 如果您有應用程式和附加元件的目錄存放區中,您可以使用Microsoft Store 集合 APIMicrosoft Store 購買 API存取擁有權資訊,這些產品,從您服務報告需求的可取用的產品,為完成的使用者,和免費產品的權利授與使用者。If you have a catalog of apps and add-ons in the Store, you can use the Microsoft Store collection API and Microsoft Store purchase API to access ownership information for these products from your services, report a consumable product as fulfilled for a user, and grant an entitlement for a free product to a user.
應用程式中繼資料 API 用於廣告網路App metadata API for advertising networks 廣告網路可以使用此 API 以程式設計方式擷取 Microsoft Store,包括詳細資料,例如描述和類別目錄的應用程式和應用程式以 13 歲的子系是否為目標的存放區清單中的應用程式的相關中繼資料。Advertising networks can use this API to programmatically retrieve metadata about apps in the Microsoft Store, including details such as the description and category for the Store listing of the app and whether the app is targeted to children under 13. 目前僅限已獲 Microsoft 授與權限的開發人員才能存取此 API。Access to this API is currently restricted to developers who are granted permission by Microsoft.