選擇可見度選項Choose visibility options

[價格與可用性] 頁面[可見度] 區段可讓您設定探索及取得您應用程式之方式的限制。The Visibility section of the Pricing and availability page allows you to set restrictions on how your app can be discovered and acquired. 這能讓您指定人員是否可以在 Microsoft Store 中找到您的應用程式或甚至是查看其 Store 清單。This gives you the option to specify whether people can find your app in the Store or see its Store listing at all.

有兩個不同的區段的可見性區段中:對象可測知性There are two separate sections within the Visibility section: Audience and Discoverability.


[對象] 區段可讓您指定是否要限制提交項目對您定義之特定對象的可見度。The Audience section lets you specify whether you want to restrict the visibility of your submission to a specific audience that you define.

公開對象Public audience

根據預設,您應用程式的 Store 清單會顯示給公開對象By default, your app’s Store listing will be visible to a Public audience. 這適用於大多數提交,除非您想將誰可以查看您的應用程式清單限制給特定人員。This is appropriate for most submissions, unless you want to limit who can see your app’s listing to specific people. 如果您想,也可以使用 [可搜尋性] 區段中的選項來限制可搜尋性。You can also use the options in the Discoverability section to restrict discoverability if you’d like.


如果提交產品時將此選項設定為 [公開對象],您無法在稍後的提交中選擇 [私人對象]If you submit a product with this option set to Public audience, you can't choose Private audience in a later submission.

私人對象Private audience

如果您只想將您的應用程式清單顯示給您指定的特定人員,請選擇 [私人對象]If you want your app’s listing to be visible only to selected people that you specify, choose Private audience. 使用此選項,除了您指定群組中的人員,其他人都無法找到或使用此應用程式。With this option, the app will not be discoverable or available to anyone other than people in the group(s) you specify. 這個選項通常適用於 Beta 測試,因為您可以將應用程式散發給測試人員,而其他任何人都無法取得應用程式,甚至也無法查看其 Store 清單 (即使在 Store 清單 URL 中輸入名稱也看不到)。This option is often used for beta testing, as it lets you distribute your app to testers without anyone else being able to get the app, or even see its Store listing (even if they were able to type in its Store listing URL).

當您選擇 [私人對象],您需要指定至少一個應取得應用程式的人員群組。When you choose Private audience, you’ll need to specify at least one group of people who should get your app. 您可以從現有的已知使用者群組中選擇,也可以選取 [建立新的群組] 來定義新群組。You can choose from an existing known user group, or you can select Create a new group to define a new group. 您將需要輸入您想要包含在群組中之每個人的 Microsoft 帳戶相關聯電子郵件地址。You’ll need to enter the email addresses associated with the Microsoft account of each person you’d like to include in the group. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱建立已知的使用者群組For more info, see Create known user groups.

您的提交發佈之後,您指定群組中的人員將能夠檢視應用程式的清單及下載應用程式,只要他們以您輸入電子郵件地址相關聯的 Microsoft 帳戶登入,並執行 Windows 10 (版本 1607) 或更新版本 (包括 Xbox One)。After your submission is published, the people in the group you specify will be able to view the app’s listing and download the app, as long as they are signed in with the Microsoft account associated with the email address that you entered and are running Windows 10, version 1607 or higher (including Xbox One). 不過,不在私人對象中的人員將無法檢視應用程式清單或下載應用程式,無論他們執行哪一個作業系統版本。However, people who aren’t in your private audience won’t be able to view the app’s listing or download the app, regardless of what OS version they’re running. 您可以發佈更新後的提交至私人對象,這會以一般應用程式更新的相同方式散發給這些對象中的成員 (但仍無法提供給不在私人對象中的人員,除非您變更對象選擇)。You can publish updated submissions to the private audience, which will be distributed to members of those audience in the same way as a regular app update (but still won’t be available to anyone who’s not in of your private audience, unless you change your audience selection).

如果您想在特定的日期和時間將應用程式提供給公開對象,您可以在建立提交時選取標示為 [在以下時間公開此產品] 方塊。If you plan to make the app available to a public audience at a certain date and time, you can select the box labeled Make this product public on when creating your submission. 輸入您要讓產品公開可用的日期和時間 (UTC 時區)。Enter the date and time (in UTC) when you’d like the product to become available to the public. 請記住下列幾點:Keep in mind the following:

  • 您選取的日期和時間會套用到所有市場。The date and time that you select will apply to all markets. 如果您想要自訂不同市場的發行日程,請勿使用此方塊。If you want to customize the release schedule for different markets, don’t use this box. 請改為建立新提交並將設定變更為 [公開對象],然後使用 [排程] 選項來指定發行時機。Instead, create a new submission that changes your setting to Public audience, then use the Schedule options to specify your release timing.
  • [在以下時間公開此產品] 輸入日期並不適用於商務用 Microsoft Store 和/或教育用 Microsoft Store。Entering a date for Make this product public on does not apply to the Microsoft Store for Business and/or Microsoft Store for Education. 若要允許我們透過組織授權將您的應用程式提供給這些客戶,您將需要建立新提交並選取 [公開對象] (以及啟用組織授權)。To allow us to offer your app to these customers through organizational licensing, you’ll need to create a new submission with Public audience selected (and organizational licensing enabled).
  • 在您選取的日期和時間之後,所有未來提交將會使用公開對象After the date and time that you select, all future submissions will use Public audience.

如果您未指定讓您的應用程式提供給公開對象的日期和時間,您可以稍後隨時執行,方法是建立新的提交並將對象設定從 [私人對象] 變更為 [公開對象]If you don’t specify a date and time to make your app available to a public audience, you can always do so later by creating a new submission and changing your audience setting from Private audience to Public audience. 當您這樣做時,請記住,您的應用程式可能會經過其他認證程序,因此請準備好處理可能遇到的任何新認證問題。When you do so, keep in mind that your app may go through an additional certification process, so be prepared to address any new certification issues that may arise.

以下是選擇將您的應用程式散發給私人對象時,請記住的一些重要事項:Here are some important things to keep in mind when choosing to distribute your app to a private audience:

  • 私人對象中的人員可以使用連往您應用程式 Store 清單的特定連結來取得應用程式,但他們需要登入他們的 Microsoft 帳戶才能檢視該應用程式。People in your private audience will be able to get the app by using a specific link to your app’s Store listing that requires them to sign in with their Microsoft account in order to view it. 當您選取 [私人對象] 時就會提供此連結。This link is provided when you select Private audience. 您也可以在 [應用程式身分識別] 頁面的 [URL,如果您的應用程式只顯示給特定人員 (需要驗證)] 下方找到此連結。You can also find it on your App identity page under URL if your app is only visible to certain people (requires authentication). 請務必將此連結提供給您的測試人員,而不是 Store 清單的一般 URL。Be sure to give your testers this link, not the regular URL to your Store listing.
  • 除非您在 [可搜尋性] 中選擇防止選項,否則私人對象中的人員可以透過在 Microsoft Store 應用程式中搜尋來找到您的應用程式。Unless you choose an option in Discoverability that prevents it, people in your private audience will be able to find your app by searching within the Microsoft Store app. 不過,網站清單無法透過搜尋找到,即使是對象中的人員也無法搜尋到。However, the web listing will not be discoverable via search, even to people in that audience.
  • 您將無法在 [定價和可用性] 頁面[排程] 區段中設定發行日期,因為您的應用程式無法發行給私人對象以外的客戶。You won’t be able to configure release dates in the Schedule section of the Pricing and availability page, since your app won’t be released to customers outside of your private audience.
  • 您選取的其他選項會套用至此對象中的人員。Other selections you make will apply to people in this audience. 例如,如果您選擇 [免費] 以外的價格,私人對象中的人員將需要支付價格才能取得應用程式。For example, if you choose a price other than Free, people in your private audience will have to pay that price in order to acquire the app.
  • 如果您想將不同的套件散發給私人對象中的不同人,在初始提交之後您可以使用套件正式發行前小眾測試版將不同的套件更新散發給私人對象的子集。If you want to distribute different packages to different people in your private audience, after your initial submission you can use package flights to distribute different package updates to subsets of your private audience. 您可以建立其他已知的使用者群組,來定義哪些人應該取得特定的套件正式發行前小眾測試版。You can create additional known user groups to define who should get a specific package flight.
  • 您可以編輯私人對象中已知使用者群組成員資格。You can edit the membership of the known user group(s) in your private audience. 不過,請記住,如果您移除先前在群組中且已下載應用程式的某個人,他們仍能使用應用程式,但無法取得您提供的任何更新 (除非您在日後選擇 [公開對象])。However, keep in mind that if you remove someone who was in the group and previously downloaded your app, they will still be able to use the app, but they won’t get any updates that you provide (unless you choose Public audience at a later date).
  • 您的應用程式無法透過商務用 Microsoft Store 和/或教育用 Microsoft Store 提供 (即使是提供給私人對象中的人員),無論您的組織授權設定為何。Your app won't be available through the Microsoft Store for Business and/or Microsoft Store for Education, regardless of your organizational licensing settings, even to people in your private audience.
  • 雖然 Microsoft Store 可以確保您的應用程式只顯示且提供給您已新增到私人對象並以 Microsoft 帳戶登入的人員,但我們無法防止這些人將資訊或螢幕擷取畫面分享到私人對象外部。While the Store will ensure that your app is only visible and available to people signed in with a Microsoft account that you’ve added to your private audience, we can’t prevent those people from sharing info or screenshots outside of your private audience. 如果您很重視機密性,請確定您的私人對象只包含您信任他們不會與其他人分享應用程式相關詳細資訊的人員。When confidentiality is critical, be sure that your private audience only includes people whom you trust not to share details about your app with others.
  • 請務必讓您的測試人員了解如何提供意見反應給您。Make sure to let your testers know how to give you their feedback. 您可能不會希望他們透過 [意見反應中樞] 留下意見反應,因為任何其他客戶可能會看到該意見反應。You probably won’t want them to leave feedback in Feedback Hub, because any other customer could see that feedback. 請考慮提供讓他們傳送電子郵件或以其他方式提供意見反應的連結。Consider including a link for them to send email or provide feedback in some other way.
  • 私人對象中的人員所撰寫的任何評論可供您檢視。Any reviews written by people in your private audience will be available for you to view. 不過,即使您的提交移至 [公開對象] 後,這些評論仍不會發佈至您應用程式的 Store 清單。However, these reviews won’t be published in your app’s Store listing, even after your submission is moved to Public audience. 您可以閱讀檢視作者您私人的對象的評論檢閱報表,但您無法下載此資料,或使用Microsoft Store 分析 API以程式設計方式存取這些審查。You can read reviews written by your private audience by viewing the Reviews report, but you can't download this data or use the Microsoft Store analytics API to programmatically access these reviews.
  • 當您將應用程式從 [私人對象] 移動至 [公開對象],Microsoft Store 清單中顯示的 [發行日期] 將是它首次發行給公開對象的日期。When you move an app from Private audience to Public audience, the Release date shown on the Store listing will be the date it was first published to the public audience.


[可搜尋性] 區段中的選取項目會指出客戶如何探索並取得您的應用程式。The selections in the Discoverability section indicate how customers can discover and acquire your app.


如果您選取 [私人對象],您的 [可搜尋性] 選取項目僅適用於私人對象中的人員。If you select Private audience, your Discoverability selections only apply to people in your private audience. 不在您指定群組中的客戶將無法取得應用程式,甚至也無法看到其清單。Customers who are not in the groups you specified won’t be able to get the app or even see its listing.

在 Microsoft Store 推出此產品並且可供搜尋Make this product available and discoverable in the Store

此為預設選項。This is the default option. 保留此選項,選取如果您想要在客戶尋找透過應用程式的直接連結,及/或透過其他方式,包括搜尋、 瀏覽,以及包含在清單中的存放區中列出的應用程式。Leave this option selected if you want your app to be listed in the Store for customers to find via the app's direct link and/or by other methods, including searching, browsing, and inclusion in curated lists.

在 Microsoft Store 推出此產品,但不供搜尋Make this product available but not discoverable in the Store

當您選取此選項時,客戶在 Microsoft Store 中搜尋或瀏覽將無法找到您的應用程式,能取得您應用程式清單的唯一方式是透過直接連結。When you select this option, your app can’t be found in the Store by customers searching or browsing; the only way to get to your app’s listing is by a direct link.


如果您不想讓公眾檢視您的清單 (即使透過直接連結),請在 [對象] 區段中選擇 [私人對象],如上文所述。If you don’t want the listing to be viewable to the public, even with a direct link, choose Private audience in the Audience section, as described above.

您還必須選擇下列其中一個選項,指定取得您應用程式的方式:You must also choose one of the following options to specify how your app can be acquired:


每一個選項都會限制客戶可取得您的應用程式的作業系統版本。Each of these options limits the OS versions on which customers can acquire your app. 請詳細閱讀描述,確實了解支援的作業系統版本。Please read the descriptions carefully to make sure you are aware which OS versions are supported.

  • 只有直接連結:任何使用產品的清單的直接連結的客戶可以下載它,除了在 Windows 上 8.x。Direct link only: Any customer with a direct link to the product’s listing can download it, except on Windows 8.x. 透過直接連結前往您的應用程式清單的客戶可在執行 Windows 10 的裝置或執行 Windows Phone 8.1 和較舊版本的裝置 (但執行 Windows 8.x 的裝置除外) 上進行下載。Any customer who gets to your app's listing via a direct link can download it on devices running Windows 10, or on devices running Windows Phone 8.1 or earlier (but not on devices running Windows 8.x).
  • 停止擷取:任何具有直接連結的客戶可以看到產品的存放區清單,但可以只會下載它如果他們擁有的產品之前,或有促銷代碼,而且使用 Windows 10 裝置。Stop acquisition: Any customer with a direct link can see the product’s Store listing, but they can only download it if they owned the product before, or have a promotional code and are using a Windows 10 device. 即使客戶有直接連結,除非有促銷碼且使用 Windows 10 裝置,否則仍無法下載應用程式。Even if a customer has a direct link, they can't download the app unless they have a promotional code and are using a Windows 10 device. 如果客戶有促銷碼,他們可以使用代碼免費取得您的應用程式 (僅限在 Windows 10 上),即使您未提供給任何其他客戶。If a customer has a promotional code, they can use it to get your app for free (on Windows 10 only), even though you aren't offering it to any other customers. 除了使用促銷碼之外,任何人沒有其他方式可取得您的應用程式。Aside from using a promotional code, there is no way for anyone to get your app.


如果您想要完全停止為新客戶提供某個應用程式,您可選取其概觀頁面的 [停止提供應用程式]If you want to stop offering an app to any new customers, you can select Make app unavailable from its overview page. 在您確認想要停止提供該應用程式之後,該應用程式在數小時內便無法在 Microsoft Store 中讓別人看見,而所有的新客戶都將無法取得它 (除非他們有促銷碼且使用 Windows 10 裝置)。After you confirm that you want to make the app unavailable, within a few hours it will no longer be visible in the Store, and no new customers will be able to get it (unless they have a promotional code and are on a Windows 10 device). 這個動作會覆寫您提交中的 [可見度] 選取項目。This action will override the Visibility selections in your submission. 若要再次為新客戶提供該應用程式 (根據您的 [可見度] 選取項目),您可隨時按一下概觀頁面中的 [提供 app]To make the app available to new customers again (per your Visibility selections), you can click Make app available from the overview page at any time. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱從市集移除 appFor more info, see Removing an app from the Store.