輸入應用程式屬性Enter app properties

應用程式提交程序的 [屬性] 頁面可用來定義應用程式的類別,並輸入其他資訊和宣告。The Properties page of the app submission process is where you define your app's category and enter other info and declarations. 請務必在此頁面上提供有關您應用程式完整且準確的詳細資料。Be sure to provide complete and accurate details about your app on this page.

類別與子類別Category and subcategory

您必須指示 Microsoft Store 要用來分類您的應用程式的類別 (與子類別/內容類型,如果適用的話)。You must indicate the category (and subcategory/genre, if applicable) which the Store should use to categorize your app. 您必須指定類別才能送出應用程式。Specifying a category is required in order to submit your app.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱類別與子類別表格For more info, see Category and subcategory table.

支援資訊Support info

此區段可讓您提供資訊,以協助客戶更深入了解您的應用程式,以及取得支援的方式。This section lets you provide info to help customers understand more about your app and how to get support.

隱私權原則 URLPrivacy policy URL

您必須負責確定您的應用程式遵循隱私權的法律與法規,如有必要並在此處提供有效的隱私權原則 URL。You are responsible for ensuring your app complies with privacy laws and regulations, and for providing a valid privacy policy URL here if required.

您必須在本區段中,指出您的應用程式是否會存取、收集或傳送任何個人資訊In this section, you must indicate whether or not your app accesses, collects, or transmits any personal information. 如果您回答 [是] ,就需要提供隱私權原則 URL。If you answer Yes, a privacy policy URL is required. 否則,這是選用的 (但若我們判斷您的應用程式需要隱私權原則,但您並未提供的話,您的提交項目可能會無法通過認證)。Otherwise, it is optional (though if we determine that your app requires a privacy policy, and you have not provided one, your submission may fail certification).


如果我們偵測到您的套件所宣告的功能可能會允許存取、傳輸或收集個人資訊,我們會將此問題標示為 [是] ,並要求您輸入隱私權原則 URL。If we detect that your packages declare capabilities that could allow personal information to be accessed, transmitted, or collected, we will mark this question as Yes, and you will be required to enter a privacy policy URL.

為了協助您判斷您的應用程式是否需要隱私權原則,請檢閱應用程式開發人員合約Microsoft Store 原則To help you determine if your app requires a privacy policy, review the App Developer Agreement and the Microsoft Store Policies.


Microsoft 不會為您的應用程式提供預設隱私權原則。Microsoft doesn't provide a default privacy policy for your app. 同樣地,所有的 Microsoft 隱私權原則都不會涵蓋您的應用程式。Likewise, your app is not covered by any Microsoft privacy policy.


請輸入您 app 網頁的 URL。Enter the URL of the web page for your app. 這個 URL 必須指向您自己網站的頁面,而不是市集中您 app 的網站清單。This URL must point to a page on your own website, not your app's web listing in the Store. 這個欄位是選用項目,但建議使用。This field is optional, but recommended.

支援連絡方式的資訊Support contact info

輸入您的客戶可取得應用程式支援的網頁 URL,或客戶可聯絡以取得支援的電子郵件地址。Enter the URL of the web page where your customers can go for support with your app, or an email address that customers can contact for support. 我們建議您對所有提交加入這項資訊,好讓您的客戶了解在需要時如何取得支援。We recommend including this info for all submissions, so that your customers know how to get support if they need it. 請注意,Microsoft 不會向客戶提供有關您應用程式的支援。Note that Microsoft does not provide your customers with support for your app.


如果您要在 Xbox 上提供您的應用程式或遊戲, [支援連絡資訊] 欄位為必要。The Support contact info field is required if your app or game is available on Xbox. 否則,這是選用的 (但建議使用)。Otherwise, it is optional (but recommended).

遊戲設定Game settings

您選取 [遊戲] 做為產品類別時,此區段才會出現。This section will only appear if you selected Games as your product’s category. 您可在此指定遊戲支援的功能。Here you can specify which features your game supports. 您在這一節中提供的資訊將會顯示在產品的存放區清單。The information that you provide in this section will be displayed on the product’s Store listing.

如果您的遊戲支援任何多人遊戲選項,請務必指出一場遊戲可參與的玩家人數下限和上限。If your game supports any of the multiplayer options, be sure to indicate the minimum and maximum number of players for a session. 您無法輸入超過 1,000 名玩家下限或上限。You can't enter more than 1,000 minimum or maximum players.

跨平台多人遊戲表示,遊戲支援在 Windows 10 電腦和 Xbox 之間的多人工作階段。Cross-platform multiplayer means that the game supports multiplayer sessions between players on Windows 10 PCs and Xbox.

顯示模式Display mode

此區段可讓您指出您的產品的設計目的是要在電腦和/或 HoloLens 裝置上的 Windows Mixed Reality 沈浸式 (而非 2D) 檢視中執行。This section lets you indicate whether your product is designed to run in an immersive (not a 2D) view for Windows Mixed Reality on PC and/or HoloLens devices. 如果是這樣,您也必須:If you indicate that it is, you'll also need to:

  • [屬性] 頁面下半部顯示的系統需求區段中,選取 [Windows Mixed Reality 沉浸式頭戴裝置][基本硬體][建議硬體]Select either Minimum hardware or Recommended hardware for Windows Mixed Reality immersive headset in the System requirements section that appears lower on the Properties page.
  • 指定 [界限設定] (如果已選取電腦),讓使用者知這原本是要僅限以坐姿或站姿使用,或者是否允許 (或要求) 使用者在使用時四處移動。Specify the Boundary setup (if PC is selected) so that users know whether it's meant to be used in a seated or standing position only, or whether it allows (or requires) the user to move around while using it.

如果您已選取 [遊戲] 做為產品的類別,您會在 [顯示模式] 選項中看到額外選項,讓您表示產品是否支援 4K 解析度視訊輸出、高動態範圍 (HDR) 視訊輸出或可變更新頻率顯示器。If you have selected Games as your product's category, you'll see additional options in the Display mode selection that let you indicate whether your product supports 4K resolution video output, High Dynamic Range (HDR) video output, or variable refresh rate displays.

如果您的產品不支援這些顯示模式選項,請讓所有的方塊保持未選取狀態。If your product does not support any of these display mode options, leave all of the boxes unchecked.

產品宣告Product declarations

您可以核取此區段中的方塊以指出是否有任何宣告適用於您的 App。You can check boxes in this section to indicate if any of the declarations apply to your app. 這可能會影響應用程式顯示的方式、應用程式是否會提供給某些客戶,或者客戶可以使用應用程式的方式。This may affect the way your app is displayed, whether it is offered to certain customers, or how customers can use it.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱 產品宣告For more info, see Product declarations.

系統需求System requirements

在此區段中,您可以選擇指定是否需要或建議特定硬體功能,才能讓您的 App 正常執行和互動。In this section, you have the option to indicate if certain hardware features are required or recommended to run and interact with your app properly. 您可以針對您要指定 [最低硬體] 和/或 [建議的硬體] 的每個硬體項目核取方塊 (或指出適當的選項)。You can check the box (or indicate the appropriate option) for each hardware item where you would like to specify Minimum hardware and/or Recommended hardware.

如果您選取 [建議的硬體] ,這些項目將會顯示在您產品的市集清單中,做為 Windows 10 1607 版或更新版本客戶的建議硬體。If you make selections for Recommended hardware, those items will be displayed in your product's Store listing as recommended hardware for customers on Windows 10, version 1607 or later. 舊版作業系統的客戶不會看到這項資訊。Customers on earlier OS versions will not see this info.

如果您選取 [最低硬體] ,這些項目將會顯示在您產品的市集清單中,做為 Windows 10 1607 版或更新版本客戶的必要硬體。If you make selections for Minimum hardware, those items will be displayed in your product's Store listing as required hardware for customers on Windows 10, version 1607 or later. 舊版作業系統的客戶不會看到這項資訊。Customers on earlier OS versions will not see this info. 市集也可以對正在沒有必要硬體的裝置上檢視您 App 清單的客戶顯示警告。The Store may also display a warning to customers who are viewing your app's listing on a device that doesn’t have the required hardware. 這不會防止使用者將您的 App 下載到不具備適當硬體的裝置,但他們將無法在那些裝置上對您的 App 進行評分或評論。This won't prevent people from downloading your app on devices that don't have the appropriate hardware, but they won't be able to rate or review your app on those devices.

客戶的行為將會依特定的需求與客戶的 Windows 版本而有所不同︰The behavior for customers will vary depending on the specific requirements and the customer's version of Windows:

  • 針對 Windows 10 版本 1607年或更新版本上的客戶:For customers on Windows 10, version 1607 or later:
    • 所有最低需求和建議的需求都將顯示在市集清單中。All minimum and recommended requirements will be displayed in the Store listing.
    • 市集將會檢查所有最低需求,而且將會對不符合需求之裝置上的客戶顯示警告。The Store will check for all minimum requirements and will display a warning to customers on a device that doesn't meet the requirements.
  • 在舊版的 Windows 10 上的客戶:For customers on earlier versions of Windows 10:
    • 針對大多數的客戶,所有最低硬體需求和建議的硬體需求都將顯示在市集清單中 (雖然檢視舊版市集用戶端的客戶只會看到最低硬體需求)。For most customers, all minimum and recommended hardware requirements will be displayed in the Store listing (though customers viewing an older versions of the Store client will only see the minimum hardware requirements).
    • 市集將會嘗試驗證您指定為 [最低硬體] 的項目,但 [記憶體] 、[DirectX] 、[視訊記憶體] 、[圖形] 和 [處理器] 除外;這些項目將不會經過驗證,而且客戶將不會在不符合那些需求的裝置上看到任何警告。The Store will attempt to verify items that you designate as Minimum hardware, with the exception of Memory, DirectX, Video memory, Graphics, and Processor; none of those will be verified, and customers won't see any warning on devices which don't meet those requirements.
  • 在 Windows 上的客戶 8.x 和更早版本或 Windows Phone 8.x 和更早版本:For customers on Windows 8.x and earlier or Windows Phone 8.x and earlier:
    • 如果您為 [觸控螢幕] 核取 [最低硬體] 方塊,此需求將會顯示在您 App 的市集清單中,而且如果沒有觸控螢幕的裝置上的客戶嘗試下載 App,將會看到一個警告。If you check the Minimum hardware box for Touch screen, this requirement will be displayed in your app's Store listing, and customers on devices without a touch screen will see a warning if they try to download the app. 在您的市集清單中將不會驗證或顯示其他任何需求。No other requirements will be verified or displayed in your Store listing.

我們也建議您將指定硬體的執行階段檢查新增到您的 App 中,因為市集不一定能夠偵測到客戶的裝置缺少選取的功能,而且即使顯示警告,他們仍然能夠下載您的 App。We also recommend adding runtime checks for the specified hardware into your app, since the Store may not always be able to detect that a customer's device is missing the selected feature(s) and they could still be able to download your app even if a warning is displayed. 如果您希望完全避免您的 UWP 應用遲是在不符合記憶體或 DirectX 層級最低需求的裝置上下載,您可以在 StoreManifest XML 檔案中指定最低需求。If you want to completely prevent your UWP app from being downloaded on a device which doesn't meet minimum requirements for memory or DirectX level, you can designate the minimum requirements in a StoreManifest XML file.


如果您的產品需要額外的項目才能正常運作 (例如 3D 印表機或 USB 裝置),但該項目未在本節列出,您也可以在建立 Microsoft Store 清單時輸入額外的系統需求If your product requires additional items that aren't listed in this section in order to run properly, such as 3D printers or USB devices, you can also enter additional system requirements when you create your Store listing.