產生促銷碼Generate promotional codes

合作夥伴中心可讓您產生的應用程式或您已發行 Microsoft Store 中的附加元件的促銷代碼。Partner Center lets you generate promotional codes for an app or add-on that you have published in the Microsoft Store. 促銷碼是讓具影響力的使用者能夠免費存取您 App 或附加元件的簡單方式。Promotional codes are an easy way to give influential users free access to your app or add-on. 您也可以讓使用者可免費存取,應用程式或附加元件,或使用促銷代碼,以處理客戶服務案例beta 版測試與 Windows 10。You might also use promotional codes to address customer service scenarios by giving users free access to your app or add-on, or for beta testing with Windows 10.

每一個促銷碼有相對應的兌換唯一 URL,客戶可以按一下以兌換代碼,並從 Microsoft Store 安裝應用程式或附加元件。Each promotional code has a corresponding unique redeemable URL that a customer can click in order to redeem the code and install your app or add-on from the Microsoft Store. 請注意,您的應用程式必須通過 應用程式認證程序的最終發佈階段,客戶才能兌換促銷碼以安裝它。Note that your app must pass the final publishing phase of the app certification process before customers can redeem a promotional code to install it.

您可以產生單次使用驗證碼 (和發佈至每個客戶的其中一個),或您可以選擇要產生程式碼可多次指定數目的客戶。You can generate single-use codes (and distribute one to each customer), or you can choose to generate a code that can be used multiple times by a specified number of customers.


您可以使用目標式推播通知散發促銷代碼給特定客戶區隔。You can use targeted push notifications to distribute a promotional code to a segment of your customers. 當您這樣做,請務必使用允許多位客戶使用相同代碼的促銷碼。When doing so, be sure to use a promotional code that allows multiple customers to use the same code.

促銷碼原則Promotional code policies

請注意下列促銷碼原則:Be aware of the following policies for promotional codes:

  • 您可以為您發佈到 Microsoft Store 的任何 App 或附加元件 (但訂閱附加元件除外) 產生促銷代碼。You can generate promotional codes for any app or add-on (with the exception of subscription add-ons) that you published to the Microsoft Store. 客戶可以在您的應用程式或附加元件所支援的任何版本 Windows 上兑換代碼。Customers can redeem the codes on any version of Windows that is supported by your app or add-on.
  • 適用於遊戲:For games:
    • 您可以產生每個遊戲的最多 5000 促銷代碼。You can generate up to 5000 promotional codes per game.
    • 產生適用於遊戲的促銷碼永遠不會過期。Promotional codes generated for games never expire.
  • 對於所有其他類型的應用程式或附加元件:For all other types of apps or add-ons:
    • 在任何六個月期間,您可能會產生最多 1600年單次使用促銷代碼,或任何數目的多個使用代碼,總計允許分類的兌換數不超過 1600年。In any six-month period, you may generate up to 1600 single use promotional codes, or any number of multiple use codes such that the total allowed redemptions does not exceed 1600.
    • 在 6 個月內開始,當您在產生第一個建立促銷代碼,而且您設定較早的程式碼的到期日的 6 個月,不論是否可持續。The 6 month period begins when you generate the first promotional code is created and lasts for 6 months regardless of whether or not you set an earlier expiration date on the codes.
    • 在現有的六個月期間建立的任何程式碼將會在這段時間內,產生的安全碼數目都算是,即使它們會在結束後過期 (例如,如果您產生程式碼的最後一天的六個月視窗時,它會將能 是有效的完整的 6 個月,從其建立。)Any codes created during an existing six-month period will be count toward the number of codes generated within that period, even if they will expire after the period ends (For example, if you generate a code on the last day of the six-month window, it will be will be still be valid for a full 6 months from its creation.)
  • 您必須遵循中定義的需求應用程式開發人員合約,包括區段3 k。促銷代碼You must follow the requirements defined in the App Developer Agreement, including section 3k. Promotional Codes.


即使您的應用程式的客戶無法使用,您可以使用促銷代碼 (也就是說,如果您已選取時,才存放區中進行這項產品可供使用但未設定為可探索使用停止擷取:任何具有直接連結的客戶可以看到產品的存放區清單,但他們可以只在下載如果他們擁有的產品之前,或有促銷代碼,而且使用 Windows 10 裝置選項,在您的提交可搜尋性一節)。You can use promotional codes even if your app is unavailable to customers (that is, if you have selected Make this product available but not discoverable in the Store with the Stop acquisition: Any customer with a direct link can see the product’s Store listing, but they can only download it if they owned the product before, or have a promotional code and are using a Windows 10 device option in your submission's Discoverability section). 使用此選項時,客戶必須是 Windows 10 (包括 Xbox) 上,才能取得您的產品使用促銷代碼。With this option, customers must be on Windows 10 (including Xbox) in order to acquire your product with a promotional code.

訂購促銷碼Order promotional codes

以訂單的促銷代碼的應用程式或附加元件:To order promotional codes for an app or add-on:

  1. 在左側的導覽功能表中的合作夥伴中心,展開Attract ,然後選取促銷代碼In the left navigation menu of Partner Center, expand Attract and then select Promo codes.

  2. 在 [促銷碼] 頁面上,按一下 [訂購代碼] 。On the Promotional codes page, click Order codes.

  3. 在 [新促銷碼訂購] 頁面上,輸入下列項目:On the New promotional codes order page, enter the following:

    • 選取您要產生代碼的 App 或附加元件。Select the app or add-on for which you want to generate codes. (請注意,您無法產生訂閱附加元件的促銷代碼)。(Note that you can't generate promotional codes for subscription add-ons.)
    • 指定訂單的名稱。Specify a name for the order. 您可以使用這個名稱,在檢閱您的促銷碼使用資料時區分不同代碼的訂購。You can use this name to differentiate between different orders of codes when reviewing your promotional code usage data.
    • 選取訂單類型。Select the order type. 您可以選擇產生一組每個可以使用一次的促銷碼,或者您可以選擇產生一個可以多次使用的促銷碼。You can choose to generate a set of promo codes that can each be used once, or you can choose to generate one promo code that can be used multiple times.
    • 指定要訂購的代碼數目 (如果產生一組代碼),或代碼可兌換的次數 (如果產生一組代碼供多次使用)。Specify the number of codes to order (if generating a set of codes) or the number of times the code can be redeemed (if generating one code to be used multiple times).
    • 指定促銷碼應生效的時間。Specify when the promotional codes should become active. 若要選擇特定的開始日期和時間,請清除 [代碼會立即生效] 核取方塊。To choose a specific start date and time, clear the Codes are active immediately check box. 否則,程式碼會變成作用中立即 (雖然您的產品必須先完成發行程序中使用程式碼的客戶訂單)。Otherwise, the codes will become active right away (although your product must have completed the publishing process in order for a customer to use the code).
    • 指定促銷碼過期的時間。Specify when the promotional codes should expire. 若要選擇早於 6 個月的特定到期日期和時間,請清除 [代碼會在 6 個月之後到期] 核取方塊。To choose a specific expire date and time earlier than 6 months, clear the Codes expire after 6 months check box.
  4. 按一下 [訂購代碼]。Click Order codes. 您會再回到 [促銷碼] 頁面,您就可以在該應用程式的促銷碼摘要表中看到新訂單。You'll then be returned to the Promotional codes page, where you'll be able to see your new order in the summary table of promotional code orders for that app.

下載及發佈促銷碼Download and distribute promotional codes

若要下載完成的促銷碼訂單並發佈代碼給客戶:To download a fulfilled promotional code order and distribute the codes to customers:

  1. 在左側的導覽功能表中的合作夥伴中心,展開Attract ,然後選取促銷代碼。In the left navigation menu of Partner Center, expand Attract and then select Promo codes.

  2. 按一下您的促銷碼訂單的 [下載] 連結,然後將所產生的檔案儲存到您的電腦。Click the Download link for the promotional code order, then save the generated file to your computer. 這個檔案包含您促銷碼訂單的相關資訊,採定位字元分隔值 (.tsv) 格式。This file contains information about your promotional codes order in tab-separated value (.tsv) format.

  3. 在您選擇的編輯器中開啟 .tsv 檔案。Open the .tsv file in the editor of your choice. 為獲得最佳體驗,請在可以使用表格結構顯示資料的應用程式中開啟 .tsv 檔案,如 Microsoft Excel。For the best experience, open the .tsv file in an application that can display the data in a tabular structure, such as Microsoft Excel. 不過,您可以在任何文字編輯器中開啟檔案。However, you can open the file in any text editor.

    檔案包含每個代碼的下列資料欄:The file contains the following columns of data for each code:

    • 產品名稱:應用程式或程式碼相關聯的附加元件的名稱。Product name: The name of the app or add-on that the code is associated with.
    • 訂單名稱:此程式碼所產生順序的名稱。Order name: The name of the order in which this code was generated.
    • 促銷代碼:程式碼本身。Promotional code: The code itself. 這是以連字號分隔的英數字元 5x5 字串。This is a 5x5 string of alphanumeric characters separated by hyphens. 例如: DM3GY-M2GYM-6YMW6-4QHHT-23W2ZFor example: DM3GY-M2GYM-6YMW6-4QHHT-23W2Z
    • 兌換 URL:客戶可以使用兌換代碼,並安裝您的應用程式或附加元件 URL。Redeemable URL: The URL that a customer can use to redeem the code and install your app or add-on. URL 具有下列格式: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=532540&mstoken=< promotional_code >The URL has the following format: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=532540&mstoken=<promotional_code>
    • 開始日期:此程式碼變成作用中的日期。Start date: The date this code became active.
    • 到期日期:此程式碼到期的日期。Expire date: The date this code expires.
    • 程式碼識別碼:此程式碼的唯一識別碼。Code ID: A unique ID for this code.
    • 訂單識別碼:這段程式碼所產生的順序是唯一識別碼。Order ID: A unique ID for the order in which this code was generated.
    • 提供給:空的欄位來追蹤哪位客戶,您可以使用您指定的程式碼。Given to: An empty field that you can use to keep track of which customer you gave the code to.
    • 可用:程式碼是仍可供使用 (在產生檔案的時間) 兌換的次數。Available: The number of times the code is still available to redeem (at the time the file was generated).
    • 兌換:(在產生檔案的時間) 的程式碼已兌換次數。Redeemed: The number of times that the code has been redeemed (at the time the file was generated).
  4. 透過您偏好的任何通訊格式 (例如目標式通知、電子郵件、SMS 訊息或列印卡片),將可兌換 URL 發佈給您的客戶。Distribute the redeemable URLs to your customers via any communication format you prefer (for example targeted notifications, email, SMS messages, or printed cards). 我們建議您的通訊內容包含下列:We recommend that your communication includes the following:

    • 促銷碼適用的應用程式或附加元件的說明,以及選擇性地說明客戶為什麼會收到代碼。An explanation of which app or add-on the promotional code is for, and optionally a description of why the customer is receiving the code.
    • 代碼的可兌換的 URL。The redeemable URL for the code.
    • 引導客戶瀏覽可兌換的 URL,使用他們的 Microsoft 帳戶登入並依照指示來下載並安裝您的應用程式的指示。Instructions that guide the customer to visit the redeemable URL, log in using their Microsoft account, and follow the instructions to download and install your app.

代碼兌換使用者經驗Code redemption user experience

將促銷代碼 (或其兌換 URL) 散發給客戶之後,他們可以按一下要免費取得產品的 URL。After you distribute a promotional code (or its redeemable URL) to a customer, they can click the URL to get the product for free. 按一下可兌換 URL 將會啟動經驗證的 [兌換您的代碼] 頁面,網址:https://account.microsoft.com/billing/redeemClicking the redeemable URL will launch an authenticated Redeem your code page at https://account.microsoft.com/billing/redeem. 這個頁面包含使用者即將兌換 app 的描述。This page includes a description of the app the user is about to redeem. 如果客戶未使用其 Microsoft 帳戶登入,可能會提示他們登入。If the customer is not logged in with their Microsoft account, they may be prompted to do so. 您的客戶也可以造訪 https://account.microsoft.com/billing/redeem 並直接輸入代碼。Your customer can also visit https://account.microsoft.com/billing/redeem and enter the code directly.


我們建議您在產品完成發行程序之前,不要將促銷碼散發給您的客戶 (即使您已選取 [在市集推出此產品,但不供搜尋])。We recommend that you don't distribute promotional codes to your customers until your product has completed the publishing process (even if you have selected Make this product available but not discoverable in the Store). 如果客戶嘗試使用尚未發行的產品的促銷碼,將會看到錯誤。Customers will see an error if they try to use a promotional code for a product which hasn't been published yet.

客戶按一下 [兌換] 後, Microsoft Store 將會開啟應用程式的概觀頁面 (如果他們使用 Windows 10 或 Windows 8.1 裝置),並且可以按一下 [安裝] 免費下載並安裝應用程式。After the customer clicks Redeem, the Microsoft Store will open to the overview page for the app (if they are on a Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 device), where they can click Install to download and install the app for free. 如果客戶是在未安裝 Microsoft Store 的電腦或裝置上,連結將會啟動應用程式的 Microsoft Store 頁面。If the customer is on a computer or device that does not have the Microsoft Store installed, the link will launch the Microsoft Store web page for the app. 代碼將會套用到客戶的 Microsoft 帳戶,方便他們之後在 Windows 裝置 (與同一個 Microsoft 帳戶相關聯) 上免費下載應用程式。The code will be applied to the customer's Microsoft account, so they can later download the app on a Windows device (that is associated with the same Microsoft account) for free.


在某些情況下,客戶可能會看到購買按鈕而不要安裝,即使應用程式已成功兌換促銷代碼透過。In some cases, a customer may see a Buy button instead of Install, even though the app was successfully redeemed via the promotional code. 客戶可以按一下 [購買] 免費安裝應用程式。The customer can click Buy to install the app for no charge.

檢閱您的促銷碼Review your promotional codes

若要檢閱您的應用程式和附加元件的促銷代碼訂單的詳細的摘要,瀏覽至促銷代碼網頁 (在合作夥伴中心左側的導覽功能表中,展開Attract ,然後選取促銷代碼)。To review a detailed summary of promotional code orders for your apps and add-ons, navigate to the Promotional codes page (in the left navigation menu of Partner Center, expand Attract and then select Promo codes). 您可以檢閱下列有關您所有目前和非使用中促銷碼的詳細資料:You can review the following details for all of your current and inactive promotional codes:

  • 訂單名稱Order name
  • 應用程式或附加元件App or add-on
  • 開始日期Start date
  • 到期日期Expire date
  • 可用Available
  • 已兌換Redeemed

您也可以從這個表格下載訂單。You can also download an order from this table.