組織授權選項Organizational licensing options

您可以透過商務用 Microsoft 網上商店和教育用 Microsoft 網上商店,在應用程式提交之定價和可用性頁面的 [組織授權] 區段中,指出您的應用程式是否可以大量購買及其方式。You can indicate whether and how your app can be offered for volume purchases through Microsoft Store for Business and Microsoft Store for Education in the Organizational licensing section of the Pricing and availability page of an app submission.

透過這些設定,您可以選擇允許您的 app 讓組織 (企業和教育) 使用,這些組織為其使用者取得和部署的多重授權,讓您有機會提升跨 Windows 10 裝置類型 (包括電腦、平板電腦及電話) 之組織的普及。Through these settings, you can opt to allow your app to be made available to organizations (business and educational) who acquire and deploy multiple licenses for their users, providing an opportunity to increase your reach to organizations across Windows 10 device types, including PCs, tablets and phones.

您也需要針對您直接發佈給企業的任何企業營運 (LOB) 應用程式允許組織授權。You will also need to allow organizational licensing for any line-of-business (LOB) apps that you publish directly to enterprises.


每個應用程式選項的設定各不相同。Selections for each of your apps are configured independently from each other. 您可以建立新的提交以隨時變更 app 的喜好設定,您的變更會在提交完成認證程序之後生效。You may change your preferences for an app at any time by creating a new submission, and your changes will take effect after the submission completes the certification process.


使用 Microsoft Store 提交 API 進行的提交,無法在商務用 Microsoft Store 及教育用 Microsoft Store 供應。Submissions that use the Microsoft Store submission API won't be made available to Microsoft Store for Business and Microsoft Store for Education. 若要讓您的應用程式可供組織大量購買,您必須在「合作夥伴中心」中建立並提交您的項目。To make your app available for volume purchases by organizations, you must create and submit your submissions in Partner Center.

允許將您的 App 提供給組織Allowing your app to be offered to organizations

根據預設,已核取標示 [利用市集管理 (線上) 授權和散佈提供組織使用我的 App] 的方塊。By default, the box labeled Make my app available to organizations with Store-managed (online) licensing and distribution is checked. 這表示您希望您的 App 能夠加入我們可以讓組織大量取得的 App 型錄中,具有透過市集的線上授權系統管理的 App 授權。This means that you wish your app to be available for inclusion in catalogs of apps that will be made available to organizations for volume acquisition, with app licenses managed through the Store's online licensing system.


這並不保證您的應用程式可以讓所有組織使用。This does not guarantee that your app will be made available to all organizations.

如果您不想讓我們將您的 app 提供給組織進行大量取得,請取消核取此方塊。If you prefer not to allow us to offer your app to organizations for volume acquisition, uncheck this box. 請注意,這項變更只有在 app 完成認證程序之後才會發生。Note that this change will only take place after the app completes the certification process. 如果任何組織先前曾取得您的 app 的授權,這些授權仍然有效,且已具有 app 的人員可以繼續使用它。If any organizations had previously acquired licenses to your app, those licenses will still be valid, and the people who have the app already can continue to use it.


提示:若要發佈企業營運 (LOB) 應用程式以供特定組織專用,您可以設定企業關聯,並允許組織將 app 直接新增到它們的私人市集。To publish line-of-business (LOB) apps exclusively to a specific organization, you can set up an enterprise association and allow the organization to add the apps directly their private store. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱發佈 LOB app 到企業For more info, see Distribute LOB apps to enterprises.

允許中斷連線 (離線) 授權Allowing disconnected (offline) licensing

許多組織需要 app 啟用離線授權。Many organizations need apps enabled for offline licensing. 例如,某些組織需要將 App 部署到很少或永遠不會連線到網際網路的裝置。For example, some organizations need to deploy apps to devices which rarely or never connect to the internet. 如果您想要讓您的 App 可供這些客戶使用,請核取標示為 [允許組織管理 (離線) 授權並為組織散佈] 的方塊。If you want to allow your app to be made available to these customers, check the box labeled Allow organization-managed (offline) licensing and distribution for organizations.

請注意,根據預設,這個方塊為 [未核取] 狀態。Note that this box is unchecked by default. 您必須核取此方塊,讓您的應用程式可供已驗證的組織使用,這些組織會使用組織管理 (離線) 授權進行安裝。You must check the box to allow us to make your app available to verified organizations who will install it using organization-managed (offline) licensing. 組織必須通過其他驗證,才能以這種方式向使用者安裝付費 App。Organizations must go through additional validation in order to install paid apps to their end users in this way.

離線授權可讓組織大量取得您的 app,然後不需要每個裝置都連絡市集的授權系統,即可安裝 app。Offline licensing allows organizations to acquire your app on a volume basis, and then install the app without requiring each device to contact the Store's licensing system. 組織可以下載您的 app 套件以及授權,當使用特定授權時,讓他們將它安裝到裝置 (透過他們自己的管理工具或預先載入作業系統映像上的 app) 而不通知市集。The organization is able to download your app's package along with a license which lets them install it to devices (via their own management tools or by preloading apps on OS images) without notifying the Store when a particular license has been used. 啟用這個案例會大幅增加部署彈性,它可能會大幅增加 app 對這些客戶的吸引力。Enabling this scenario greatly increases deployment flexibility, and it may substantially increase the attractiveness of your app with these customers.


.xap 套件不支援離線授權。Offline licensing is not supported for .xap packages.

目前,位於特定市場中的開發人員帳戶都能透過商務用 Microsoft 網上商店提供大量取得付費應用程式。Currently, developer accounts located in certain markets are able to offer paid apps for volume acquisition through Microsoft Store for Business.


在某些市場中,針對相同的價格區間,商務用 Microsoft Store 或教育用 Microsoft Store 中顯示的應用程式價格可能會不同於 Microsoft Store 中顯示零售客戶價格。In some markets, the price shown for an app in Microsoft Store for Business or Microsoft Store for Education may be different than the price shown to retail customers in the Microsoft Store for the same price tier. 組織購買的收益支付與消費者購買您 app 的運作方式相同。Payout of proceeds from organizational purchases works just the same as it does for consumer purchases of your app. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱獲得報酬應用程式開發人員合約For more info, see Getting paid and the App Developer Agreement. 如需可提供商務用 Microsoft 網上商店和教育用 Microsoft 網上商店的市場清單,請參閱商務用 Microsoft 網上商店和教育用 Microsoft 網上商店概觀 (部分機器翻譯)。For a list of markets where Microsoft Store for Business and Microsoft Store for Education are available, see Microsoft Store for Business and Microsoft Store for Education overview.

如果以下未列出您的國家或地區,您的付費應用程式目前不會在商務用 Microsoft 網上商店和教育用 Microsoft 網上商店中提供使用。If your country or region is not listed below, your paid apps currently will not be offered in Microsoft Store for Business and Microsoft Store for Education. 如果是這種情況,您針對您的付費應用程式所做的組織授權選項可能會稍後套用,因為我們未來可能會新增從其他開發人員帳戶市場支援付費應用程式提交。If this is the case, the organizational licensing selections you make for your paid apps may be applied at a later time, as we may add support for submissions from additional developer account markets in the future.

目前,位於下列國家和地區的開發人員可以透過商務用 Microsoft Store 和教育用 Microsoft Store,將付費應用程式發佈給組織客戶:At this time, developers located in the following countries and regions can distribute paid apps to organizational customers via Microsoft Store for Business and Microsoft Store for Education:

  • 奧地利Austria
  • 比利時Belgium
  • 保加利亞Bulgaria
  • 加拿大Canada
  • 克羅埃西亞Croatia
  • 賽普勒斯Cyprus
  • 捷克共和國Czech Republic
  • 丹麥Denmark
  • 愛沙尼亞Estonia
  • 芬蘭Finland
  • 法國France
  • 德國Germany
  • 希臘Greece
  • 匈牙利Hungary
  • 愛爾蘭Ireland
  • 曼城島Isle of Man
  • 義大利Italy
  • 拉脫維亞Latvia
  • 列支敦斯登Liechtenstein
  • 立陶宛Lithuania
  • 盧森堡Luxembourg
  • 馬爾他Malta
  • 摩納哥Monaco
  • 荷蘭Netherlands
  • 挪威Norway
  • 波蘭Poland
  • 葡萄牙Portugal
  • 羅馬尼亞Romania
  • 斯洛伐克Slovakia
  • 斯洛維尼亞Slovenia
  • 西班牙Spain
  • 瑞典Sweden
  • 瑞士Switzerland
  • 英國United Kingdom
  • 美國United States