設定應用程式價格與可用性Set app pricing and availability

您可以從 app 提交程序[價格與可用性] 頁面決定您的 app 價格、您是否提供免費試用,以及客戶如何、何時、何處可取得您的 app。The Pricing and availability page of the app submission process lets you determine how much your app will cost, whether you'll offer a free trial, and how, when, and where it will be available to customers. 我們將在這裡逐步解說此頁面上的選項,以及輸入這項資訊時所應考慮的事項。Here, we'll walk through the options on this page and what you should consider when entering this information.


Microsoft Store 觸及超過240個國家/地區的客戶和全球各地的區域。The Microsoft Store reaches customers in over 240 countries and regions around the world. 根據預設,我們會在所有可能的市場提供您的應用程式。By default, we’ll offer your app in all possible markets. 如果您想要的話,可以選擇想要提供應用程式的特定市場。If you prefer, you can choose the specific markets in which you'd like to offer your app.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱定義市場選取項目For more info, see Define market selection.


[可見度] 區段可讓您設定如何搜尋和取得您的應用程式,包括人們是否可以在 Microsoft Store 中找到您的應用程式或甚至是查看其 Store 清單。The Visibility section allows you to set restrictions on how your app can be discovered and acquired, including whether people can find your app in the Store or see its Store listing at all.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱選擇可見度選項For more info, see Choose visibility options.


根據預設 (除非您已選取可見度區段的其中一個 [在 Microsoft Store 推出此應用程式,但不供搜尋] 選項),您的應用程式將在通過認證並完成發行程序後,會立即對客戶提供。By default (unless you have selected one of the Make this app available but not discoverable in the Store options in the Visibility section) section), your app will be available to customers as soon as it passes certification and complete the publishing process. 若要選擇其他日期,請選取 [顯示選項] 展開這個區段。To choose other dates, select Show options to expand this section.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱設定精確發行時間表For more info, see Configure precise release scheduling.


您必須選取應用程式的基本價格 (除非您已選取可見度區段中,[在 Microsoft Store 推出此應用程式,但不供搜尋] 下方的 [停止取得] 選項),選擇是否 [免費] 提供,或是其中一個可用的價格區間。You are required to select a base price for your app (unless you have selected the Stop acquisition option under Make this app available but not discoverable in the Store in the Visibility section), choosing either Free or one of the available price tiers. 您也可以排程價格變更,表示應用程式的價格應變更的日期和時間。You can also schedule price changes to indicate the date and time at which your app’s price should change. 此外,您可以選擇針對特定市場自訂這些變更。Additionally, you have the option to customize these changes for specific markets. Microsoft 會定期更新建議的價格,以考慮不同市場的貨幣波動。Microsoft periodically updates the recommended prices, to account for currency fluctuations in different markets. 當建議的價格變更時,如果您選取的價格未與新的建議值對齊,定價區域將會顯示警告指標。When a recommended price changes, the pricing area will show a warning indicator if the prices you’ve selected are not aligned with the new recommended values. 您的產品價格不會變更,您可以控制何時及是否要更新這些價格。The prices in your products will not change, you are in control of when and if you want to update these prices.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱設定與排程應用程價格For more info, see Set and schedule app pricing.

免費試用Free trial

許多開發人員選擇使用Microsoft Store提供的試用功能,讓客戶免費試用應用程式。Many developers choose to allow customers to try out their app for free using the trial functionality provided by the Store. 根據預設,[沒有免費試用] 已選取,且您的應用程式不會有試用。By default, No free trial is selected, and there will be no trial for your app. 如果您想要提供試用,可以從 [免費試用] 下拉式清單選取一個值。If you’d like to offer a trial, you can select a value from the Free trial dropdown.

有兩種類型的試用可供您選擇,而且您可以選擇設定開始和停止提供試用的日期和時間。There are two types of trial you can choose, and you have the option to configure the date and time when the trial should start and stop being offered.


選擇 [限時],讓客戶免費試用您的應用程式幾天,如 [1 天]、[7 天]、[15 天] 或 [30 天]。Choose Time-limited to allow customers to try your app for free for a certain number of days: 1 day, 7 days, 15 days, or 30 days. 您可以新增程式碼來排除或限制試用版中的功能,或者您可以讓客戶在該期間存取完整的功能。You can limit features by adding code to exclude or limit features in the trial version, or you can let customers access the full functionality during that period of time.


 限時試用不會對使用 Windows 10 組建 10.0.10586 或較舊版本的客戶顯示,或是使用 Windows Phone 8.1 和較舊版本的客戶。 Time-limited trials are not shown to customers on Windows 10 build 10.0.10586 or earlier, or to customers on Windows Phone 8.1 and earlier.


選擇 [無限制],讓客戶無限期免費存取您的應用程式。Choose Unlimited to let customers access your app for free indefinitely. 您會想要鼓勵他們購買完整版本,所以請務必新增程式碼以排除或限制試用版中的功能You'll want to encourage them to purchase the full version, so make sure to add code to exclude or limit features in the trial version.

[開始和結束日期]Start and end dates

根據預設,您的試用將在應用程式發行時提供,而且不會停止提供。By default, your trial will be available as soon as your app is published, and it will never stop being offered. 您可以依喜好指定開始和結束提供試用的日期和時間。If you’d like, you can specify the date and time that your trial should start to be offered and when it should stop being offered.


這些日期僅適用於使用 Windows 10 (包括 Xbox) 的客戶。These dates only apply for customers on Windows 10 (including Xbox). 如果您的 App 適用於使用較舊作業系統版本的客戶,只要您的產品可供使用,也會持續提供試用給這些客戶。If your app is available to customers on earlier OS versions, the trial will be offered to those customers for as long as your product is available.

若要設定何時將試用提供給 Windows 10 的客戶,請將 [開始於] 和/或 [結束於] 下拉式清單變更為 [於],然後選擇日期和時間。To set dates for when your trial should be offered to customers on Windows 10, change the Starts on and/or Ends on dropdown to at, then choose the date and time. 如果您這樣做,可以選擇 [UTC],如此您選擇的時間會是全球定位時間 (UTC),或選擇 [當地],如此將會使用市場所在時區的時間。If you do so, you can either choose UTC so that the time you select will be Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) time, or choose Local so that these times will be used in each time zone associated with a market. (請注意,對於包含多個時區的市場,只會使用該市場中的一個時區。(Note that for markets that include more than one time zone, only one time zone in that market will be used. 若為美國,則會使用東部時區。如果您想要為任何市場 (的) 設定不同的日期,您可以針對 特定市場選取 [自訂 ] ) 。For the United States, the Eastern time zone is used.) You can select Customize for specific markets if you want to set different dates for any market(s).

銷售定價Sale pricing

如果您想要以降低的價格提供 App 一段有限的時間,您可以建立及排程銷售。If you want to offer your app at a reduced price for a limited period of time, you can create and schedule a sale.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱促銷應用程式和附加元件For more info, see Put apps and add-ons on sale.

組織授權Organizational licensing

根據預設,您的 app 可能會提供給組織大量購買。By default, your app may be offered to organizations to purchase in volume. 您可以指出是否在此區段提供您的 app 以及其方式。You can indicate whether and how your app can be offered in this section.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱組織授權選項For more info, see Organizational licensing options.

發佈日期Publish date

之前,[發佈日期] 區段出現在這個頁面上。Previously, the Publish date section appeared on this page. 這項功能現在可在提交選項頁面中找到,位於 [發佈暫停選項] 區段中。This functionality can now be found on the Submission options page, in the Publishing hold options section. (請注意,為了控制您的應用程式何時應發佈至 Microsoft Store,我們建議使用 [定價和可用性] 頁面的 [排程] 區段)。(Note that to control when your app should be published to the Store, we recommend using the Schedule section of the Pricing and availability page.)