應用程式品質App Quality

上次更新日期︰2017 年 7 月 25 日Last updated: July 25, 2017

Microsoft Store 提供全球客戶一個廣泛且多樣化的應用程式集合。Microsoft Store offers customers worldwide a broad and diverse collection of apps. Microsoft Store 中的應用程式可供從中玩味、娛悅人心且值得一用,對客戶和開發人員都同樣重要。It’s important to customers and developers alike that apps in the Store are enjoyable, entertaining and worthwhile. 為了協助開發人員達到此目標,我們提供這份概觀來說明應用程式品質的一些重要層面。To help developers hit that mark, we're providing this overview of some of the key aspects of app quality.

為了協助您隨時掌握我們觀察到的最新品質趨勢,我們會根據見到的 Microsoft Store 動態,不時以額外資訊和嶄新範例來更新此頁面。To help you keep current with the quality trends we’re seeing, we’ll update this page from time to time with additional information and fresh examples, based on what we’re seeing in the Store. 以下是我們最新的品質基本資訊更新。Here’s our latest update on quality basics.

從何處開始Where to start

開始時,記得先從您的客戶著手進行。When starting out, begin with your customer in mind. 了解客戶想要什麼,並了解您想要提供什麼給客戶。Know what customers want and know what you want to give them. 用多項功能和長遠價值來打造應用程式。Build an app with multiple features and lasting value. 以下是一些協助您建立優質應用程式的秘訣:Here are some tips to help you create a quality app:

中繼資料是關鍵所在Metadata is key

Microsoft Store 頁面的中繼資料 (圖示、標題、螢幕擷取畫面及描述) 會讓客戶留下應用程式整體品質的第一印象。The metadata on your Store page (icon, title, screenshots, and description) gives customers their first impression of the overall quality of your app. 簡潔俐落的 Microsoft Store 頁面和條理分明的應用程式中繼資料讓使用者預先知道會有哪些內容,然後再下載應用程式。A clear Store page and organized app metadata will let users know what to expect before they download the app.

圖示通常是客戶從應用程式得到的第一個體驗。The icon is usually the first experience customers will have with your app. 一個良好的圖示可能讓客戶將作出的瞬間判斷成立,也可能讓此判斷破滅。A great icon can make or break the split-second quality judgment they’ll make. 良好圖示的要素是什麼?What makes a good icon?

  • 清晰、簡單及獨特性都是優良圖示的重要特質。Clarity, simplicity and uniqueness are the hallmarks of good icons.
  • 好的圖示一眼就能認出來。A good icon is instantly recognizable. 避免使用模糊、失真的圖示或證件樣式的相片。Avoid fuzzy, distorted icons or ID-style photos.
  • 文字在圖示中可能不易閱讀,少用為妙。Text in icons can be hard to read; use it sparingly.
  • 利用圖示從眾多產品脫穎而出,請勿複製現有應用程式的圖示。Use your icon to stand out from the crowd and don’t copy existing app icons.

使用易記且資訊充分的標題Make your title memorable and informative. 優質標題可吸引人們注意您的應用程式。A quality title can draw attention to your app.

  • 具原創性和特色。Be original and distinctive. 例如,沿用其他應用程式的標題,只是在拼字上有所改動,可能會造成混淆,唯有獨樹一幟的標題才能幫助您的應用程式異軍突起。For example, a title that’s a variation on the spelling of another app can cause confusion and a unique title can help your app stand out.
  • 選擇蘊含充分資訊的標題。Choose a title that is informative. 例如,「我的第一個應用程式」或「顧客的應用程式」太籠統。For example, “My First App” or “Client App” are too generic.
  • 看看選擇應用程式的名稱這篇文章有沒有較實用的標題構想。Take a look at the article Choosing your app's name for more helpful title ideas.

描述可讓您說明應用程式的主要功能。The description lets you describe your app’s main features. 要盡量清楚、明瞭且引人注目。Keep it clear, crisp, and compelling.

  • 使用簡單的語言和正確的文法,讓您所有市場中的客戶都能了解應用程式的用途。Use simple language and good grammar so customers in all your markets understand what your app does.
  • 保持描述精簡有意義,讓客戶可以輕鬆判斷應用程式的功能。Keep your description concise and meaningful so customers can easily tell what your app does. 避免給客戶看到一長串清單。Avoid making customers read a long list. 如果您的應用程式需要詳細的說明或案例,請包含您的網站連結。If your app needs a detailed explanation or scenario, include a link to your website.
  • 在中繼資料的功能區段列出應用程式功能,並於應用程式描述中彙總您的最佳功能,讓客戶知道會獲得哪些效益。List app features in the features section of the metadata and summarize your best features in the app description so customers can tell what they’ll get. 例如,描述天文學應用程式時,可別只是列出行星;還要告訴客戶您的應用程式會提供特殊衛星追蹤功能。For example, don’t just list the planets when you describe your astronomy app; tell customers about your app’s special satellite tracking feature. 在產品充斥的 Microsoft Store 類別中,得多費心思,設法讓客戶明白您的應用程式很不一樣,而且更好用。In crowded segments of the Store, make an extra effort to tell customers how your app is different and better.
  • 告知客戶事實。Tell customers the truth. 描述應用程式的實際內容。Describe what’s actually in the app. 例如,別向客戶吹噓應用程式還沒有的功能 (除非您表明這些功能是在預定規劃中)。For example, don’t tell customers about features that aren’t yet in your app (unless you identify them as planned).
  • 如果您的應用程式運作依存於其他應用程式,您的描述從一開始就要告知此情況。If your app depends on another app to function, say so the beginning of your description. 這樣客戶才會知道需要準備哪些其他軟體和應用程式來使用您的應用程式。This will let customers know what other software and apps they need to use your app.
  • 如需獲得一些好用的秘訣,請參閱撰寫一份出色的應用程式介紹這篇文章。For some great tips, see the article Write a great app description.

螢幕擷取畫面預告片可讓客戶預覽您應用程式的出色功能。Screenshots and Trailers are your chance to give customers a preview of your app’s awesome functionality. 請有技巧地使用它們來凸顯應用程式特性:Use them skillfully to highlight app quality:

  • 展示實際的應用程式功能。Show off actual app features. 例如,如果應用程式是遊戲指南或遊戲影片,請強調您的絕佳秘訣或技巧 (要是您的應用程式並非遊戲,單純顯示遊戲過程只會造成混淆)。For example, if your app is a game guide or gameplay video, highlight your tremendous tips and tricks (just showing gameplay is confusing if your app isn’t a game).
  • 展示您應用程式的簡潔介面和獨特功能。Show off your clean interface and the unique features of your app. 例如,單一螢幕擷取畫面通常無法捕捉您應用程式的完整體驗;10 張幾乎相同的螢幕擷取畫面也不會有太大的幫助,且帶來不好的客戶體驗。For example, one screenshot doesn’t usually capture the full experience of your app; ten nearly identical screenshots aren’t helpful and provide a poor customer experience.
  • 您的應用程式可在多個平台上使用嗎?Is your app available on multiple platforms? 太好了!Great! 不過您的螢幕擷取畫面一定要表現出客戶將會在其 Windows 裝置上獲得的體驗。But make sure your screenshots show customers the experience they’ll get on their Windows devices.
  • 預告片要維持在一分鐘以內,才能有效吸引客戶的注意力,並彰顯應用程式最好的一面。Keep trailers to under a minute to hold customers’ attention and highlight the best of your app. 預告片應切合訴求且富有意義。Keep your trailers relevant and meaningful.

建立功效持久的出色應用程式Create amazing apps with staying power

如果您希望下載項目有優異的表現,請做出真正很棒、有趣或有用的東西。If you want downloads to pay off, do something truly amazing, enjoyable, or useful.

  • 提供長遠價值。Provide lasting value. 例如:For example:
    • 您的烹飪應用程式包含夠多的食譜來吸引客戶多次使用嗎?Does your cooking app include enough recipes to entice customers to use it more than once?
    • 您球隊應用程式會定期以最新統計資料進行更新,還是只提供靜態收集的比賽結果?Is your sports team app regularly updated with current statistics or does it offer only a static collection of results?
    • 您的遊戲會提供有趣的遊戲方式和別出心裁的結局嗎?Does your game offer interesting gameplay and different outcomes?
    • 您的指南或教學課程應用程式值得再三使用嗎?Is your guide or tutorial app worth more than a single use? 是否提供任何無法由客戶透過快速瀏覽器搜尋找到的內容?Does it provide anything customers can’t find with a quick browser search?
    • 您的資訊參考或 RSS 應用程式提供的不只是一個連結集合嗎?Does your informational or RSS app offer more than just a collection of links? 是否提供組合管理、動態更新或其他傑出功能,使其功能超越「我的最愛」清單?Does it provide organization, dynamic updates, or other features than distinguish make it more than a “favorites” list?
  • 使之易於使用且具吸引力。Make it easy to use and appealing. 對於使用者的單一最大品質保證就是 UI。The single biggest quality hallmark for users is UI. 優質的 UI 既清晰、簡潔、直覺式又與平台一致。Quality UI is clean, simple, intuitive and consistent with the platform. 您的 UI 可以運用使用者預期其裝置平台所具有的控制項和慣例,讓使用者通暢無阻地存取各項功能。Your UI can provide users transparent access to features, leveraging controls and conventions that users expect in their device platform. 如需啟發一些絕妙構想,請參閱設計與 UISee Design and UI for some great ideas.
  • 只要新增一項任何其他人都無法提供的功能,使用者便有充分理由保留此應用程式並尋找您的其他應用程式。Add just one useful feature no one else offers, and you’ve given users a reason to keep this app and look for your other apps. 為了能夠脫穎而出,請提供新類型的應用程式或在現有的類型中提供新功能。To stand out, offer either a new type of app or new functionality in an existing type. 在產品充斥的 Microsoft Store 類別中,功能特別具關鍵性。Functionality is especially critical in crowded segments of the Store.
  • 提供價值並大方提供豐富內容。Provide value and be generous. 例如,如果您建置的是烹飪應用程式,請包含足夠的食譜以吸引客戶將您的應用程式新增到他們的裝置中。For example, if you build a cooking app, include enough recipes to entice customers to add your app to their devices. 同樣地,提供比賽結果靜態集合的應用程式如果定期以最新統計資料進行更新,將會更具吸引力。Similarly, an app that provides a static collection of sports results is more appealing when its regularly updated with current statistics.

登錄Check in

客戶重視您對其意見反應與需求的關注。Customers value your attention to their feedback and needs. 如果客戶感到滿意,就會提高對您應用程式的評論和評分。Satisfied customers can increase reviews and ratings of your app.

  • 詢問您應用程式的表現。Ask how your app is doing. 請客戶提供評分和評論,並讓客戶自行決定要給予怎樣的評分。Ask customers for ratings and reviews, and leave it to them to decide what rating to give.
  • 贏得評分。Earn your ratings. 優良的開發人員會請求意見反應、回應 Bug 和功能要求,並積極更新其應用程式。Quality developers solicit feedback, respond to bugs and feature requests, and actively update their apps.
  • 如需詳細資訊,請參閱與您的客戶互動For more details, read Engage with your customers.

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