Microsoft Store 原則與管理辦法Store Policies and Code of Conduct

本節包含適用於 Microsoft Store1 應用程式和內容的「Microsoft Store 原則」與「應用程式品質」準則,以及開發人員應該遵循的「管理辦法」。This section includes the Store Policies and App Quality criteria that apply to Microsoft Store1 apps and content, and the Code of Conduct that developers should follow.

1"Store" 或 "Microsoft Store" 係指 Microsoft 擁有或運作,透過其提供或供客戶取得應用程式之平台 (無論其命名為何)。1"Store" or "Microsoft Store" means a Microsoft owned or operated platform, however named, through which Apps may be offered to or acquired by Customers. 除非有另作說明,否則文中所稱之「Microsoft Store」包括 Microsoft Store、Windows 10 上的 Microsoft Store、Xbox One 上的 Microsoft Store、商務用 Microsoft Store 和教育用 Microsoft Store。Unless otherwise specified, Store includes the Microsoft Store, the Windows Store, the Xbox Store, Microsoft Store for Business, and Microsoft Store for Education.