應用程式認證程序The app certification process

當您建立完 App 的提交作業並且按一下 [提交至 Microsoft Store] 時,提交就進入認證步驟。When you finish creating your app's submission and click Submit to the Store, the submission enters the certification step. 此程序通常會在幾個小時內完成,某些情況則需要三個工作天。This process usually is completed within a few hours, though in some cases it may take up to three business days. 您的提交憑證之後,它可能需要 24 小時的時間讓客戶查看新的提交,或以變更更新提交至封裝的應用程式的清單。After your submission passes certification, it can take up to 24 hours for customers to see the app’s listing for a new submission, or for an updated submission with changes to packages. 如果您的更新只會變更清單詳細資訊的存放區,少於一小時就會完成發行程序。If your update only changes Store listing details, the publishing process will be completed in less than an hour. 您會收到通知時發行您的提交,並在儀表板中的應用程式的狀態將會在存放區內You'll be notified when your submission is published, and the app's status in the dashboard will be In the Store.


順利上傳應用程式套件並提交應用程式以進行認證之後,套件就會進入測試的佇列中。After you successfully upload the app's packages and submit the app for certification, the packages are queued for testing. 如果在前置處理期間偵測到任何錯誤,我們會顯示訊息。We'll display a message if we detect any errors during preprocessing. 如需關於可能錯誤的詳細資訊,請參閱解決提交錯誤For more info on possible errors, see Resolve submission errors.


在此階段會進行幾項測試:During this phase, several tests are conducted:

  • 安全性測試: 此第一項測試會檢查您的應用程式套件,病毒和惡意程式碼。Security tests: This first test checks your app's packages for viruses and malware. 如果應用程式未通過這個測試,您需要執行最新的防毒軟體來檢查您的開發系統,然後在全新的作業系統重建您的應用程式套件。If your app fails this test, you'll need to check your development system by running the latest antivirus software, then rebuild your app's package on a clean system.
  • 技術相容性測試: Windows 應用程式認證套件被測試技術相容性。Technical compliance tests: Technical compliance is tested by the Windows App Certification Kit. (將 app 提交至市集之前,請務必記得使用 Windows 應用程式認證套件測試 app)。(You should always make sure to test your app with the Windows App Certification Kit before you submit it to the Store.)
  • 內容的合規性: 這樣所花費的時間量是依複雜應用程式是多少,將視覺內容,最近已提交多少個應用程式而有所不同。Content compliance: The amount of time this takes varies depending on how complex your app is, how much visual content it has, and how many apps have been submitted recently. 請務必在認證注意事項頁面中提供測試人員應該注意的任何資訊。Be sure to provide any info that testers should be aware of in the Notes for certification page.

認證程序完成之後,您會收到一份認證報告,告知您的應用程式是否通過認證。After the certification process is complete, you'll get a certification report telling you whether or not your app passed certification. 若 app 未通過認證,報告將指出哪個測試失敗或不符合哪個原則If it didn't pass, the report will indicate which test failed or which policy was not met. 您修正問題之後,可以重新提交應用程式,再次進行認證程序。After you fix the problem, you can create a new submission for your app to start the certification process again.


當您的應用程式通過認證時,就準備好移往發佈程序。When your app passes certification, it's ready to move to the Publishing process.

  • 如果您已指定,應該儘可能 (預設選項) 發佈您的提交,就會立即開始發佈程序。If you've indicated that your submission should be published as soon as possible (the default option), the publishing process will begin right away.
  • 如果這是第一次您發行應用程式,而且您指定發行日期排程區段中,應用程式將可供根據您發行日期選取項目。If this is the first time you've published the app, and you specified a Release date in the Schedule section, the app will become available according to your Release date selections.
  • 如果您使用過發行保留選項若要指定,它應該不會釋放在特定日期之前,我們會等到該日期,若要開始發行程序中,除非您選取變更發行日期If you've used Publishing hold options to specify that it should not be released until a certain date, we'll wait until that date to begin the publishing process, unless you select Change release date.
  • 如果您使用過發行保留選項若要指定您想要手動發佈提交,我們將不會啟動發佈程序,直到您選取立即發行(或選取變更發行日期挑選特定的日期)。If you've used Publishing hold options to specify that you want to publish the submission manually, we won't start the publishing process until you select Publish now (or select Change release date and pick a specific date).


應用程式發行之後,系統會對應用程式的套件加上數位簽章,以保護這些套件使其不受竄改。Your app's packages are digitally signed to protect them against tampering after they have been released. 此階段開始後,您就無法取消提交或變更發行日期。Once this phase has begun, you can no longer cancel your submission or change its release date.

對於新的應用程式和更新包括對應用程式的套件,發佈程序將在 24 小時內完成。For new apps and updates which include changes to the app's packages, the publishing process will be completed within 24 hours. 只變更選項,例如市集清單的詳細資訊,但不會變更應用程式套件的更新,發佈程序需要少於一小時。For updates that only change options such as Store listing details, but don't change the app's packages, the publishing process will take less than one hour.

在發行階段中,您的應用程式時Podrobnosti連結狀態 欄中,您的應用程式提交可讓您知道您的新套件和清單詳細資訊的存放區時提供給每個支援的 OS 上的客戶版本。While your app is in the publishing phase, the Show details link in the Status column for your app’s submission lets you know when your new packages and Store listing details are available to customers on each of your supported OS versions. 尚未完成的步驟會顯示為擱置中Steps that have not yet completed will show Pending. 您的應用程式仍在發行階段的程序完成之前,也就是說,新的套件和/或清單詳細資訊可供所有的應用程式的潛在客戶。Your app will remain in the publishing phase until the process has completed, meaning that the new packages and/or listing details are available to all of your app’s potential customers.

在市集中In the Store

成功進行上述步驟之後,提交的狀態會從 [發行中] 變成 [在市集內] 。After successfully going through the steps above, the submission's status will change from Publishing to In the Store. 客戶就能在 Microsoft Store 下載您的提交項目 (除非您選擇了其他可搜尋性選項)。Your submission will then be available in the Microsoft Store for customers to download (unless you have chosen another Discoverability option).


我們也會在應用程式發佈之後進行抽樣檢查以找出潛在的問題,並且確保您的應用程式符合所有的 Microsoft Store 原則We also conduct spot checks of apps after they've been published so we can identify potential problems and ensure that your app complies with all of the Microsoft Store Policies. 如果我們發現任何問題,將會通知您相關問題和修正方式 (如果有),或者問題是否已從市集移除。If we find any problems, you'll be notified about the issue and how to fix it, if applicable, or if it has been removed from the Store.