上傳應用程式套件Upload app packages

[ 套件 ] 頁面可讓您上傳所提交應用程式的所有套件檔案, ( msix、. msixupload、msixbundle、.appx、.appxupload 及/或 .appxbundle) 。The Packages page is where you upload all of the package files (.msix, .msixupload, .msixbundle, .appx, .appxupload, and/or .appxbundle) for the app that you're submitting. 您可以在此頁面上傳相同應用程式的所有套件,當客戶下載您的應用程式時,存放區會自動為每個客戶提供最適合其裝置的套件。You can upload all your packages for the same app on this page, and when a customer downloads your app, the Store will automatically provide each customer with the package that works best for their device. 在您上傳套件之後,您會看到一個資料表以排序方式指出哪個套件將提供給特定的 Windows 10 裝置系列 (以及舊版 OS,如果適用的話)。After you upload your packages, you’ll see a table indicating which packages will be offered to specific Windows 10 device families (and earlier OS versions, if applicable) in ranked order.


您無法再上傳使用 Windows Phone 8.x SDK (s) 建立的新 XAP 套件。You can no longer upload new XAP packages built using the Windows Phone 8.x SDK(s). 已存在於 XAP 套件中的應用程式將會繼續在 Windows 10 行動裝置版裝置上運作。Apps that are already in Store with XAP packages will continue to work on Windows 10 Mobile devices. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱這 篇 blog 文章For more info, see this blog post.

如需有關套件內容及其建構方式的詳細資訊,請參閱應用程式套件需求For details about what a package includes and how it must be structured, see App package requirements. 您也會想要瞭解 版本號碼如何影響傳遞給特定客戶的套件 ,以及 如何管理各種案例的套件You'll also want to learn about how version numbers impact which packages are delivered to specific customers and how to manage packages for various scenarios.

將套件上傳到您的提交Uploading packages to your submission

若要上傳套件,請將套件拖曳到欄位內,或按一下以瀏覽您的檔案。To upload packages, drag them into the upload field or click to browse your files. [ 封裝 ] 頁面可讓您上傳 msix、. msixupload、. msixbundle、.appx、. .appxupload 及/或 .appxbundle 檔案。The Packages page will let you upload .msix, .msixupload, .msixbundle, .appx, .appxupload, and/or .appxbundle files.


針對 Windows 10,建議您在這裡上傳 msixupload 或. .appxupload 檔案,而不是 msix、.appx、. msixbundle 或 .appxbundle。For Windows 10, we recommend uploading the .msixupload or .appxupload file here rather than .msix, .appx, .msixbundle, or .appxbundle. 如需針對市集封裝 UWP 應用程式的詳細資訊,請參閱使用 Visual Studio 封裝 UWP appFor more info about packaging UWP apps for the Store, see Packaging a UWP app with Visual Studio.

當您建立新的提交時,您將會在 套件頁面上看到一個下拉式清單,其中包含從其中一個套件正式發行前小眾測試版複製套件的選項。If you have created any package flights for your app, you’ll see a drop-down with the option to copy packages from one of your package flights. 選取含有您要納入之套件的套件正式發行前小眾測試版。Select the package flight that has the packages you want to pull in. 然後,您可選取其任一或所有套件,以包含在此提交中。You can then select any or all of its packages to include in this submission.

如果我們在驗證時偵測到封裝的錯誤,我們會顯示一則訊息,讓您知道錯誤的原因。If we detect errors with a package while validating it, we'll display a message to let you know what's wrong. 您必須移除套件、修正問題,然後再次嘗試上傳。You'll need to remove the package, fix the issue, and then try uploading it again. 您也會看到警告,讓您知道可能會造成問題的相關資訊,但不會阻止您繼續提交。You may also see warnings to let you know about issues that may cause problems but won't block you from continuing with your submission.

裝置系列可用性Device family availability

在您的套件成功上傳之後, [裝置系列可用性] 區段會顯示一個資料表以排序方式指出哪個套件將提供給特定的 Windows 10 裝置系列 (以及舊版 OS,如果適用的話)。After your packages have been successfully uploaded, the Device family availability section will display a table that indicates which packages will be offered to specific Windows 10 device families (and earlier OS versions, if applicable), in ranked order. 本區段也可讓您選擇是否要針對特定 Windows 10 裝置系列的客戶提供提交。This section also lets you choose whether or not to offer the submission to customers on specific Windows 10 device families.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱裝置系列可用性For more info, see Device family availability.

套件詳細資料Package details

這裡列出您上傳的套件,依目標作業系統分組。Your uploaded packages are listed here, grouped by target operating system. 系統將會顯示套件的名稱、版本及架構。The name, version, and architecture of the package will be displayed. 如需有關如每個套件支援的語言、App 功能,以及檔案大小的詳細資訊,可以按一下 [顯示詳細資料]For more info such as the supported languages, app capabilities, and file size for each package, click Show details .

如果您需要從提交中移除套件,請按一下每個套件 詳細資料 區段底部的 [ 移除 ] 連結。If you need to remove a package from your submission, click the Remove link at the bottom of each package's Details section.

移除重複的套件Removing redundant packages

如果我們偵測到您的一或多個套件重複,我們將顯示一個警告,建議您從此提交中移除重複的套件。If we detect that one or more of your packages is redundant, we'll display a warning suggesting that you remove the redundant packages from this submission. 當您先前已上傳套件,而現在又提供支援相同客戶群的更新版本套件時,通常會發生這個狀況。Often this happens when you have previously uploaded packages, and now you are providing higher-versioned packages that support the same set of customers. 在此情況下,客戶將不會取得重複的套件,因為您有更好 (更高版本) 的套件可以支援這些客戶。In this case, no customers would ever get the redundant package, because you now have a better (higher-versioned) package to support these customers.

當我們偵測到您有重複的套件時,我們將提供一個自動從此提交移除所有重複套件的選項。When we detect that you have redundant packages, we'll provide an option to remove all of the redundant packages from this submission automatically. 如果需要,您也可以從此提交個別移除套件。You can also remove packages from the submission individually if you prefer.

漸進式套件推出Gradual package rollout

如果您的提交是先前已發佈之 App 的更新,您會看到 [發佈此提交後漸進式推出更新 (僅限 Windows 10 客戶)] 核取方塊。If your submission is an update to a previously published app, you'll see a checkbox that says Roll out update gradually after this submission is published (to Windows 10 customers only) . 這可讓您選擇可從提交取得套件之客戶的百分比,這樣您就能監視意見反應與分析資料,以確保您在更廣泛地推出更新之前更有信心。This allows you to choose a percentage of customers who will get the packages from the submission so that you can monitor feedback and analytic data to make sure you’re confident about the update before rolling it out more broadly. 您隨時可以增加百分比 (或停止更新),而不必建立新的提交。You can increase the percentage (or halt the update) any time without having to create a new submission.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱漸進式套件推出For more info, see Gradual package rollout.

強制更新Mandatory update

如果您的提交是先前已發佈之 App 的更新,您會看到 [進行這項強制更新] 核取方塊。If your submission is an update to a previously published app, you'll see a checkbox that says Make this update mandatory . 這可讓您設定強制更新的日期與時間,假設您已經使用 Windows.Services.Store API 來讓您的 App 以程式設計方式檢查套件更新,以及下載和安裝已更新套件。This allows you to set the date and time for a mandatory update, assuming you have used the Windows.Services.Store APIs to allow your app to programmatically check for package updates and download and install the updated packages. 您的 App 必須以 Windows 10 版本 1607 或更新版本為目標,才能使用此選項。Your app must target Windows 10, version 1607 or later in order to use this option.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱下載與安裝 App 的套件更新For more info, see Download and install package updates for your app.