撰寫一份出色的應用程式介紹Write a great app description

一份出色的 App 描述可以讓您的 App 在 Microsoft Store 中更為突出,並協助鼓勵客戶下載。A great description can make your app stand out in the Microsoft Store and help encourage customers to download it. 您提交 app 時輸入的描述會顯示在您的 app 市集清單。The description you enter when submitting your app is displayed in your app's Store listing. 前幾行文字可能也會顯示在搜尋結果和市集中列出的演算法清單中。The first few lines may also be displayed in search results and algorithm lists in the Store.

這裡是一些讓您的 app 描述最為出色的秘訣。Here are some tips for making your app's description the best it can be.

  • 擷取在前幾個句子的注意。Grab attention in the first few sentences. 描述的開頭非常重要,要確定能夠抓住目光。The beginning of your description is the most important, so make sure it grabs and holds attention. 以價值論點起頭:為什麼潛在客戶應該花時間與金錢取得您的 App?Start with the value prop: why should potential customers take the time and money to get your app? 和其他 App 相比,選擇您 App 的好處是什麼?What is the benefit to choosing your app over another? 利用一或兩個句子,以淺顯易懂的語言說明您 App 的獨特吸引力,以及人們會想要取得它的原因。In one or two sentences, using plain and clear language, explain your app's unique appeal and why someone would want it.

  • 讓您輕鬆了解您的應用程式。Make it easy to learn about your app. 吸引客戶注意之後,隨後說明額外的好處、在 app 內購買的商機以及客戶想要知道關於您 app 的其他詳細資訊。After your initial hook, describe additional benefits, in-app purchase opportunities, and other details about your app that customers will want to know. 請確定您已遵照 app 發行所在市場之法律規定,提供任何必要的揭露訊息或資訊。Make sure you include any disclosures or information that you are required to provide under the law in the markets where you are distributing your app.

  • 使用清單和短的段落。Use lists and short paragraphs. 潛在客戶很可能只會快速瀏覽您的 app 描述。Potential customers may just take a quick glance at your app's description. 使用簡短的段落和清單將內容分段,可以讓使用者更容易閱讀。Breaking up the content by using short paragraphs and lists makes it easier to scan.


     新增一份產品功能也可以快速顯示您的應用程式用途的說明。 Adding a list of product features can also help to quickly show what your app does. 這個清單要顯示在 app 描述的正下方。This list appears directly below the app description.

  • 避免 dry 的語言。Avoid dry language. 使用生動的語調撰寫描述。Write your description using engaging language. 請確定內容清楚描述 app 的功能,但不要以太枯燥的文字描寫。Be sure the wording clearly describes what your app does, but say it in a way that doesn't sound boring. 對很多 app 而言,輕鬆活潑的語調效果最好。For many apps, a casual and friendly tone works well.

  • 使用正確的長度。Use a length that is just right. 好的描述不必太長,但能包含足夠的資訊讓讀者感興趣,並說明 app 的功能。A good description reads quickly, but also includes enough info to get the reader interested and explain what the app does. 複雜的 app 需要多點內容說明;簡單的 app 則只需簡單幾個字即可。A complex app will need more sentences to describe it; a simple app may need only a few. 大多數情況下,適中的長度大約為 200 多個字,但不會超過 3000 個字。In most cases the right length is somewhere over 200 words, but well under 3000.

  • 是清楚了解免費試用版和附加元件。Be clear about free trials and add-ons. 如果您提供產品的免費試用,請務必解釋試用版的使用方式,讓客戶能了解哪些功能受到限制。If you offer a free trial of your app, be sure to explain how that trial works, so that customers understand which features are limited. 說明有哪些類型的附加內容也是一個不錯的方法,尤其是當這些選項對您的 App 功能影響很大時。It's also a good idea to mention what types of add-ons are available, particularly if they have significant impacts on your app's functionality.

  • 使用標準的大小寫和標點符號。Use standard capitalization and punctuation. 使用全部大寫或不常用的標點符號的描述可能難以閱讀。Descriptions in all caps, or those that have unusual punctuation, can be hard to read.

  • 別忘了要檢查拼字和文法檢查。Don't forget to check the spelling and grammar. 描述中有很多錯字或不順暢的句子會讓人對應用程式品質有不好的觀感。A description with lots of misspelled words or mangled sentences doesn't reflect well on the quality of your app. 記得檢查您的描述 (或讓其他人檢查) 是否有錯誤。Be sure to review your description (or have someone else take a look) to check for errors.

  • 不包含連結或其他位置所屬的資訊。Don't include links or info that belongs elsewhere. 在描述欄位中輸入的 URL 不是可按一下的連結,所以不要嘗試加入隱私權原則或支援網站之類的資訊連結。URLs that you enter in the description field won't be clickable, so don't try to add links for things like your privacy policy or support website. 相反地,加入下列的指定區域中屬性您提交的頁面。Instead, add these in the designated areas of the Properties page of your submission.

  • 請勿使用 HTML 標記。Don't use HTML tags. HTML 或其他程式碼不會被轉譯。HTML or other code will not be rendered. 您的描述必須是純文字。Your description needs to be plain text only.

  • 獲得構想,藉由檢視類似的應用程式存放區中的描述。Get ideas by reviewing descriptions of similar apps in the Store. 參考其他開發人員如何描述他們的 app。Take a look at how other developers describe their apps. 這也有助於您找出 app 的獨特之處,並加以強調。This also helps you figure out what you can emphasize that is different about your app.