Configuration APIs

The HTTP Server APIs provide functionality for system administrators to set, query and delete configuration parameters. The configuration APIs control the settings for all applications using the HTTP Server API on the system.

The sections listed below include information about configuration settings.


All of these are optional configuration steps to be applied based on system and/or application requirements.


IP Listen List — describes how to configure HTTP to operate over specific IP interfaces.

SSL Certificates — details the procedures to configure certificates with the HTTP Server API.

Namespace Reservations, Registrations, and Routing — outlines the process of reserving portions of the namespace for all applications on the machine using the HTTP Server API. The process to register and route requests to specific applications is also described.

HttpCfg.exe — a sample program that uses the configuration APIs. A compiled version of this tool also ships with the operating system among the support tools, together with a help file that documents how to use it.