Xamarin.Android 使用者入門Get Started with Xamarin.Android

設定與安裝Setup and Installation

在 Visual Studio 中設定並執行 Xamarin.Android。Get Xamarin.Android set up and running in Visual Studio. 本節涵蓋下載、安裝、模擬器組態、裝置佈建等。This section covers downloading, installation, emulator configuration, device provisioning, and more.

Hello, AndroidHello, Android

在這份含有兩部分的指南中,您將會使用 Visual Studio 來建置您的第一個 Xamarin.Android 應用程式,而且您將會了解使用 Xamarin 進行 Android 應用程式開發的基本知識。In this two-part guide, you'll build your first Xamarin.Android application using Visual Studio, and you'll develop an understanding of the fundamentals of Android application development with Xamarin. 在過程中,本指南將會為您介紹建置和部署 Xamarin.Android 應用程式所需的工具、概念和步驟。Along the way, this guide introduces you to the tools, concepts, and steps required to build and deploy a Xamarin.Android application.

Hello, Android 多重畫面Hello, Android Multiscreen

在這份含有兩部分的指南中,您將會展開在 Hello, Android 中建立的應用程式,以便實作第二個畫面。In this two-part guide, you'll expand the application created in Hello, Android so that it implements a second screen. 在過程中,將會為您介紹基本 Android「應用程式建置組塊」,您也將深入探索 Android 架構,以進一步了解 Android 應用程式的結構和功能。Along the way, you will be introduced to the basic Android Application Building Blocks and dive deeper into Android architecture as you develop a better understanding of Android application structure and functionality.

適用於 JAVA 開發人員的 XamarinXamarin for Java Developers

這篇文章提供適用於 JAVA 開發人員的 C# 程式設計簡介,主要著重在 JAVA 開發人員學習 Xamarin.Android 應用程式開發時可能會遇到的 C# 語言功能。This article provides an introduction to C# programming for Java developers, focusing primarily on the C# language features that Java developers will encounter while learning about Xamarin.Android app development.


使用 Xamarin for Visual Studio 建置第一個 Android 應用程式Building Your First Android App with Xamarin for Visual Studio