Xamarin 使用者入門Get Started With Xamarin

在您開始之前,請先參閱系統需求安裝指示,以確認您已將一切準備就緒。Before you begin, check out the system requirements and installation instructions to make sure everything's ready to go.

建置您的第一個應用程式Build Your First App

若您想使用原生 UI 技術 (例如 Android XML 或 Xcode 腳本) 建置應用程式,請嘗試以下專為平台提供的指南:If you'd like to build an app using native UI technologies (like Android XML or Xcode Storyboards), try one of these platform-specific guides:

行動裝置應用程式開發快速入門Getting Started with Mobile Development

若要深入解 Xamarin 運作的方式及如何開始進行行動應用程式開發專案,請參閱下列指南:To learn more about how Xamarin works, and how to approach mobile app development projects, read the guides below:

行動裝置應用程式開發簡介Introduction to Mobile Development

本文件說明 Xamarin 的高階運作方式及連結到 iOS、Android 及 Xamarin.Forms 快速入門指南的方式。This document explains how Xamarin works at a high-level and links through to the getting-started guides for iOS, Android, and Xamarin.Forms.

行動軟體開發生命週期簡介Introduction to the Mobile Software Development Lifecycle

本文將討論行動應用程式相關軟體的開發生命週期,以及建置行動專案時的一些考量事項。This article discusses the software development lifecycle with respect to mobile applications, and discusses some of the considerations required when building mobile projects. 對於希望直接開始建置的開發人員,可先跳過此指南並稍後再閱讀,以便更完整地解行動裝置應用程式開發。For developers wishing to just jump right in and start building, this guide can be skipped and read later for a more complete understanding of mobile development.

建置跨平台應用程式Building Cross Platform Applications

藉由選擇 Xamarin 並在設計及開發您的行動應用程式時記住幾件事,您就可以在行動平台之間共用大量的程式碼、縮短您的上市時間、有效率的調控現有的人力、符合客戶對行動存取的需求,以及降低跨平台複雜度。 本文件概述為公用程式和生產力應用程式實現這些優點的主要指引。By choosing Xamarin and keeping a few things in mind when you design and develop your mobile applications, you can realize tremendous code sharing across mobile platforms, reduce your time to market, leverage existing talent, meet customer demand for mobile access, and reduce cross-platform complexity. This document outlines key guidelines to realizing these advantages for utility and productivity applications.

Visual Studio for Mac 簡介Introducing Visual Studio for Mac

深入了解 Visual Studio for Mac 這個 macOS 整合式開發環境 (IDE)。Learn more about Visual Studio for Mac, the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for macOS.

開始使用 Xamarin UniversityGet Started with Xamarin University

使用 Xamarin for Visual Studio 建置第一個 Xamarin.Forms 應用程式,Xamarin University 提供Building Your First Xamarin.Forms App with Xamarin for Visual Studio, by Xamarin University