iOS 平臺功能總覽iOS platform features overview

此頁面會列出最新的 iOS 版本,並反白顯示您可以使用 Xamarin 來存取的一些 Apple framework。This page lists recent iOS releases as well as highlighting some of the Apple frameworks you can access with Xamarin.iOS.

iOS 版本iOS releases

IOS 13 簡介Introduction to iOS 13 本檔說明 Xamarin. iOS 13。This document describes Xamarin.iOS 13.
iOS 12 簡介Introduction to iOS 12 本檔說明在建立 Xamarin iOS 應用程式時可使用的 iOS 12 功能。This document describes iOS 12 features available for use when building Xamarin.iOS applications.
iOS 11 簡介Introduction to iOS 11 本檔說明 iOS 11 和 Xcode 9 中的新增和更新功能,例如 ARKit、核心 ML、核心 NFC、拖放、MapKit、PDFKit、SiriKit 和願景。This document describes the new and updated features in iOS 11 and Xcode 9,such as ARKit, Core ML, Core NFC, Drag and Drop, MapKit, PDFKit, SiriKit,and Vision. 它會連結至說明如何搭配使用這些功能與 Xamarin 的指南。It links to guides that describe how to use these features with Xamarin.iOS.
iOS 10 簡介Introduction to iOS 10 iOS 10 包含數個新的 Api 和服務,可讓您使用新特性和功能開發應用程式。iOS 10 includes several new APIs and services that allow you to develop apps with new features and functionality. 使用 iOS 10,應用程式有新的功能,例如擴充地圖、訊息、電話和 Siri。With iOS 10, apps have new abilities such as extending Maps, Messages, Phone and Siri. 本節說明如何在 Xamarin iOS 應用程式中利用這些功能的方式。This section shows hows to take advantage of these features in a Xamarin.iOS app.
iOS 9 簡介Introduction to iOS 9 本節定義從 iOS 8 升級時,在 iOS 9 中進行的變更,以及如何在 Xamarin iOS 應用程式中使用這些功能。This section defines the changes made in iOS 9 when upgrading from iOS 8 and how to use these features in a Xamarin.iOS app.
iOS 8 簡介Introduction to iOS 8 iOS 8 對 iOS 7 的作業系統進行大量變更。iOS 8 made a large number of changes to the operating system from iOS 7. 在這裡,我們會示範它們是什麼,以及如何使用它們。Here, we show what they are and how to use them.
iOS 7 簡介Introduction to iOS 7 關於 iOS 7 引進的主要新 Api,包括視圖控制器轉換、UIView 動畫、UIKit Dynamics 和文字套件的增強功能。About the major new APIs introduced in iOS 7, including View Controller transitions, enhancements to UIView animations, UIKit Dynamics, and Text Kit.
iOS 6 簡介Introduction to iOS 6 IOS 6 中引進的功能說明,包括集合視圖、傳遞套件、事件套件和社交架構。Explanations of the features introduced in iOS 6, including Collection Views, Pass Kit, Event Kit, and the Social Framework.

Apple PayApple Pay

Apple Pay 是與 iOS 8 一起引進,可讓使用者透過其 iOS 裝置支付實體商品(例如食物、娛樂和成員資格)的費用。Apple Pay was introduced alongside iOS 8, enabling users to pay for physical goods such as food, entertainment, and memberships via their iOS devices. 它適用于 iPhone 6 和 iPhone 6 Plus,而且也可以與適用于商店內購買的 Apple Watch 配對。It is available on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and can also be paired with the Apple Watch for in-store purchases. 在 iPhone 上使用時,它會使用 Touch ID 作為向使用者的信用卡或金融卡確認交易並授權的方式。When used on an iPhone, it uses Touch ID as a way to confirm and authorize transactions to a user's credit or debit card.


IOS 10 中新的 CallKit API 可讓 VOIP 應用程式與 iPhone UI 整合,並為使用者提供熟悉的介面和經驗。The new CallKit API in iOS 10 provides a way for VOIP apps to integrate with the iPhone UI and provide a familiar interface and experience to the end user. 有了這個 API,使用者就可以從 iOS 裝置的鎖定畫面觀看 VOIP 呼叫並與之互動,並使用電話應用程式的我的最愛和最近專案views 來管理連絡人。With this API users can view and interact with VOIP calls from the iOS device's Lock Screen and manage contacts using the Phone app's Favorites and Recents views.

連絡人和 ContactsUIContacts and ContactsUI

隨著 iOS 9 的推出,Apple 發行了兩個新的架構,ContactsContactsUI,取代了 iOS 8 和更早版本所使用的現有通訊錄和通訊錄 UI 架構。With the introduction of iOS 9, Apple has released two new frameworks, Contacts and ContactsUI, that replace the existing Address Book and Address Book UI frameworks used by iOS 8 and earlier.

文件選擇器Document Picker

檔選擇器可讓您在應用程式之間共用檔。The Document Picker allows documents to be shared between apps. 這些檔可能會儲存在 iCloud 或不同的應用程式目錄中。These documents may be stored in iCloud or in a different app’s directory. 檔會透過使用者已安裝在其裝置上的一組檔提供者延伸模組來共用。Documents are shared via the set of Document Provider Extensions the user has installed on their device.


iOS 有兩個內建的行事曆相關應用程式:行事曆應用程式和提醒應用程式。iOS has two calendar-related applications built-in: the Calendar Application, and the Reminders Application. 這很簡單,足以瞭解行事曆應用程式管理行事歷數據的方式,但提醒應用程式比較不明顯。It’s straightforward enough to understand how the Calendar Application manages calendar data, but the Reminders Application is less obvious. 提醒實際上在到期時、何時完成等方面,都有與其相關聯的日期。因此,iOS 會將所有行事歷數據(不論是行事曆事件或提醒)儲存在一個位置,稱為行事曆資料庫Reminders can actually have dates associated with them in terms of when they’re due, when they’re completed, etc. As such, iOS stores all calendar data, whether it be calendar events or reminders, in one location, called the Calendar Database.

iOS 延伸模組iOS extensions

IOS 8 中引進的擴充功能是 iOS 在標準內容(例如,在通知中心內)所提供的特製化 UIViewControllers,如同使用者用來執行特定輸入或其他內容的自訂鍵盤類型,像是編輯可提供特殊效果篩選的相片。Extensions, as introduced in iOS 8, are specialized UIViewControllers that are presented by iOS inside standard contexts such as within the Notification Center, as custom keyboard types requested by the user to perform specialized input or other contexts like editing a photo where the Extension can provide special effect filters.

IOS 中的圖形和動畫Graphics and animation in iOS

IOS 中的圖形和動畫涵蓋 iOS 中的核心圖形概念,例如 CoreImage、核心圖形和核心動畫。Graphics and Animation in iOS covers core graphics concepts in iOS such as CoreImage, Core Graphics and Core Animation.


Apple 在 iOS 8 和 OS X Yosemite (10.10)中引進了移交,以提供一般機制,讓使用者將其中一個裝置上啟動的活動傳送至另一個執行相同應用程式的裝置,或另一個支援相同活動的應用程式。Apple introduced Handoff in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite (10.10) to provide a common mechanism for the user to transfer activities started on one of their devices, to another device running the same app or another app that supports the same activity.


健康情況套件為使用者的健康狀態相關資訊提供安全的資料存放區。Health Kit provides a secure datastore for the user’s health-related information. 健康情況套件應用程式可能會有使用者的明確許可權、讀取和寫入此資料存放區,並在新增相關資料時接收通知。Health Kit apps may, with the user’s explicit permission, read and write to this datastore and receive notifications when pertinent data is added. 應用程式可以呈現資料,或使用者可以使用 Apple 提供的健康情況應用程式來查看其所有資料的儀表板。Apps can present the data, or user’s can use the Apple's provided Health app to view a dashboard of all their data.


Apple 在 iOS 8 中引進了 HomeKit,可提供通用的架構,讓您在使用者的家裡探索家庭自動化裝置並與之通訊。Apple introduced HomeKit in iOS 8 to provide a common framework for discovering and communicating with home automation devices in a user's home. HomeKit 提供通用的平臺,讓您可以設定裝置,並設定動作來控制它們。HomeKit provides a common platform for configuring devices and setting up actions to control them.

應用程式內購買In-app purchasing

iOS 應用程式可以使用 StoreKit 來銷售數位產品或服務– iOS 所提供的一組 Api,可與 Apple 的伺服器通訊,透過其 Apple ID 與使用者進行財務交易。iOS applications can sell digital products or services using StoreKit – a set of APIs provided by iOS that communicate with Apple’s servers to conduct financial transactions with the user via their Apple ID. StoreKit Api 主要是與抓取產品資訊並進行交易相關,而不是使用者介面元件。The StoreKit APIs are primarily concerned with retrieving product information and conducting transactions – there is no user-interface component. 執行應用程式內購買的應用程式必須建立自己的使用者介面,並以自訂程式碼追蹤購買的專案,為使用者提供必要的產品或服務。Applications that implement in-app purchasing must build their own user interface and track purchased items with custom code to provide the required products or services to the user.

iOS 遊戲 ApiiOS gaming APIs

Apple 在 iOS 9 中對遊戲 Api 進行了幾項技術改進,讓您更輕鬆地在 Xamarin iOS 應用程式中執行遊戲圖形和音訊。Apple has made several technological improvements to the gaming APIs in iOS 9 that make it easier to implement game graphics and audio in a Xamarin.iOS app. 其中包括透過高階架構的輕鬆開發,以及運用 iOS 裝置的 GPU 功能來改善速度和圖形功能。These include both ease of development through high-level frameworks and harnessing the power of the iOS device's GPU for improved speed and graphic abilities.

訊息應用程式整合Message app integration

IOS 10 的新功能,訊息應用程式延伸模組會與「訊息」應用程式整合,並為使用者提供新功能。New to iOS 10, a Message App Extension integrates with the Messages app and presents new functionality to the user. 延伸模組可以傳送文字、貼紙、媒體檔案和互動式訊息。The extension can send text, stickers, media files and interactive messages.

適用於 iPad 的多工Multitasking for iPad

iOS 9 增加了多工支援,可在特定 iPad 硬體上同時執行兩個應用程式。iOS 9 adds multitasking support for running two apps at the same time on specific iPad hardware. 透過下列功能可支援 iPad 的多工作業: [滑過]、[分割視圖] & 圖片中的圖片。Multitasking for iPad is supported via the following features: Slide Over, Split View & Picture in Picture.


Passbook 是適用于 Iphone 和 iPod 與 iOS 6 的應用程式。Passbook is an app for iPhones and iPod touches with iOS 6. 它會儲存並顯示條碼和其他資訊,以在其手機上連結「真實世界」的客戶交易。It stores and displays barcodes and other information to link customer transactions on their phone with the ‘real world’. Pass 是由商家所產生,並透過電子郵件、Url 或商家本身的 iOS 應用程式來傳送給客戶。Passes are generated by merchants and sent to the customer via email, URLs or from within a merchant’s own iOS app. Passbook 會儲存並組織電話上的所有 Pass,並根據裝置的日期/時間或位置,在鎖定畫面上顯示「通知」。Passbook stores and organizes all the Passes on a phone, and displays Pass reminders on the lock-screen depending on the date/time or the location of the device.

本檔介紹使用 Pass 套件 API 搭配 Xamarin 的 Passbook,並討論如何在您的伺服器上執行傳遞。This document introduces Passbook, using the Pass Kit API with Xamarin.iOS, and discusses how to implement Passes on your server.


相片套件是新的架構,可讓應用程式查詢系統映射庫,並建立自訂使用者介面來查看和修改其內容。Photo Kit is a new framework that allows applications to query the system image library and create custom user interfaces to view and modify its contents. 其中包含一些代表影像和影片資產的類別,以及一系列的資產,例如專輯和資料夾。It includes a number of classes that represent image and video assets, as well as collections of assets such as albums and folders.

要求應用程式審查Request app review

IOS 10.3 的新功能,RequestReview() 方法可讓 iOS 應用程式要求使用者對其進行評分或檢查。New to iOS 10.3, the RequestReview() method allows an iOS app to ask the user to rate or review it. 當使用者已從 App Store 安裝的出貨應用程式中呼叫此方法時,iOS 10 將會處理開發人員的整個評等和審查流程。When this method is called in a shipping app that the user has installed from the App Store, iOS 10 will handle the entire rating and review process for the developer. 由於此程式是由 App Store 原則所控管,因此不一定會顯示警示。Because this process is governed by App Store policy, an alert may or may not be displayed.

搜尋 APISearch APIs

IOS 9 中的搜尋功能已擴充,可提供絕佳的新方式來存取 Xamarin iOS 應用程式中的資訊和功能。Search has been expanded in iOS 9 to provide great new ways to access information and features inside a Xamarin.iOS app. 藉由使用新的應用程式搜尋 Api,應用程式內容可透過焦點和 Safari 搜尋結果、遞交和 Siri 提醒與建議來進行搜尋。Using the new App Search APIs, app content is made searchable through Spotlight and Safari search results, Handoff and Siri Reminders and Suggestions. 這可讓使用者快速存取應用程式內的活動和資訊。This allows users to quickly access activities and information deep within your app.


IOS 10 的新功能,SiriKit 可讓 iOS 應用程式使用應用程式延伸模組和新的意圖意圖 UI架構,在 Ios 裝置上透過 Siri 和 Maps 應用程式,提供使用者可存取的服務。New to iOS 10, SiriKit allows an iOS app to provide services that are accessible to the user using Siri and the Maps app on an iOS device using App Extensions and the new Intents and Intents UI frameworks.

社交架構Social framework

社交架構提供統一的 API 來與社交網路互動,包括_Twitter_和_Facebook_,以及適用于中國使用者的_SinaWeibo_ 。The Social Framework provides a unified API for interacting with social networks including Twitter and Facebook, as well as SinaWeibo for users in China.

語音辨識Speech recognition

iOS 10 包含新的語音 API,可讓應用程式支援連續語音辨識和轉譯語音(從即時或錄製的音訊串流)到文字。iOS 10 includes a new Speech API that allows the app to support continuous speech recognition and transcribe speech (from live or recorded audio streams) into text.


文字套件是新的 API,可提供強大的文字版面配置和呈現功能。Text Kit is a new API that offers powerful text layout and rendering features. 它建置於低層級核心文字架構之上,但比核心文字更容易使用。It is built on top of the low level Core Text framework, but is much easier to use than Core Text.

3D Touch3D Touch

本文將提供使用新的 3D Touch Api,並介紹如何將壓力敏感手勢新增至在新 iPhone 6s 和 iPhone 6s Plus 裝置上執行的您的 Xamarin iOS 應用程式。This article will provide and introduction to using the new 3D Touch APIs to add pressure sensitive gestures to your Xamarin.iOS apps that are running on the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus devices.

使用 Xamarin 的 Touch ID 和臉部識別碼Touch ID and Face ID with Xamarin.iOS

「Touch ID」和「臉部識別碼」是自 iOS 8 之後可用的生物識別驗證系統。Touch ID and Face ID are biometric authentication systems available since iOS 8. 本文和範例說明如何搭配使用 Touch ID 和臉部識別碼與 Xamarin。This article and sample describe how to use Touch ID and Face ID with Xamarin.iOS.

使用者通知User notifications

IOS 10 的新手,使用者通知架構允許傳遞和處理本機和遠端通知。New to iOS 10, the User Notification framework allows for the delivery and handling of local and remote notifications. 藉由使用此架構,應用程式或應用程式延伸模組可以藉由指定一組條件(例如位置或一天的時間)來排程本機通知的傳遞。Using this framework, the app or App Extension can schedule the delivery of local notifications by specifying a set of conditions such as location or time of day.

寬色域Wide Color

iOS 10 和 macOS Sierra 增強了擴充範圍像素格式的支援,以及整個系統的寬範圍色彩空間,包括核心圖形、核心影像、金屬和 AVFoundation 等架構。iOS 10 and macOS Sierra enhances the support for extended-range pixel formats and wide-gamut color spaces throughout the system including frameworks such as Core Graphics, Core Image, Metal and AVFoundation. 在整個圖形堆疊中提供這種行為,即可進一步分階段減緩具有寬色彩顯示的裝置支援。Support for devices with wide color displays is further eased by providing this behavior throughout the entire graphics stack.

繫結 Objective-CBinding Objective-C

在 iOS 上工作時,您可能會遇到需要使用協力廠商目標-C 程式庫的情況。When working on iOS, you might encounter cases where you want to consume a third-party Objective-C library. 在這些情況下,您可以使用 MonoTouch 的系結專案來C#建立原生目標 C 程式庫的系結。In those situations, you can use MonoTouch's Binding Projects to create a C# binding to the native Objective-C libraries. 專案會使用我們用來將 iOS Api 帶入的相同工具C#。The project uses the same tools that we use to bring the iOS APIs to C#. 本檔說明如何系結目標-C Api。This document describes how to bind Objective-C APIs.

參考原生程式庫Referencing native libraries

Xamarin 支援使用原生 C 程式庫和目標 C 程式庫來進行連結。Xamarin.iOS supports linking with both native C libraries and Objective-C libraries. 本檔討論如何連結您的原生 C 程式庫與您的 Xamarin. iOS 專案。This document discusses how to link your native C libraries with your Xamarin.iOS project.

內嵌的架構Embedded frameworks

說明如何在 Xamarin iOS 應用程式中內嵌目標-C 使用者架構。Explains how to embed Objective-C user frameworks in Xamarin.iOS apps.