Xamarin.Mac 使用者入門Getting Started with Xamarin.Mac


本文涵蓋 Xamarin.Mac 的安裝,包括需求、必要條件軟體及啟用。This article covers installation of Xamarin.Mac, including the requirements, pre-requisite software, and activation.

Hello, MacHello, Mac

本指南逐步解說建立第一個簡單的 Xamarin.Mac 應用程式的步驟,並在程序中導入開發工具鏈,包括 Visual Studio for Mac、Xcode 和 Interface Builder。This guide walks through creating a simple, first Xamarin.Mac app, and in the process introduces the development toolchain, including Visual Studio for Mac, Xcode and Interface Builder. 它也導入將 UI 控制項公開到程式碼的「輸出」和「動作」,最後並說明如何建置、執行及測試 Xamarin.Mac 應用程式。It also introduces Outlets and Actions, which expose UI controls to code, and finally, it illustrates how to build, run and test a Xamarin.Mac application.

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