macOS 平台功能macOS platform features

在本節中的文件涵蓋在 Xamarin.Mac 應用程式中的 macOS 金鑰、 平台專屬功能的使用。Documents in this section cover working with key, platform-specific features of macOS in a Xamarin.Mac application.

macOS Mojave 簡介Introduction to macOS Mojave

本文件提供在 macOS Mojave 建置 Xamarin.Mac 應用程式時可供使用的全新和更新功能的高階概觀。This document provides a high-level overview of new and updated features in macOS Mojave that are available for use when building Xamarin.Mac applications.

macOS High Sierra 簡介Introduction to macOS High Sierra

本文件說明在 macOS High Sierra 中的全新和增強功能。This document describes new and enhanced features in macOS High Sierra.

macOS Sierra 的簡介Introduction to macOS Sierra

macOS Sierra 是 Apple 的桌面作業系統的最新化身 for mac。macOS Sierra is the latest incarnation of Apple's desktop operating system for Mac. 本文件說明如何從 Mac OS X El Capitan 以及如何實作它們的 Xamarin.Mac 應用程式中的變更。This document covers the changes from Mac OS X El Capitan and how to implement them in a Xamarin.Mac app.

Mac 的繫結 Objective C 程式庫Binding Objective-C libraries for Mac

了解如何將繫結 Objective C Mac 程式庫,以便用於 Xamarin.Mac 專案。Learn how to bind Objective-C Mac libraries for use in Xamarin.Mac projects. 請參閱疑難排解 頁面上來解決任何問題。Refer to the Troubleshooting page to resolve any issues.

OpenTK 簡介Introduction to OpenTK

OpenTK (開啟工具組) 是一個進階的低層級 C# 程式庫,輕鬆使用 OpenGL、 OpenCL 和 OpenAL。OpenTK (The Open Toolkit) is an advanced, low-level C# library that makes working with OpenGL, OpenCL and OpenAL easier. OpenTK 可以用於遊戲、 科學應用程式或其他專案需要 3D 圖形、 聲音或計算功能。OpenTK can be used for games, scientific applications or other projects that require 3D graphics, audio or computational functionality. 本文提供在 Xamarin.Mac 應用程式中使用 OpenTK 簡介。This article gives a brief introduction to using OpenTK in a Xamarin.Mac app.

分鏡腳本簡介Introduction to storyboards

分鏡腳本可讓您開發使用者介面,讓您不只包含 [定義] 視窗和控制項,但也包含不同的視窗之間的連結的 Xamarin.Mac 應用程式 (透過 segue) 和檢視狀態。Storyboards allow you to develop a User Interface for your Xamarin.Mac app that not only includes the window definitions and controls, but also contains the links between different windows (via segues) and view states. 本文提供在 Xamarin.Mac 應用程式中使用分鏡腳本的簡介。This article gives an introduction to using Storyboards in a Xamarin.Mac app.

Xamarin.Mac 延伸模組支援Xamarin.Mac extension support

Xamarin.Mac 2.10 在預覽中支援已針對多個 macOS 擴充點:In Xamarin.Mac 2.10 preview support was added for multiple macOS extension points:

  • 搜尋工具Finder
  • 共用Share
  • 今天Today

目標架構Target frameworks

本文涵蓋 Xamarin.Mac 和選取 Xamarin.Mac 應用程式的特定目標的含意中可用的目標架構 (基底類別程式庫) 的類型。This article covers the types of Target Frameworks (Base Class Libraries) that are available in Xamarin.Mac and the implications of selecting a specific target for your Xamarin.Mac application.