Xamarin.Forms 部署及測試Xamarin.Forms Deployment and Testing


有許多技巧可增加 Xamarin.Forms 應用程式的效能。There are many techniques for increasing the performance of Xamarin.Forms apps. 這些技巧可共同大幅減少由 CPU 所執行的工作量,和由應用程式所耗用的記憶體數量。Collectively these techniques can greatly reduce the amount of work being performed by a CPU, and the amount of memory consumed by an application.

使用 Xamarin.UITest 與 App Center 自動化測試Automated Testing with Xamarin.UITest and App Center

Xamarin Test Cloud 的 UITest 元件可搭配 Xamarin.Forms 使用來撰寫 UI 測試,以在雲端中的數百個裝置上執行。Xamarin Test Cloud's UITest component can be used with Xamarin.Forms to write UI tests to run in the cloud on hundreds of devices.