Xamarin.Forms 部署及測試Xamarin.Forms Deployment and Testing

發行 iOS 應用程式Publishing iOS apps

您可透過 Apple 的 App Store、內部作業及臨機操作管道散發 iOS 應用程式。iOS apps can be distributed through Apple's App Store, in-house, and through ad-hoc channels.

發行 Android 應用程式Publishing Android apps

您可透過電子郵件、私人網頁伺服器、Google Play 或適用於 Android 的 Amazon App Store 等管道散發 Android 應用程式。Android apps can be distributed through channels such as e-mail, a private web server, Google Play, or the Amazon App Store for Android.

發佈通用 Windows 平台應用程式Publishing Universal Windows Platform apps

您可透過 Microsoft Store、直接將應用程式套件側載到裝置或透過 Web 安裝散發 UWP 應用程式。UWP apps can be distributed through the Microsoft Store, side loading the app package directly to a device, or via Web Install.

發行 Mac 應用程式Publishing Mac apps

您可透過 Mac App Store 散發 Mac 應用程式,也可直接散發。Mac apps can be distributed via the Mac App Store, or directly.


有許多技巧可增加 Xamarin.Forms 應用程式的效能。There are many techniques for increasing the performance of Xamarin.Forms apps. 這些技巧可共同大幅減少由 CPU 所執行的工作量,和由應用程式所耗用的記憶體數量。Collectively these techniques can greatly reduce the amount of work being performed by a CPU, and the amount of memory consumed by an application.

使用 Visual Studio App Center 進行自動化測試Automated Testing with Visual Studio App Center

App Center 測試為原生及混合式行動裝置應用程式的測試自動化服務,也稱為測試雲端。App Center Test is a test automation service for native and hybrid mobile apps, also known as Test Cloud.