MaskedTextProvider.ResetOnSpace Property


Gets or sets a value that determines how a space input character should be handled.

 property bool ResetOnSpace { bool get(); void set(bool value); };
public bool ResetOnSpace { get; set; }
member this.ResetOnSpace : bool with get, set
Public Property ResetOnSpace As Boolean

Property Value

true if the space input character causes the current editable position in the mask to be reset; otherwise, false to indicate that it is to be processed as a normal input character. The default is true.


MaskedTextProvider can treat two categories of characters, spaces and prompt characters, in a special manner. Normally, each input character will be tested against the mask and either accepted or rejected. Setting the ResetOnSpace property to true will result in the current mask character position being cleared and the current position being advanced to the next editable character.

ResetOnSpace is useful when assigning text that was saved excluding the prompt, where the prompt is replaced with a space. Before restoring such a string, setting ResetOnSpace to true will reset the prompt characters at the positions occupied by spaces in the input string.

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