SharePoint Team Services from Microsoft Software Developer's Kit

SharePoint Team Services from Microsoft

Software Development Kit

Version 1.1

Welcome to the Software Development Kit (SDK) for SharePoint™ Team Services from Microsoft®. This SDK is designed for software developers and Web administrators who want to customize Web sites based on SharePoint Team Services, beyond those capabilities provided by Microsoft FrontPage® 2002. This SDK provides conceptual and reference information about the following approaches to building custom solutions within the SharePoint Team Services platform.

Administrative Protocol

Users with administrative rights can implement the operations, parameters, and properties of the administrative protocol to customize SharePoint team Web sites by remotely posting commands to the server through custom forms.

Cascading Style Sheet

You can customize the look and feel of a team Web site by applying or modifying the styles defined in OWS.CSS.

Client API

You can use the client API to extend the functionality of two dynamic link libraries (DLLs) that are installed locally on the client in Microsoft Office® XP setup. By implementing these controls, you can automate tasks and expose the same functionality as a native team Web site. The OpenDocuments, SendForReview, and SpreadsheetLauncher classes and their methods allow you to import or export lists and contacts to or from a team Web site, and also to send documents for review.

Collaborative Application Markup Language

Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML) is the XML-based language that defines the fields and views used to build and customize Web sites based on SharePoint Team Services. CAML is used, for example to do the following:

  • Provide schema definition to the Web site provisioning system about how the site looks and acts.
  • Define forms, fields, and views.
  • Act as a rendering language that performs functions in the DLL like pulling a value from a particular field.

You can customize CAML in the core schema files to define lists for new Web sites, and also in HTML pages for dynamic display and computation of list data. CAML is also used in the fields and view schemas of the database.

Remote Procedure Call Protocol

The Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions Remote Procedure Call (RPC) protocol is used for issuing commands to a Web server running SharePoint Team Services. The RPC protocol uses HTTP POST commands to send one or more requests to the server. Each request requires that you specify a method and its associated parameters.  A Web server running SharePoint Team Services supports all the methods from the FrontPage Server Extensions, as well as SharePoint Team Services-only methods that are used for querying the server's SQL database.

You can issue requests to a server by embedding RPC methods and parameters in a URL, or you can send multiple methods and parameters with a single POST by using the batch functionality.

URL Protocol

You can use the commands and parameters of the URL protocol in HTML, script, or the address bar to customize a team Web site by posting commands to the server. Among other things, you can create, modify, or delete lists, as well as import or export them from or to a team Web site.

Web Views

By using a combination of CAML, script, and the URL protocol, you can customize Web views within the file dialog boxes of the client application, allowing users to customize how they view folders and files.

For a high-level overview of SharePoint Team Services for customization purposes, see Overview of the SharePoint Team Services Architecture.