RazorEditorParser.CheckForStructureChanges(TextChange) RazorEditorParser.CheckForStructureChanges(TextChange) RazorEditorParser.CheckForStructureChanges(TextChange) Method


This type/member supports the .NET Framework infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.Determines if a change will cause a structural change to the document and if not, applies it to the existing tree. If a structural change would occur, automatically starts a reparse.

public virtual System.Web.Razor.PartialParseResult CheckForStructureChanges (System.Web.Razor.Text.TextChange change);
abstract member CheckForStructureChanges : System.Web.Razor.Text.TextChange -> System.Web.Razor.PartialParseResult
override this.CheckForStructureChanges : System.Web.Razor.Text.TextChange -> System.Web.Razor.PartialParseResult
Public Overridable Function CheckForStructureChanges (change As TextChange) As PartialParseResult
TextChange TextChange TextChange

The change to apply to the parse tree.


A PartialParseResult value indicating the result of the incremental parse.

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