Inbound Fax Routing

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

This page displays all of the fax modems that you selected to receive faxes, along with all of the available methods you can choose to route faxes. You should configure at least one routing method for each fax modem that you selected. You can select more than one routing method for each fax modem.

By default, these routing methods are as follows:

  • Route through e-mail. Routes the fax to a single e-mail address on or outside the local network. Type an e-mail address in the format **.

  • Store in a folder. Routes the fax to a shared file system folder. Type the path or browse to this folder.

  • Print. Routes the fax to the installed print device selected from the drop-down list.

  • Store in a document library. Routes the fax to a document library on your company's internal Web site. Type the path or browse to a document library. By default, Small Business Server provides the Incoming Faxes document library for this use, which is located at http://servername/companyweb/incoming%20faxes.

Select the check box for each routing method that you want to make available for the device(s). If you have only one fax modem or chose to configure all fax modems with the same routing method(s), you will see only the four available routing methods. If you chose to configure each device with a different setting, each of the fax modems will be listed along with each of the available routing methods.

If this is the first time the fax modem has been configured, selecting the check box will display a Configure link. To configure the routing method, click Configure, fill in the dialog box, and then click OK. The configuration setting is displayed to the right of the routing method.

If you run the wizard again, your routing method choices for each fax modem will persist. You will be able to configure additional routing methods and modify or cancel configured routing methods for each modem. To modify a routing method, select it, and then click Edit. Clear the check box for each routing method that you no longer want to use for a fax modem.