Users are unable to log on to the server following a virus scan

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

Cause:  You may encounter this issue if a virus is detected in an e-mail message while running a virus scan or while using real-time virus scanning on a computer running Windows Small Business Server 2003. In some scenarios, services and applications do not function properly. Event log messages are logged for affected services.

Solution:  Consider excluding some folders (such as e-mail and fax queues, and SQL databases) from real-time virus scanning. If the antivirus software has a "quarantine" feature, consider turning it off. For information about how to do this, visit the Web site of your antivirus software provider, or consult the online Help or user manual that came with the antivirus software.

Consult your antivirus software provider to determine whether they offer an update for the problem.


A quarantine state indicates that at least one virus was found and that your system may be infected. Make sure you have the latest virus signature installed on the server, and then perform a thorough scan for viruses. If quarantine happens repeatedly, ensure that all computers on the network have antivirus software running.