Disk Quotas

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

You can define quota settings for this user or template. This provides the user or template with a specific disk space allocation in which to store files. This quota is set on the server volume where the users' shared folders are located.

By default, that volume has the following settings:

Quota element Quota setting

Limit disk space

1 gigabyte (GB)

Set warning level

900 megabytes (MB)

Deny disk space when exceeding quota


Log when user exceeds quota


Log when user exceeds warning



  • The Administrator Template and the built-in Administrator account have no quota limit.

The quota settings that you apply to a user or template account override the default volume settings. For example, if you set a quota of 500 MB for a particular user, that user can store 500 MB of files on that volume instead of the default of 1 GB. Or, if you select Do not limit disk usage, the user has unlimited access to the available disk space.

Quota settings can be customized by modifying the settings on the Quota tab in the Properties dialog box for the particular volume in Windows Explorer. For more information about setting disk quotas, click Start, click Help and Support, and then search for "Modify quota settings."