The NTBackup log is blank.

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

Cause: NTBackup.exe is being manually ended from the Task Manager, or NTBackup.exe encountered an error during launch.

Solution:  Run NTBackup manually, and load the Small Business Backup Script.

To run NTBackup manually and load the script

  1. Click Start, click Run, type ntbackup, and then press Enter. The Backup or Restore Wizard launches.

  2. On the Welcome to the Backup or Restore Wizard page, click Advanced Mode.

  3. Click the Backup tab.

  4. From the Job menu, choose Load Selections.

  5. In the File Name box type %sbsprogramdir%\backup.

  6. Click Small Business Backup Script.bks to select, and click Open.

  7. On the Backup tab, click Start Backup.

If the backup succeeds, run the Windows Small Business Server Backup Configuration Wizard from the Backup taskpad in Server Management. If the problem persists, click Start, click Server Management, click the Information Center link, and then click either Community Website or Technical Support to get information about the problem.

If the backup fails, consult the error message for further information about the problem.