Dial-up Connection

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

Select the dial-up connection that you use to connect to your Internet service provider (ISP). If you do not have a connection defined, click New, and then complete the New Connection Wizard.

Item Description

Dial-up connection

In the list, click the ISP dial-up connection that you want to use to connect to the Internet.

ISP user name

Type the name of the account used to authenticate the connection to your ISP.


  • If you select an existing dial-up connection, you can change the password for the connection. Before you make this change, ensure that your ISP has made the change in their settings as well.


Type the password for the account used to authenticate the connection to your ISP. To verify that the password was typed correctly, retype it in Confirm password.

I have a static IP address with this connection

Specifies whether your ISP assigned a static IP address to your dial-up connection. You must enter the required information.

  • IP address. The IP address assigned by your ISP for your dial-up connection.

  • Preferred DNS server. The IP address of your ISP's DNS server used for name resolution across the Internet.


    • If you do not specify DNS server information, name resolution requests must instead use root hints. It is recommended that you use DNS server information if it is available from your ISP. For more information about root hints, click Start, and then click Help and Support.

  • Alternate DNS server. (optional) If your ISP provides a secondary DNS server to use for backup DNS name resolution across the Internet, type the IP address. This option can be left blank. The IP address of the alternate DNS server cannot be the same IP address as the preferred DNS server.


  • If you use Internet Security Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000 with a dial-up connection to the Internet, and you want to either allow access to Web services on your server or host an Internet Web site, it is necessary to use a static IP address.