Configure Remote Access

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

Complete this task to allow authorized remote users to connect to the local network and to use resources as if connected locally.

When you click this task, the Remote Access Wizard appears. Follow the instructions to configure your server for virtual private network (VPN) connections, dial-in connections, or both.

Once you have configured your server for remote access, you must assign users the necessary permissions. You can also deploy the Connection Manager configuration package, which configures the settings necessary for connecting mobile and remote client computers to the local network.


  • For users to have the necessary permissions for remotely accessing the local network, they must be members of the Mobile Users security group. You can assign users the necessary permissions when you complete the Add Users and Computers task, which appears on the To Do List. Assign either the Mobile User template or Administrator template.

  • To configure mobile client computers, such as laptops, that are currently connected to the local network, select the option to install Connection Manager when you complete the Add Users and Computers task. For more information, see Connect remotely to the server.

    For client computers not connected to the Windows Small Business Server network, you can run the Create Remote Connection Disk Wizard to install Remote Access Service components. This wizard creates a remote connection disk that you distribute to users. Alternatively, users can download Connection Manager from the Remote Web Workplace. For more information, see Understanding Remote Web Workplace.

For more information about the Remote Access Wizard, see Using the Remote Access Wizard.