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By default, when you first enable Update Services after Setup completes, Update Services performs an initial synchronization. During the initial synchronization, Update Services downloads information about available updates (metadata) for the computers on the Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 (Windows SBS 2003 R2) network. Because Update Services is installed with no metadata or update files, the initial synchronization can take a long time and can consume a large amount of network bandwidth.

In some instances, you may want to avoid the long download time and bandwidth consumption associated with a typical initial synchronization. For example:

  • You are installing Update Services in a location where heavy network bandwidth use can be expensive.

  • You are installing more than one server that is running Windows SBS 2003 R2, and you want to download update metadata once and then place it on the other servers that are running Update Services.

In these instances, it may be preferable to import the Update Services metadata and perhaps even the update files to a computer with a new installation of Update Services.

For detailed information about how to import content, see the section "Set Up a Disconnected Network (Import and Export Updates)" in the document "Deploying Microsoft Windows Server Update Services" at the Microsoft Web site (

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