Manage Shared Folders by using Windows SBS Console

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2008

In the Konzola systému Windows SBS, on the Shared Folders and Web Sites tab, Shared Folders displays a list of folders that are shared on your network. The administrative tasks that are listed on the Shared Folders tab allow you to add new shared folders, stop sharing a shared folder, and add user-access permissions to a shared folder on your network.

The following table lists the shared folder tasks that are available in Konzola systému Windows SBS and their descriptions. Some of the tasks are folder specific and are only visible when a folder is selected.

Available shared folders administration tasks

Task Name Description

Add a new shared folder

Launches the Provision a Shared Folder Wizard, which allows you to add a new shared folder on the server.

Redirect folders for user accounts to the server

Opens the Folder Redirection Properties dialog box and helps you to enable Folder Redirection for user accounts.

How do I move shared folders to a different location?

Opens a Help topic that explains how you can manually move shared folders to a different location.

Refresh this view

Refreshes the Windows SBS Console Shared Folders page.

Browse this folder

Opens the selected shared folder.

Stop sharing this folder

Stops sharing of the selected shared folder.

Change folder permissions

Enables you to manage user access permissions to the selected shared folder.