Get started using Azure Service Fabric with Java

This repository contains a set of simple sample projects to help you getting started with Azure Service Fabric on Linux using Java as the development language.


  1. To develop Service Fabric Reliable Services & Actor you need to use a Mac or Linux developer machine.
  2. If you are developing Java applications that do not use the Reliable Services API provided by Service Fabric, you can develop in any environment.

How the samples are organized


This folder contains an application that uses the Service Fabric Reliable Actors & Reliable Services. It is one application with numerous simple services written using the Service Fabric APIs. It is a good place to get started to familiarize yourself with each Reliable Actors or Reliable Services.


This folder contains an application composed of two microservices. The frontend service communicates with the backend service using Http. This is a good sample that illustrates how two microservices in Service Fabric can communicate with each other using Http protocols.


This folder contains a service that stands up a Jetty server within a Service Fabric stateless service. The Jetty server is a very simple server that is stood up within a stateless service.


This folder contains an Apache Tomcat Web server that runs inside a container. This web server hosts a simple Hello World Java application.